February 24th, 2010


Tai Chi not confirmed by Chow

Stephen Chow has not done any films since 2008. While he was invited to play Kato in Hollywood film, they soon parted ways due to creative differences. And now, it seems that Stephen Chow is ready to make another venture into Hollywood with 《太极》 Tai Chi (tentative) that he would be directing and starring in. Budgeted at US$60m, the film, co-produced by China Film and an independent US studio, also stars Jack Black and Anne Hathaway. 
Based loosely on Bruce Lee's Way of the Dragon, Stephen Chow plays a Chinese immigrant living in Chinatown, US, working as a dishwasher. The area is overrun by triads, who oppress the Chinese, such as collecting protection fees from the restaurant Stephen Chow is working at. Stephen Chow, who is actually a Tai Chi master living in anonymity, is compelled to set things right and teach the triad members a lesson they'll never forget. The Chinese can finally live in peace and they all come to seek tutelage under Stephen Chow, beseeching him to set up a martial arts school and propagate Tai Chi.
Reportedly, Stephen Chow has hired a teacher to teach him English as the entire film is in English, and also to facilitate communications with Western actors. However, when asked about the project, Stephen Chow declines comment, "At this stage, I have nothing to say on this."
Tai Chi is slated for production in June. While there was some casting news on King of Comedy 2, Stephen Chow may not necessarily be involved directly in the film. Stephen Chow would also be producing Hail the Judge remake later this year.


I'm posting this because it seems this story is more on the verge of plausible rumor as opposed to definite plans.  Also, I'd like to mention that the production of Journey to the West has more credibility, but still no actual start date.  I think it's listed as in pre-production on IMDB pro.  We shall see, but the story certainly is making the rounds.