December 1st, 2009


Faye Wong to stage comeback concert tour

BEIJING : Pop queen Faye Wong is set to make her showbiz return with a series of concerts in China, revealed the star's manager.

Wong's manager Katie Chen has confirmed that negotiations are underway for the popular Chinese singer's 10-concert comeback tour which kicks off in the Chinese city of Xi'an in October next year.

According to Chen, Wong, 40, will receive a staggering 50 million yuan (S$10.1 million) for her performances during the tour, more than any other female singer to date.

The tour ends the ceaseless speculation of a possible comeback after Wong announced her retirement in 2003 and marks her return to the stage after a six-year absence.

Chen added that Wong is also negotiating with Chinese television station CCTV to perform on its highly-rated Spring Night Gala show next year.

CCTV production staff said that "finding the right song for Faye Wong is the the most important task".

Despite her candid disclosure of Wong's plans, Chen is careful to add that there are still many details that need to be ironed out, a process which may take up to two months to complete.

Many believe that Wong's return to show business might be out of economic necessity as she had to deal with the fallout from her actor husband Li Ya Peng's bad investments while corrective surgery for her younger daughter Li Yan's cleft lip had also cost her a pretty penny. Her decision to enroll her daughter at a prestigious school in Hong Kong is bound to put a strain on the singer's finances as well.

Source: Channel News Asia

Ladies of the Golden Horse Awards

Alright you guys, under this cut is a bunch of the fierce ladies that showed up to the Awards. So, naturally, this being the kind of comm this is, who do YOU think looks awesome? Who shouldn't have gone out of the house?

There are a few big names here, but most of them aren't, so this is more of a fashion post, lol.

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Source: HKSAR

Da S to play assassin in John Woo's 'Rain of Swords'

It is reported that the ancient action movie John Woo is producing and supervising "Rain of Swords" is filming intensively in Shanghai, we got the chance to interview DaS who is acting in this movie as a naive and romantic assassin queen, she stated that for her the biggest challenge this role had brought her was to act out the role's contrast and also the fighting scenes.

Second cooperation with the direction, Tacit understanding is even better

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Source : Sina
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Barbie as an assassin? Not sure if want...
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Jay Chou and Wang Lee Hom unable to produce music in time; giving up competition chances in GMA

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Jay Chou and Wang Lee Hom has been frequent winners of the Golden Melody Awards, but this year, the two Heavenly Kings are unable to release an album each by the end of the year due to movie filming. This would actually mean giving up the chance to compete in next year’s Golden Melody Awards, putting all other singers at an advantage. However, Jay has promised to turn up for next year’s Golden Melody Awards as the award recipient of Best Male Singer of the previous year. He will not be competing, and may be an award presenter.

Since his debut in 2000, Jay has maintained his habit of releasing an album each year. This year, however, he is unable to produce an album in time due to firstly his accepting a role in The Treasure Hunter, and secondly upon completing his 42 stops of World Tour Concert in August, he flew to Los Angeles immediately to film his first Hollywood movie, Green Hornet. Despite having 10 songs completed, he wasn’t free until last week to go invite record technician Gary to the US to start his recording.

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Chinese actress Li Bingbing may have been secretly married since 1999

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HONG KONG : Chinese actress Li Bingbing, who recently won the Best Actress award at the 46th Golden Horse Awards for her role in spy thriller "The Message", may have been married since 1999, according to Chinese media reports.

Li, 34, reportedly said that she had a businessman husband during an obscure interview with a Chinese magazine ten years ago.

She said at that time that she "wanted to be taken care of" and hence picked "an older man who could give her a sense of security".

In 2001, when Li had just begun her acting career, she was already living at the well-known Guan Cheng Yuan luxury apartment complex in Beijing and drove a white Porsche 740. Chinese reporters checked the ownership records of both her apartment and her car and found that a Mr Shi Tao owned both assets.

The apartment complex's car washer said that Li and Mr Shi "were living together", describing Shi as "a stout, be-spectacled man in his 40s with a shaved head".

His description of Shi matched the appearance of a mystery man Li was photographed with earlier this year.

Though Li's manager denied that the actress is married, he also said "he was her manager only after 2004 and was unclear about her affairs before then".

Media reports cite these revelations from Chinese sources and her manager's ambiguous reply as evidence that she had been secretly married for at least a decade.

Li is no stranger to controversy. She was also involved in a scandal with Ken Zhu, a member of the defunct Taiwanese boyband F4, while shooting the drama series "City of Sky" in April 2005.

The pair allegedly entered a hotel together, got a room and then kissed intimately in the doorway.