December 14th, 2009


Show Luo chides Rainie Yang for losing USD$400 at the casino

Apart from recording a new duet titled 'In Your Eyes' together, Taiwanese artists Show Luo and Rainie Yang were recently spotted holidaying together in New York after their onscreen collaboration as lovers in the ongoing Taiwanese drama series, Shanghai Sweetheart. Chummy photographs of the holidaying pair surfaced online and further fuelled ongoing relationship rumours.

30-year-old Show reportedly traveled to New York to hold a few singing performances. He invited Rainie to be his guest star for those shows and brought her around to sightsee during their free time. The pair also made a visit to the Casino after Show learnt that the 25-year-old actress has never visited one before.

At the casino, it was said that Rainie unexpectedly chalked up gambling losses of S$560, which belonged to Show, when the latter made a trip to the gents. She was chided by him for losing the money and was nicknamed "unlucky jinx". Rainie was said to have retorted at his chiding and replied, "It does not matter since you have so much money."


Slow news day, lol.

Low-quality clip of Future X-Cops leaks

Directed by Wong Jing, Future X-Cops cast includes Andy Lau, Barbie Hsu and Fan Bingbing. The film will be screened in Mainland China and Hong Kong early next year, it narrates Andy who has the ability to transform, travel in time from 2130 back to 2080 to rescue his daughter Xu Jiao thus the film would have many special effects, currently post production is being carried out.

However, netizens discovered a leaked clip and post it in Youtube for sharing, after watching many netizens leave comments saying that the special effects are “rough” as though the standard of 10 years ago. With regards to this, when interviewed in Hong Kong Wong Jing sighed: “I have a feeling of being stripped naked and being displayed on the street where my neighbours see me, because the slip had yet gone through post production, of course it’s not watchable. The editor even used the music of Transformer as the background music.”

With regards to the leaked clip, Wong Jing is currently investigating and denied that this is promotion, he said: “If it’s promotion, I will leaked out the completed version, this leaked version is only 30% completed.” He could not endure the negative comments from netizens, he said: “After discovered, I have already sent a lawyer letter to YouTube and other websites in hope of them removing the clip and stop distributing on the Internet.”

He added that he would upload the completed version as soon as possible to justify the poor special effects comments. When contacted, Barbie said that she had not watch the clip thus unable to comment.

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Top Combine’s 1st Album

I’m putting this up here because it’s an AMAZING album with contribution from all the five members which is so rare for a boyband’s first album. If they keep up the improvement since their first EP these kids will be amazing. Top Combine’s Ma Xueyang composed and wrote four tracks, and the other four members each wrote lyrics (and maybe compositions). You can tell they put a lot of effort into this.

Please support them if you like the album and buy it!

Track 3 Guang Mang – Composed by Ma Xueyang about the friendship of the five members

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I've only listened to tracks 1-3 so far, but if the other songs are as nice, I'm going to be quite impressed by this album. And I'm supposed to be studying for finals, but I just wanted to get this up. Enjoy! :)

The Original Karen Mok Show Opens in Beijing

Singer songwriter Karen Mok's upcoming concert, The Original Karen Mok Show, was held in Beijing on December 11th at the Worker's Stadium. The international star's self-directed concert features more than 30 of her most popular songs and her own elaborate styling and staging. Among the audience were Taiwan musician Jonathan Lee (Li Zongsheng), famous producer Zhang Yadong and young director Ning Hao and Xu Jinglei.

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Source: CRI


Wu Zun rebelled, shaved his head to be more 'man'; Calvin had Meniere's disease

Wu Zun's handsome and elegant face has become the rage of many women, but he himself dislikes his face that's too elegant, as he hopes he can have a crew-cut hairstyle just like Stanley Huang to look more 'man', and he said: "Maybe it would be even better if I'm bald, as it could be very interesting."

Wu Zun dreamed of being bald to play a villain role
The other day Fahrenheit went to Shanghai to attend the MTV Awards 2009, and Wu Zun, Jiro Wang, Aaron Yan, and Calvin Chen met Stanley Huang backstage, and all four of them told him that they really admire his sexy, cool outward appearance. Stanley also has a vigorous and graceful body, thus the well-built Wu Zun even analyzed it seriously, he laughingly expressed: "Looking from his build, he's more of like a Japanese stylish guy, while I'm the Euramerican version one!"

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WTF is this Wu Chun?? baby this shaved head thing just works in Stan!
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Crowd Lu dazzled the audience in signature shorts

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Following his record of holding a concert within 88 days of debut last year, winner of Golden Melody New Artist Award, Crowd Lu holds four concerts and tickets are almost all sold out. On the first night yesterday at Taichong, Crowd came out wearing a pair of sparkling shorts made of paillettes, where fans screamed in excitement. At one point, Crowd dashed into the audience and danced “再見勾勾” (Zai Jian Gou Gou), pushing the concert to its climax.

Although the temperature has been fluctuating, Crowd continued to appear in his signature style image: guitar, glasses, shorts, and towel. In order to protect his voice, he quit eating his favorite fried foods and milk tea for 6 months. When his classmates came to visit and brought crispy chicken and bubble tea, Crowd could only watch others enjoy the food and drinks. Interestingly, Crowd revealed that eating beef helps open up his voice.

In the opening of his concert, Crowd performed a series of fast-tempo songs including “七天” (Seven Days). In addition, he showed his custom made black wooden Martin guitar for the first time, and sang “孩子” (Child) with special guest, Cheer Chen. Crowd also performed Taiwanese and Western songs.

His next stop will be on December 20th at Tainan. Special guest will be veteran Jonathan Lee.

Source: CpopAccess

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Alrighty, I need to learn not to ask serious questions in FFAs, cause I never get answers, lol. Anyway, this is what I asked:

Do you guys want to have an end-of-the-year poll for Best Chinese Album? My tentative idea is to have a nominee post wherein you can put forth Idk, 5 or so nominees and the ones with the most nominations will go up in a poll for voting.
Most likely said post will stay open until the 31st, and then say the top 10 or whatever can fit into a poll will be put up for voting.

Is this something you guys would be interested (and participate) in? Do you have any better ideas for the format? Or anything at all to add? Oh, and does anyone know if you can future-date/sticky a post in a community? I hate looking through LJ's FAQ, lol.

Go ahead and argue amongst yourselves. :D
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