December 7th, 2009

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Gillian still believes in love and men

Guys, start sending your resume now. Gillian Chung, post-Edison Chen, says she still believes in love (and men).

“Not every guy is bad (like Edison),” the stunningly beautiful Hong Kong star told Daily Chilli in an exclusive interview in Johor Baru, where she officiated at the launch for Jaz Beer, a made-in-Malaysia liquor brand that she’s currently endorsing. “I have never given up on love. And I’m not afraid to love again.”

For the record, the 28-year-old singer/actress was embroiled in a high-profile sex scandal with Edison, her co-star in the blockbuster hit, The Twins Effect, that almost destroyed her career last year.

Both actors, who were friends before they became part-time lovers (bad boy Edison already had a steady girlfriend when he had an affair with Gillian), have not been on talking terms since.

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Evan Yo Loves Taking off Clothes

Taiwanese idol Evan Yo admitted that he loves taking off clothes.

"Clothing is restraining to me. When I take off my clothes, it's a liberating feeling," said the 23-year-old said on Thursday.

The chirpy lad then went on to talk about his fascination with swimming pool.

"Whenever I see a swimming pool, I get excited and have the urge to take off my clothes and dive into the pool!"

The I Can star even made a promise that he would wear only his swim briefs in the cold weather of 10°C, if his album sold more than 50,000 copies. Fans might not have to wait that long. Yo will be performing alongside Taiwanese rock duo Y2J at DiGi Music LIVE showcase at Sungei Wang rooftop on Saturday.

"I might take off my clothes if I get too high during the performance. My label might care about the image of idols, but personally, I don't really carry any baggage," he explained.

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Asiaone via Asianbite

Idk who the exhibitionist guy is, but I want to thank this post for turning me on to Y2J, they are awesome. :'D
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Eason Chan will quit singing if the paparazzi keep trailing his daughter

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Eason Chan "threatens" to stop singing when his daughter was being followed by the paparazzi lately!

Cantopop singer Eason Chan has declared that he wants to "stop singing", but it was not due to the score of rumours surrounding him and Kay Tse. He was extremely furious and upset that his young daughter, Constance, has been hounded and disturbed by the paparazzi. "Are they going to make me stop working (as a singer)?"

During an interview, the father could hardly suppress his anger about his daughter being followed and her personal safety. He admitted that he even fell ill because of how angry he felt.

Asked if he will start engaging bodyguards to protect his daughter, he snapped, "Is this a good solution? Am I very rich to do so?" He also mentioned that his wife Hilary Tsui is also worried about their daughter and got only more agitated when reporters probed him whether he will arrange for her daughter to move somewhere else as a temporary measure. "Why do I have to give in [to the paparazzi]? What kind of society is this?"

The rumours plaguing him and Kay Tse haven't let down, either. Present together at two events within the same day, both of them deliberately avoided any eye contact whatsoever, although at a canvassing award ceremony in the evening, Kay was spotted smiling at Eason occasionally through the night and voted for him. Eason, on the other hand, did not cast any vote or looked at Kay even when she was attired in a sexy dress.

Eason, who received the most votes, was then later shoved to Kay's side during a group photo-taking.

He said, "I've already avoided [Kay Tse]. But whether I avoid her or not, the paparazzi will still write the same thing. They are making news out of nothing, what is there to be scared of? I've already said it many times, only if the rumours are true, then will they affect my image. I'm not afraid of people speculating the results for the award ceremony at the end of the year, because that means friendly competition is present."

He added that he would rather have rumours focus on him than have his daughter followed closely by the press. "Do they want to make me quit my job? Just like the Four-Heavenly Kings and other seniors [who stopped singing all together], I will really choose to stop working!"

Source: Yahoo! Singapore
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Shang Wenjie Became a Keen Follower of Lady Gaga

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Chinese singer Laure Shang Wenjie kept appearing in Lady-Gaga-style look recently, even at her Shanghai gig Sunday night.

One of her concert outfits was a metallic blue cloak matched with a huge afro wig and a red bow hair pin.

Last time she grabbed eyeballs with a UFO-like hairstyle and pink eyeshades at a Lady Gaga imitation competition held by a nightclub in Beijing.

The winner of the talent show Happy Girl 2006 released her album "Time Lady" in mid-October and appeared in it in drastic contrast to her innocent image of earlier years.

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Source: CRI English

Hm, not really, but okay. Anyone familiar with her music?

Red Cliff post! Part 1

Some videos, interviews with various actors translated from chinese, background on cast members, and a place to discuss the film.

This part is just to give you a background of the movie and some videos of press cons. Interviews in part two because it's just so immense.

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Please join eight_trigramsif you are interested in Red Cliff. It has icons, screenshots, lulz amongst the actors--aka slashy stuff--and fanfiction.
Translations done by me.
Credits: aitakute and glitterburn for the comparisons of the two versions of Red Cliff.
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