December 17th, 2009


8 Martial Arts Masters That Changed Cinema

There’s a lot of hype surrounding the movie Ninja Assassin premiering on November 25. It features Korean star Jeong “Rain” Ji-hoon of Speed Racer fame. Rain is an up and coming star. In fact, Megan Fox, the hottie from Transformers says she has the hots for Rain. Lucky bastard. Ninja Assassin boasts some pretty cool FX and kick ass action sequences, but the question is whether it is enough to elevate Rain to the realm of martial arts cinema master. There is a very short list of martial arts masters who can make that claim.

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I just had to post this because I love how every single one of these peeps is Chinese. And Stephen Chow is included. He was pretty cool in some of his earliest films, lol.

Andy Lau spent three days in Shaolin Monastery to meditate

The film "New Shaolin Temple" starring Jackie Chan, Andy Lau, Nicholas Tse and Fan Bing Bing has started filming since October. Before they started shooting, director Benny Chan invited Master Wing Chi from Shaolin Lohan School to come over to Hong Kong to coach Andy the "Shaolin Seven Star Boxing". In fact, Andy had already watched the basic steps and movement two months beforehand until master Wing came to Hong Kong. Andy and Master Wing's disciple Xing-yu practiced "Shaolin Seven Star Boxing together. After a few days, Andy has mastered the art and made very good progress.

Andy wanted to have a better understanding of Shaolin kung fu and also wanted to play an active role in his part of the film. He secretly went up to the monastery alone and spent three days meditating there. Andy disclosed that he spent three days chanting and didn't think of anything else, not even using the telephone. He felt much better in spirit after his meditation.

When they started shooting the film, Andy didn't have to adjust his diet. In fact, he used so much energy practicing Kung Fu that he needs more food consumption than normal. As Andy has 45 minutes daily meditation at home, he feels very refreshed afterwards. Master Wing said "Shaolin Seven Boxing" is ideal for Andy's body.

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Obviously not THAT secretly, since there's this article, and pictures. XD
Laure Shang Wenjie

Li Yuchun Set New Ticket Sales Record, 90% Sold in 2 Hours

Li Yuchun has set a new record in ticket sales of China. She has successfully sold out all her concert tickets in a day. On the afternoon of Dec 2, Li Yuchun was holding a presscon to launch of the upcoming concert and the ticket sales. What is really impressive was that most the tickets have been sold out before the presscon ended. The fastest transaction was accomplished in only 32 seconds right after the ticket page was launched as shown at the ticket selling site. At the same time, dozens of successful transactions of her VIP tickets being sold at inflated prices were seen on Taobao. And the online ticket seller even went great lengths to retrieve some possible tickets from the sponsors and put them on sale. Li Yuchun managed to sold all of them in 24 hours, breaking the record of selling all the tickets in 7 days that she set last year.

Obviously, the online ticket seller was so shocked at this unprecedented ticket sales that they posted up a congratulatory banner in the most visible spot at its main site an as well as its 14 local affiliates.

source: Li Yuchun News, Photos, Downloads and More

Louis Koo does a little Wing Chun

Costume comedy ALL'S WELL ENDS WELLS TOO 2010 (FA TIN HEI SI 2010) will opened on February 11 2010 in the Mainland, Hong Kong and Southeast Asia simultaneously. Louis Koo Tin Lok in the film would have a breakthrough performance as a childish Fa Tin king Chong Hoi. In the story Louis Koo was obsessed with martial arts. His lifelong dream was to learn the world's mightiest martial art. In a hurry to become a grandmother Queen Mother (Lee Heung Kam) and the overlooked queen Crystal Tin Yui Nei had no idea what to do.

In one scene Louis Koo in order to prove his martial art prowess set up a ring for friendly matches. He even boasted that he wanted to fight one against ten. For this action scene, Louis Koo spent several days to study Wing Chun with an instructor. He expressed that when he received the screenplay, he discovered that two scenes required Wing Chun. In one scene he had to play sticky hand with Sandra Ng Kwan Yu and lose to her. He asked Kwan Yu to put an effort into her training. However actually he had an one against ten scene. Director Raymond Wong Pak Ming even asked him to fight like IP MAN's Donnie Yen Chi Tan. Finally he and Kwan Yu both studied Wing Chun with an instructor.

For this scene, Louis Koo spent a lot of time and effort on studying Chi Tan's performance. He never thought that a Lunar New Year film would have so many action scenes, not to mention Yen Chi Tan style action. The film seemed to have become an action comedy. Louis Koo joked that he had to talk to the boss about the salary again. He pointed out that the kung fu scenes actually were not the hardest, but imitating Chi Tan's rhythm, pace and look during the fight was. Luckily this time was an exaggerated version, action and expression could be exaggerated by multiples. However the series of punches was rather painful as his bare hands hurt from hitting someone else's chest.


Get your nominations in for BEST ALBUM OF 2009!

Rainie Yang's New MV

After viewers in Taiwan got a glimpse of Taiwanese pop tart Rainie Yang’s new "Raining Love" MV, the full version of it from her upcoming 2010 album is now online for everyone’s viewing pleasure. The song itself has already been around for quite some time, since it’s also the ending theme for Rainie’s currently-airing idol drama “Hi My Sweetheart”, but with the release of her new MV, viewers can finally witness the corresponding story unfold. The new MV pretty much matches the sad tone of the song, as Rainie is seen with her character’s on-screen love in mostly various states of seriousness and sadness. To further the effect, the MV’s director gave the MV a hazy, greenish-blue tint to accentuate the song’s mood and match the song’s title. We also get the chance to see Rainie’s new bohemian-hair look that she was gearing for in her new album, but the MV mostly relegates her hair to her current straight-hair look that she’s been sporting on variety shows for at least a year now. Rainie’s new MV is appropriate for her album’s debut song, as the song pretty much is a blueprint for filming a sad story. For people who dig these kinds of sad MVs, then Rainie’s new MV is right up your alley.

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Na Ying’s MV for Love Journey

One of the most esteemed singers in China, 42-year old Na Ying just released her MV for the single accompanying her much anticipated comeback concert on December 31st in Beijing, showing her looking gorgeous and elegant. The MV showed many of her friends and supporters during her singing career, including her mentor 74 year-old Gu Jianfen, one of China’s most well-known female composers.

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Wow, she does look gorgeous. :)