December 11th, 2009


Taipei Band Ferris Person releases new MV

All-guy Taiwanese Mandopop band Ferris Person (摩天人 Fei Tian Ren) recently released their new punk rock-sounding MV of the same name. Based originally in Mandopop epicenter Taipei, the band released their debut album several months ago as a five-guy crew with an eclectic set of songs, ranging from punk rock to R&B and even jazz.

For the MV, the band showcase a high-octane performance that matches the intensity of the song. Shot in the suburban landscape in Taiwan, the band sings about embracing one’s dream as they run around and perform in front of a graffiti backdrop. While the band released their album as a five-piece band, the group has released their latest MV and been promoting with one member missing. The present members consisted of lead vocals/guitarist Yao Yun 姚雲, guitarist Ah Tao阿濤, keyboardist Li Yi李毅, and drummer Xiao Ke 小可.

Given the current number of members in the band, it’s not too far to think of them as a punk Fahrenheit with a Mayday sound. Regardless their current situation, these guys are definitely a band to keep your eye out in the future. Check out their latest MV below, courtesy of kay20xx!

Source: CPop Access

Hahah, punk Fahrenheit with a Mayday sound? Ooookay then. And no, I have no idea who these guys are.

Huang Xiao Ming arrives in Taiwan

Huang Xiao Ming showed up at the Butterfly Pavilion (舞蝶館) near Taipei Artistic Park (美術公園) on the 11th to film an MV for 2010 Shanghai Expo's "Taiwan Showcase". He said that if he ends up coming to Taiwan more than thrice every year, he'll consider buying a property here. When asked if he would like to be Dee Hsu (Xiao S)'s neighbour, he responded that that is too expensive!

Huang Xiao Ming arrived in Taiwan on the 9th and filmed an MV for 2010 Shanghai Expo's "Taiwan Showcase". He had to film scenes at 6 different locations within a day! Besides the Butterfly Pavilion, he also went to other locations such as Dan Shui, Taipei MRT, Yong Kang Street and Grand Hotel. Huang Xiao Ming revealed that he has never visited all these places so it seemed like a mixture of work and play. He happily said that he ate green mango in the afternoon and found it to be very nice. He also expressed that he wants to eat the legendary delicious strawberry ice at Yong Kang Street in the afternoon.

Huang Xiao Ming has recently been filming the movie "Flirting Scholar 2" and he came specially to Taiwan for this MV. When asked about how Li Bing Bing forgot to thank him when she won the Golden Horse Award's Best Actress, Huang Xiao Ming said that he was very upset. He even text Li Bing Bing about how she didn't thank him and in the end, at the celebration party, Li Bing Bing specially said a thank you to Huang Xiao Ming.

When questioned about Li Bing Bing's recent marriage news, Huang Xiao Ming denied any knowledge and claimed that he isn't a gossipy person. Thus he has never asked her. He has not seen her with any other males during filming either.

Source: Nownews
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Usher's "Burn"/Jay Chou mashup

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Several days ago, mainstay Cpop MV source urasiansourceCpop posted an awesome user-created mashup of Jay Chou and Usher created from YouTuber Yiygytugd. This is a great mashup that blends the slow R&B tunes from Taiwanese superstar Jay and American modern pop legend Usher.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Yigytugd, he’s an outstanding remixer/mashup artist for K-pop and J-pop songs, but it looks like he’s venturing over to C-pop territory now. We’re glad that he’s moving in that direction now, mostly since there’s so much awesome C-pop songs that haven’t been touched by either the remix or mashup communit.

The mashup song is already been getting lots of hits on YouTube from urasiansourceCpop already, and it’s definitely worth checking out, especially if you’re a Jay or Usher fan. According to urasiansourceCpop, Yigytugd is also planning a Chinese mashup album. After listening to this Jay & Usher mashup, the mashup album is guaranteed to be tight. Keep your ears open for musical mashup greatness!

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Article source: CpopAccess

Descendant of Confucius doesn't like new film

A descendant of Confucius has threatened to take the producers of a biopic of the ancient sage to court, saying the film ruins Confucius' reputation.

Kong Jian, who claims to be a 75th-generation direct descendant of Confucius, has sent a letter to producers of the film "Confucius", asking them to delete the parts that are "obviously against history," reports.

In a recently released film trailer, Confucius, played by Hong Kong superstar Chow Yun-Fat, speaks in modern languages. The trailer also highlights a conversation between Confucius and the notorious concubine Nan-zi.

Kong believes the conversation misleads audiences that Confucius was romantically attracted to Nan-zi.

"Your recent trailer contains scenes that are obviously against history and ruin Confucius' image as a sage," Kong wrote in his letter. "Your film should respect history, not sacrifice Confucius' reputation for your commercial pursuit... Being a descendant, I shoulder a responsibility to maintain Confucius' reputation."

As a scholar of Confucianism, Kong asks the film's producers to delete the modern languages and use words from "The Analects" instead. The book, a representative work of Confucianism, is a record of Confucius' words and deeds.

Kong also wants to see fewer scenes of Confucius with Nan-zi in the film, saying at the end of his letter, "We won't rule out possibilities of using legal means if no positive action has been made on the producers' side."

But an unnamed representative of the film told that no changes or deletions would be made.

The star-studded commercial film, starring Chow, Zhou Xun, Chen Jianbin and Ren Quan, portrays Confucius as a man of romance and master of action. Director Hu Mei once told the media that she viewed Confucius not just as a saint, but also a vibrant, ordinary man.

The film is slated to open in Chinese theaters next month.

Source: CRI

Stuff like this makes me lol. It's ART people, not history. If every movie based on something else was always 100% like the source material, there'd be no need for the movie in the first place.

"Hero" director targets youth with noodles

Actress Yan Ni playing the wife of a noodle shop owner in A Simple Noodle Life.

BEIJING, Dec. 10 -- Internationally renowned director Zhang Yimou has changed his mode of operation in his latest film a bid to capture a dwindling cinema market – young people. Zhang has taken a completely different tack by adding rap, fresh dialogue and controversial stars to his latest work A Simple Noodle Story that opens across the country today.

"I will be more than thrilled if young people take up a majority of audiences and the film receives good feedback from them," Zhang said, adding that he is targeting those born in the 1980s and 1990s in an effort to attract them to the cinema.

The first group of people that Zhang invited to the test screening were all born in the 1990s.

"They are my most important target audience and the future of the Chinese film market relies on them," Zhang said.

He explained that after the test screening, the young audience members made very valuable suggestions.

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Anyone know which Coen Brothers film they're talking about? I can't think of one involving noodles right now, lol.

Storm Warriors has record-breaking first day

Directed by the Pang brothers, starring Ekin Cheng, Aaron Kwok, Simon Yam and Charlene Choi "Storm Warriors" was shown in cinema yesterday. Box office have already made a record of 2.25 million HKD on the first day. This film not only tops the first box office sale, it has become the top ticket sale for Chinese language film in 2009. People have been lining up to get ticket to see the movie, 521 shows were shown, breaking the record of the number of cinema screen in the history of Hong Kong Chinese language movie. The cinema operators are still thinking of how to accommodate more screen release for the next two days.

The box office success of "Storm Warrior" makes Universal boss Lam Siu Ming a very happy man. He decided to treat the whole cast of "Storm Warrior Hero Banquet " next Tuesday. Aaron was very happy indeed, he is particularly proud that "Storm Warrior" broke the cinema record. Ekin expressed that he has been busy doing the promotion for the film last two weeks. He is a bit tired now, but reckons it is worth it as this film has broken the record.

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