December 20th, 2009


2 things

The first of those being you are now allowed FIVE choices for album of the year.  Mostly because I see a variety of things being chosen and there isn't a flood of commenters, so I think we can handle five.  So, you can do one of two things to add two more choices: 

1.Delete your original comment and post a new one
2.Reply to your comment with two more choices or edit it if you have a paid account and no one has replied to it already.

Get your nominations in for BEST ALBUM OF 2009! 

The second thing is, Idk if the weird HTML bug is still in effect here on LJ, but if it is (and it looks like it is), the simplest way to get around it is to make sure you're switched to HTML view BEFORE you post.  I don't want to see anymore crappily formatted posts getting in, lol.  Which also reminds me, if you're going to post a large Youtube vid (anything over 425x344), it MUST BE BEHIND A CUT.  If it's not, I will probably reject it since it seems like there are a few who do not fix their posts after they get through.

Ty for your time. :)

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Song Xiaobo Opens Photography Studio and Releases Photobook

Song Xiaobo was runner-up of the 2006 My Hero contest, which allows companies to sign talent afterward. He was deaf and mute, and thus, had more limited options in entertainment, but he’s been keeping very busy with acting and most recently, he opened a studio with friends. The first model he invited was Lou Jing, top 30 contestant of Jia You!Dragon Angels, the female version of My Hero.

You might remember Lou Jing because she was actually in English news a while back, when she was attacked by netizens for covering up her birth history (her mother had an extramarital affair). English reports erroneously attributed it to being about race (way to just ignore part-Indian Tan Lina from Supergirls whose race no one cares about). Anyway, Lou Jing looks gorgeous here, as captured by Song Xiaobo.

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Film Composer San Bao Comes Back After Two Years to the Stage

Composer San Bao two years ago fell seriously ill. Since then, he’s been inactive, regaining his health, but it’s been announced that he was planning on making a return to the art scene, by staging a symphonic concert at Henan. San Bao is known for scoring Zhang Yimou’s Not One Less and The Road Home as well as several theme songs, including Jin Fen Shi Jia’s An Xiang.

Some San Bao: Music from The Road Home (in the form of a ZZY montage bc it was the only thing I found on youtube – sorry!)

Because tv and film composers develop later than the film industry, China’s in a desperate need for composers. He says he will concentrate on musical theater now, and does not plan to write for tv or film anymore.

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Top 10 Mandarin Albums (December 11 - December 17)

1. Cyndi Wang (王心凌) and 'H2H' (心電心H2H) with 23.3% sales
2. Mayday (五月天) and 'Mayday World Tour Live @ Taipei Arena' (創造:小巨蛋DNA LIVE!! 演唱會創紀錄音) with 15.59% sales
3. The Shepherds (牧羊人) and 'Self-titled Album' (同名專輯) with 11.91% sales (NEW!)
4. Anson Hu (胡彥斌) and 'Music Life' (失業情歌) with 8.78% sales
5. Huang Jing Lun (黃靖倫) and 'OK MAN' with 6.35% sales (NEW!)
6. Shin (信) and 'While I' (趁我) with 2.68% sales
7. Shin Lung (辛龍) and 'Fine Singing & Creation' (唱作俱佳) with 2.25% sales
8. Ding Dang (丁噹) and 'Night Cat' (夜貓) with 1.9% sales
9. Apay Ji (季欣霈) and 'Little World‘ (小世界) with 1.71% sales
10. Achord (謝和弦) and 'The Earth Is Actually Not That Dangerous' (地球其實沒有那麼危險) with 1.21% sales (NEW!)

Source: G-Music
Translation: Sarah @

Hey wow, A-Chord got on there. I liked the new EP thing.
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Yan Kuan Gets a Boost in Exposure from Water Margin

Pictures of actor Yan Kuan as Yan Qing in the upcoming Water Margin series were released, showing off the tattoos that the character sports. Yan Kuan has always been under the radar as an actor, but 2010 could be the year when that changes for him.

Yan Kuan’s been off the radar for a year, but due to his role in the anticipated Water Margin series he’s been receiving continuous press, from his training regimen to his costumes. And recently, a series of advertisement photoshoots he did for FHM last year lined the streets everywhere in prominent positions in downtown Beijing. 2010 could be the turning point for this actor who got some recognition last year for a secondary character in The Last Princess, but never quite got the break that could give him widespread fame.

More of Yan Kuan as Yan Qing:

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Hangeng news...

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Hangeng of Super Junior and SJM recently filed for termination with his company SM Entertainment.

Article in Chinese HERE

Summary from Cfensi:

According to South Korean news, the only Chinese member of South Korean boyband Super Junior, Han Geng formally submitted papers to Seoul’s Central Court requesting termination of his exclusive contract with SM company. The details of the termination lawyers have said can not be conveniently disclosed to the public at this time.

The rest of the article is background info about DBSG’s lawsuit, Han Geng in China etc. I see both bad and good in this (from just my perspective).

Source: Sina (Sina is an entirely credible source for Chinese news, one of the most reliable for Chinese entertainment so I assume this is true)

There was also a poll that accompanied the article:

Do you support Han Geng Leaving SJ?

When this was posted the tallies were:

59% said they supported him

25% said they wanted him with SJ

8% said they hadn’t reached a conclusion

7% said they didn’t care

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Thanks to Cfensi for pointing this out!
Court documents originally posted HERE