December 5th, 2009

Laure Shang Wenjie

Impressions West Lake nominated for Grammy, includes song by Jane Zhang

Among this year's Grammy's nominees for Best New Age Album was Impressions West Lake, composer Kitaro's soundtrack to the Zhang Yimou (Beijing Olympics Opening Ceremony) -directed themed performance set in Hangzhou's West Lake (of Madame Lady Snake fame).

Featured in the album is Jane Zhang's theme song for the show - Impressions West Lake Rain. She has also recently performed the song live at Kitaro's concert:

Chinese composer Tan Dun's "Marco Polo" was also nominated for Best Opera Recording.

source: Grammy
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“Mulan” Received Well at the Box Office But Not Critically

No matter how their projects turn out, this pair always has such nice chemistry off-screen as decade-old friends. Behind the Story vids below.

This movie has been hyped. Hyped because of the theme songs (Stefanie Sun trumps all in terms of popularity in China), hyped because it was Mulan, one of the most famous heroines in Chinese culture, and hyped because it was Vicki Zhao Wei, who is just loved and unlike most Chinese celebs, not just within China’s boundaries.

And the sales reflected that. In six days the movie earned 50 million yuan its first six days, not the highest China’s seen, but a solid success and the Chen Kun-Zhao Wei pairing was proclaimed a box office guarantee since their first on-screen pairing Painted Skin, also was a hit. But all those factors doesn’t mean good movie. Collapse )

There's also a pretty hilarious interview with Chen Kun, which can be found here and here. Just watching those videos made me want to become a Chen Kun fan, even though I've never seen any of his projects (but hopefully, this will change if I get a chance to see this movie). While I'm still on this topic, I'd like to add that I totally agree with cfensi's comment about his hair. He's had some... strange hairstyles before, but he looks great here.

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Huang Xiaoming brings his drama "An Xiang" back to his home province of Shandong

Due to the first-time investment of Huang Xiaoming, leading actor of the drama "An Xiang," the drama will begin to broadcast tomorrow on Shandong channels. Yesterday, Huang Xiaoming brought his new project back to his home province of Shandong and received a warm welcome from his hometown's fans. From his rookie days in "Huan Zhu Ge Ge (Princess Pearl)" to when he started to make a name for himself in "Da Han Tian Zi", to his popularity after "Shen Diao Xia Lü (Return of the Condor Heroes)" and "Lu Ding Ji (Royal Tramp)", and to his successful transformation in the movie "Feng Sheng (The Message)", Huang Xiaoming is now an idol and can finally be calm in the knowledge of his celebrity status.

Talk about yourself:

In the drama "An Xiang," Huang Xiaoming plays Cheng Yuan, a fourth-generation Chinese who was studying abroad in America and returned to China. An independent thinker, he was originally unwilling to take over the family business, but in order to investigate his parents' deaths, he took over the post of chairman of Cheng Enterprises and, as a result, was drawn into the middle of an espionage game in which each would try to cheat the other. In addition to playing the lead role, Huang Xiaoming also invested in this drama and was involved in the casting process.

Collapse )

I've only watched about the first eight episodes of "An Xiang," but I've rather liked it so far. HXM is pretty good in the drama, from what I've seen, but I have to say WLD has him beat in terms of acting ability (even though I find her character annoying). And I think she's really pretty, actually. She has a great smile.