December 30th, 2009


Edison doesn't understand why he's the bad guy

Edison Chen who has not made a public appearance for a longtime accepted a interview with "GQ" magazine and mentioned about the sex scandal again. He personally revealed his feelings towards the incident. He said "Taking my computer for repair is the biggest regret of my life. The scandal taught me a lesson but I will always have a question unanswered as to why I am the bad guy? I still don't understand, even holding a press conference and apologizing. The incident needed someone to calm it down and I was willing to be that bad guy. Am I really the bad guy? No, the incident needed a scape goat and I didn't do anything bad". He also had some anger "I lost a lot of earnings last year. I even had to leave my home because I am that bad guy".

When mentioning the sex scandal, Edison refered it to "that incident". He said "That incident isn't about sex. It was a private matter. It was theft. To others it might be a sex scandal but to me its invading my privacy".

How does he rank sex, love, money and family? "Love and family are similar. Next comes money and last sex. I am a man and men in this world like sex and need love. Nowaday I believe in love.

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Source: Hunan News
Translated by: matchbox @

:D The best part of these posts is finding a pic where he looks suitably douche-y.
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Rocker Xie Tian Xiao gives you Chinese Zither Reggae Vol 1

On Dec 24th Xie Tian Xiao (incidentally also from Shandong for those keeping tally) gave his fans a memorable Christmas Eve, coinciding with the release of his new EP Chinese Zither Reggae Vol 1, with four new songs. XTX, who started off grunge, influenced by Bob Marley later became fascinated with reggae, and incorporated it into his latter albums. In this new EP he blended in zither instruments like the Gu Qin to create a style of “Chinese reggae”. A full album of “Chinese Zither Reggae” is in the works to be released later.

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Guo Jingming Sells Close to 40,000 Copies of “Tiny Times 2.0″ in 5 Days

Yesterday afternoon, Guo Jingming appeared at for the first national internet signing event for Tiny Times 2.0. His influence was so large that, as of 5PM of yesterday, Guo Jingming signed 38,553 copies of his new book. In order to grab a chance to talk with the idol online, his crazy fans spammed the screen nonstop to the point of causing a server shutdown of

The first installment in Guo Jingming’s Tiny Times series, was released over a year ago, showing a sharp change in direction from his previous style, focusing on Chinese urban youth. Despite the fact that Tiny Times 1.0 already dealt with dark subject matter like rape, Guo Jingming has said “Tiny Times 1.0 is like a fairytale compared to 2.0.” Hunan TV acquired the copyrights for a drama version last year, although it has not started production.

- partly translated by ixiedin

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