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So, question! As I'm re-listening to the 80+ new albums I got this you guys want to have an end-of-the-year poll for Best Chinese Album? My tentative idea is to have a nominee post wherein you can put forth Idk, 5 or so nominees and the ones with the most nominations will go up in a poll for voting. Wutchoo think?

Ding Dang and Xiu Jie Kai in an ambiguous relationship?

Ding Dang
& Xiu Jie Kai’s onscreen romance becomes reality? After filming as a couple for Ding Dang’s MV “I Love Him” that was also the opening song for Autumn’s Concerto, the MV has gone to the top of KTV charts. Yesterday, Ding Ding released the 2nd version of her album. Xiu Jie Kai, who cheated on Ding Dang in the MV, went to her event to specially “seek forgiveness” for his wrongdoing. On stage, he presented her with red roses. Under the encouragement of the press, he kissed her on the cheek. Ding Dang was so shy that she could not face him directly.

Ding Ding and Xiu Jie Kai have started an ambiguous relationship with each other. Privately, they meet together to eat. Work colleagues joked that Ding Dang has an Aries personality of being very direct; it is only when she is with Xiu Jie Kai that she will become a warm woman. Ding Dang did not deny that she admires males like Xiu Jie Kai who have talent. She is attracted by their mysterious, but mature aura. And Xiu Jie Kai praised Ding Dang’s vocal skills. The two cannot cover up their likings for each other. Recently, Xiu Jie Kai joined the cast of K.O 3an Guo. Ding Ding was not afraid of rumors arising from her statement; she happily said that she wished to visit Xiu Jie Kai during filming.

Christmas is almost here so Ding Dang made a wish, hoping that she would be able to have a romantic dinner with the lover in her dreams. Unfortunately, her entire work schedule is full. On the night of the 25th, she has to fly to Shanghai to perform. Ding Ding, who is currently single, sighed that she had no time to find a boyfriend. She could only express hope that a man could come and pursue her, hinting to Xiu Jie Kai that he has a chance.

original source: UDN
translated by minchong92 @

O rly now? Though I don't really get the title, lol.
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Chen Kun’s 3rd Album “Mi ME” Pictures

This was a abruptly announced entry into the packed December release schedule. Chen Kun is known mainly as an actor, but he worked his way through college by singing in bars, and has previously released two albums, Osmosis (2004) and To Come True Once Again (2006). Now after a very busy and successful year in films and television, he’s releasing his third album. Previously he had a mellow, rnb/jazz sound (his favorite genre), but the direction here seems completely different.

A reason for the change in style could be that he now has an award-winning production team from all over the Greater China region behind him for this album. Included in that team is Faye Wong’s producer, and it’s been said he might share a stage with Faye Wong during his comeback. Since he there does seem to be much more money being spent on his new album, hopefully there will be as many MVs released as for his 2006 album, for which he had three MVs, all nicely shot.

The first single: Qiang Wei Xing.

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Jolin Tsai avoids ex-lover, tops 2009 album sales chart

With fewer rivals including rumored ex-boyfriend Jay Chou, Jolin Tsai claims first place on 2009 album sales charts. Her album “Flower Butterfly” sold 130,000 copies and was the only album this year that broke the 100,000 mark. Following in second place, Fahrenheit’s “Love You More and More” sold 60,000 copies. Show Luo’s “Trendy Man” and Wang Lee Hom “Heart Beat” tied for 3rd place, each selling 50,000 albums. Fish Leong closed out the top 5 with “Fall in Love & Songs”, selling 45,000 copies.

Taiwan’s Apple Daily newspaper made these conclusions based on the business reports released by the record companies. They started to count record sales for albums released this year. Wang Lee Hom and Show Luo, who both released their albums in December of last year, were included. Jolin Tsai’s “Flower Butterfly” was confirmed to be this year’s champion in record sales. But when she received the news overseas, Jolin exclaimed: “Really? First place? Thank you everyone, next year I will challenge the stage again.”

Compared to Jolin’s 2003 hit album “Magic” sales of 350,000, her CD sales have decreased by 220,000 copies. This shows that the public’s way of purchasing music has changed drastically. Fahrenheit’s second place sales of 60,000 copies shows that the music industry is shrinking. Yesterday, Fahrenheit commented: “Good results are an encouragement, we will continue to work hard.”

As for Show Luo, his popularity has continued to grow year by year. His new albums bring better sales than the previous ones. Last year, Show’s album placed 9th. This year, Show has risen to 3rd place. So he said with confidence regarding the music industry: “Even though it is a little depressing, we’ll still find a chance to start anew.”

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original source: China News
translated by minchong92 @

Heh, only heard Fahrenheit and Jam out of these.