February 26th, 2010


it's hard out there for a pimp

Ok, so I have given this some thought, and I've decided it is, in fact, a pretty good idea.  Even though activity has been up, it could always be MORE up, and maybe this will help.  BUT, there will be a format that will have to be stuck to in order for your post to be accepted.  If you have been in an entertainment forum, you might be familiar with this.

Basically, the pimp post will need to include these four elements.

1.An intro/bio.  It can be fairly short, or it can be on the long side, as long as it's informative.

2.While you don't have to copypasta a giant discography/filmography, you must have a link to it, and provide a few of either songs/mvs or movie clips, probably via Youtube.  Both, if the person is a singer/actor type.

3.Pictures!  Not so much and so big that the post will be hard to load, but something like one at the top of the post, and then maybe 3-5 more in the body.  Your choice.

4.Finally, you must personally write a small paragraph at the end about why YOU think the person is so awesome.

Other things....  I will create a pimp post tag, and in the future, you will need to check this tag before you submit a post.  There will be NO duplicate pimp posts.  Most of those four elements I listed will need to be under an LJ-cut, so if you don't know how to do that, I suggest you familiarize yourself before submitting a post.  Since they're bound to be long, I WILL reject posts not properly cut.  They must be titled  "Pimp Post:  Celeb Name" and tagged with the celeb's name (if available, if not, I will tag it, so it's a good way to get a celeb's name in the tags), pimp post and wherever in the Sinosphere they're from, i.e. Hong Kong.

Again, I'm going to be picky about these, so if your post isn't cut and doesn't include all elements mentioned above, it will be rejected.  And the last thing is that there will only be 1, maybe 2 at most, of these approved per week.  I don't want the comm flooded with them, lol.

Any questions?  Ask them here for now.  In the future, like with all things, PM me.  Pimping a celeb will pretty much be first come, first serve, so if you want to make sure and get your favorite celeb, start working on it, lol.  Oh, but I will totally be doing Stephen Chow at some unspecified date in the future, so you can skip him. XD  And my co-mod will most likely be doing that one guy...I forget his name. x)  Everyone else is fair game, as long as they're Chinese, obviously.

So, get pimpin'!


Tan Lina joins the cast of Meteor Shower 2?

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When photos of Meteor Shower 2's filming opening were released, fans spotted a familiar face - the part Indian Super Girl Tan Lina. Could she be playing the mey lead female role?

Tan Lina, with her dance troupe backgrounds and gorgeous figure and face, was a favorite for the new Super Girls' girlband (a female equivalent to the Super Boys' boyband - Top Combine). However,when the list came out for the names of Super Girls who went to Korea to train for the girlband, she was surprisingly not amongst it.

Instead, she seems to be going the film and TV route. In addition to filming for Meteor Shower, she been suggested for a role in a potential Hunan TV remake of Gossip Girl, though that's probably just to hype of the Hunan TV adaptation of Guo Jingming's Tiny Times with a similar theme.
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Zhou Xun poses for L'Officiel China; featured on CNN's TalkAsia

Chow Yun-Fat, who played the philosopher in the film "Confucius", had this to say about his co-star Zhou Xun at the movie's press conference: "She is so petite and such a skilled actress -- unbelievable! Tears come to my eyes the instant I see her." In the 1998 film "The Emperor and the Assassin", the actress appeared for only 3 minutes, barely long enough for movie-goers to catch her name. In 2010, she has top-billing in "Confucius" playing the powerful madam of the Wei Kingdom. As an actress, Zhou Xun is ever-evolving and improving her skills, pioneering the way for females in the industry.

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Interview on CNN's TalkAsia

Sources: Sohu (translations by me), CNN

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Rainie Yang voted sexiest Taiwanese star by US men's magazine

Rainie Yang's sweetie pie image now has international fans. The 26-year-old Taiwanese singer was voted as the sexiest Taiwanese female in US men's magazine Complex Magazine, thanks to her fresh and sweet appeal.

The girl-next-door apparently is the hot favourite among American men. Rainie beat even the Taiwan's most famous legs, Lin Chi-ling. The supermodel-cum-actress with the baby doll voice was 5th place, lower than another cutie pie actress Ariel Lin, who's ranked 4th.

The top 10 list of female stars are Rainie Yang, Megan Lai, Joe Chen, Ariel Lin, Lin Chi-ling, Barbie Hsu, Angela Chang, Bianca Bai, Coco Chiang, and finally, Cyndi Wang.

Rainie was last seen in the Taiwanese romantic-comedy serial, Hi My Sweetheart, starring opposite Show Luo and Lee Wei. She will also be featured in an upcoming new horror flick, The Child's Eye in 3D, which is directed by the renowned Pang brothers.

Source: Yahoo News

So aiyatheydidnt , Rainie Yang aside, who do you think is the sexiest Taiwanese female star?