December 10th, 2009


Vanness Wu and Tiffany Xu: only friends?

According to various news sources, apart from playing onscreen lovers in the ongoing Taiwanese drama series, Next Stop, Happiness, both Vanness Wu and Tiffany Xu are speculated to be more than just friends. Acting as Vanness's fiancée in the show, a member of the production team revealed that Vanness would often ask Tiffany, "Do you want a ride in my car?" when they changed filming locations.

He reportedly picked her up from her house in the mornings and would wait for the 25-year-old actress to finish filming her scenes before sending her home. It was reported that Vanness also gave Tiffany a book, immensely touching her with his enthusiasm and gallant mannerisms.

Currently in Japan, Vanness commented on the matter via his manager, Katie, "Sending her to and fro was only a form of convenience when we end work early - I have never picked her up before. The book was her birthday present."

Reporters asked Vanness's manager if the 31-year-old actor-singer was interested in Tiffany and she said, "He really admires her. [He] feels that she can write poetry and is very talented. However, he has no intentions to pursue her, they're just good friends."

When Tiffany was asked if Vanness was pursuing her, the actress immediately protested, "No! The book was a birthday present from him. Sometimes I would hitch a ride from him after we end work but he has never sent me home."

Known to be dating fellow Taiwanese actor Ethan Ruan for the past two-and-a-half years, Tiffany's relationship with Ethan was exposed by the media after they were spotted sunbathing together in Kenting last July. The couple's relationship was previously reported to be on the rocks due to Ethan's hectic filming schedule for the upcoming movie, Monga.

Source: Yahoo
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BOBO Happy Camp most watched show of the night

BOBO was on Happy Camp last Saturday, helping it to be the number one watched show of that time period. Watch part 1 here and part 2 here. Interview translation of BOBO below the cut.

Zhang Jie and Li Yuchun will appear on the next two episodes of Happy to promote their new albums next. Who’s excited for some Zhang Jie-Xie Na interactions? The preview made me lol so much when Zhang Jie pretended to be his picture that always appears on Happy Camp when he’s mentioned and said “what does that have to do with me?”

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Jane Zhang’s new song and random news

While Jane’s busy doing various things (she’s in Tokyo right now?), her company Show City Times is releasing its first album for Super Boy Wang Zhengliang late this month. Not a big fan of him, but he’s from our favorite Music Conservatory and has a good voice.

More interestingly, Super Girl Pan Chen is joining Show City soon. It’s uncertain she’ll sign a record or management contract, but at least we know she’s not in the girl group.

Yu Kewei was a little faster and signed record contracts with Rock Records this week. She was promised an album in 100 days, which means she’ll probably be the second 2009 Super Girl to release a new album. Listen to a new song by the first album releaser Zeng Yike here.

A day later, Li Yuchun also signed with Rock Records for releases outside of mainland. Does that make Yu Kewei her elder? Her latest album “Li Yuchun” will be released in Taiwan late this month. Her second self-composed/written/directed MV has also been released.