March 13th, 2010

zhang liyin » standing in the boundary

Zhang Liyin covers Whitney Houston songs on "Day Day Up"! (English Subbed)

The fancam version of "I Have Nothing" is much better btw.

Zhang Li Yin in her most popular TV show appearance yet! On Hunan TV's "Day Day Up," she is teamed up with three other newcomer Mainland China artists, showcasing their individual talents. In her section, she solos Whitney Houston's "I Have Nothing" and sings "I Will Always Love You" with Ding Dang. During the press conference, Liyin reveals a secret about her love life: She's had a boyfriend before!

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The girl has improved so so so much. ♥

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Wang Leehom says he's not copying Brother Sharp; Jackie Chan recommended Crystal LIu Yifei

According to Wang Leehom, his new movie "Love Assignment(恋爱通告)" is not only directed by him, but also written by him. Part of the story has elements of autobiography in it. In the movie, he plays a big star who also has an alter ego - a hobo outfit. He emphasized that his hobo outfit had been planned originally and is not inspired by Brother Sharp.

His manager is played by Joan Chen, who Leehom met while filming for Lust, Caution. Chen Chong expressed that Leehom, in his white suit and drinking a soda in the movie, looked so perfect and was like a commercial.

Meanwhile, Leehom said that Jackei Chan had recommended Liu Yifei for the role. As for Zeng Yike, Leehom revealed that he thought she was very unique when he first saw her at an event for Beijing TV. He further smiled and said he knew how to sing Zeng Yike's "Leo" song.

source: sina;cfensi
zhang liyin » standing in the boundary

TVB "closes the city" to avoid media interviews

TVB General Manager Stephen Chan was arrested by the ICAC due to being involved in a corruption case, Stephen was detained overnight by the ICAC. Yesterday morning, outside of Tseung Kwan O TVB City stood a large group of reporters. In order to avoid the chaotic repeated scene of Stephen's public arrest by the ICAC and for the convenience of the investigations, TVB took action by "closing the city", temporarily stopped allowing the media to enter TVB City for interviews. Stephen's favorite Hins Cheung felt that TVB's action was reasonable, he felt regret towards the incident and expressed that he also knows Stephen Chan's personal assistant (Chung Pooi Kwan) who was also arrested. In 2007, Hins' concert was produced by his company, his impression on Chung Pooi Kwan is that he's hard working and is brave in getting to know people.

Yesterday at 8am, the media waited outside TVB City until 10am where the PR personnel suddenly notified them that they are not allow interviews at this time. Reporters did not give up and stood outside the door until 12pm, where a group of security members came out to put up more railings to prevent reporters from breaking in. The <戀戀沖繩> press conference that initially was suppose to happen at 3pm with Ella Koon and Christine Kuo in attendance had to be canceled as well.

Director of Foreign Affairs (Tsang Sing Ming) expressed that the other day when Stephen Chan was arrested, a chaotic scene occurred where a reporter fell down and was injured, the camera lense were damaged. During this critical period, we temporarily stopped allowing the media to enter for interviews, but believe the closure will only be for a short period of time, hope everyone understands and can tolerate that.

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