November 30th, 2009


David Tao on the 11-girlfriends rumour: "It's not completely false"

In town recently to participate in Guang Ming Shan's charity music show, Voices of Harmony and to promote his latest music album, Opus 69, Taiwanese singer-composer David Tao was all cheeky, candid and charming.

After all, he's rumoured to have 11 girlfriends. "It's not completely false," teased David before adding that "I do know some of the girls. She may not be my girlfriend but was reported to be one. Some are even said to have broken up with me. It is really amusing. I don't even know about it; how would the media know?"

But the R&B crooner wants to set the record straight. "I do not have a girlfriend and I am still single with no children! I have to take care of my parents and staff, and that is why I want to enjoy my life! However, as there are too many paparazzi in Hong Kong, my life has become the media's center of attention. My lifestyle is actually not very different from others."

While discussing about one of his song titled 'Chinese Girl', the 40-year-old admitted that while he knows a few girls of mixed heritages, he has a preference for Chinese girls.

"I am a little more traditional. I hope for my children to converse in Chinese and understand their own culture. That is why my future wife would most likely be a Chinese."

Reputated to be a frivolous playboy, David was asked on his take on that 'title' bestowed upon him. "As for whether I am a frivolous person or not, that belongs to my private life. I don't have to share it with others. I hope that everyone can respect each other's privacy."

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Bobby Au Yeung calls Nick Cheung 'Emperor'

Just baked as the new Golden Horse Film King, Nick Cheung made a triumphant return, in a great mood with his new award! This year winning many awards, Nick was at the airport and bumped into good friend and on-screen partner Bobby Au Yeung, who got on his knees and bowed to Film King Nick. Bobby even loudly said: "Seeing Emperor" ("cham geen wong sheung"), making the scene hilarious.

The two have once worked on TVB series and were both TV King and Film King. They have not kept in contact for some time now, but when they bumped into each other at the airport, they still had great chemistry, causing laughter everywhere.

The two "Emperors" embraced when they saw each other, Bobby even he called Nick "Emperor" while getting down to bow to him and said: "Wah! Another award for you? Now you even got the juice! Usually your not like this though? When will you treat me to a meal?" Nick then said: "This is what call friends!" Bobby replied: "Nah! If it wasn't for the re-runs of recently, I wouldn't have recognized you! You were just standing near the entrance, blocking my way!" The two were going back and forth making it a hilarious scene. When Nick brought out his award for Bobby to "admire", Bobby was in opposition holding on to the award and laughed: "Wah! I envy you so much!"

Besides Bobby greeting Nick at the airport, EEG Motion Pictures sent out a representative to give him flowers and to pick him up from the airport. Also there were many fans who said: "Handsome Film King!" and a foreigner shouted: "Congratulations! I love you so much!"

Source: Oriental Daily
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Golden Horse Awards 2009

The 46th Annual Golden Horse Award walk of the stars began as the ceremony started at 7PM. This year's Golden Horse red carpet glittered with stars. Host Tao Chng-Ying was the first to appear on the walk of stars, Shu Qi closely followed with famous directors Hou Hsiao-Hsien and Kevin Chu Yen-Ping.

The heavily nominated film YANG YANG took to the red carpet together in a show of unity. New actor Sandrine Pinna (Cheung Yung Yung) was also nominated for Best Leading Actress.

THE MESSAGE team walked the red carpet with actors Li Bingbing, Zhang Hanyu, Alec Su Yau Peng and others. Zhang Hanyu was last year's Golden Horse Best Leading Actor and will be a guest presenter tonight.

Yesterday the viewer's choice Best Picture NO PUEDO VIVIR SIN TI was nominated for numerous awards. Director Leon Dai brought Best Leading Actor nominee Chen Wen-Pin and other actors to the red carpet. Director Dai Lap Yan in particular mentioned his hope to be able to win all the awards tonight.

Then THE BEAST STALKER (JING YUN)'s Best Leading Actor nominee Nick Cheung Ka Fai stepped on the red carpet. The Golden Horse jury and the A PLACE OF ONE'S OWN team including Lu Yi-Ching appeared.

Last year's Golden Horse Best Supporting Actor, CAPE NO. 7's Ma Yu-Long will be a guest presenter tonight; guest performer Aska Yang (Yeung Chung Wai) also appeared with many of his fans waiting on the red carpet.

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Kwai Lun Mei dating director Leon Dai; poses for Elle China

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Taiwan's rising star Kwai Lun Mei brought her low-key relationship with director Leon Dai into the limelight at the 46th Golden Horse Awards ceremony on Saturday night.

The "All about Women" actress gave Dai a hug onstage as she presented him with the Best Original Screenplay award.

When asked to comment on Dai's award-winning film "No Puedo Vivir Sin Ti" (Cannot Live Without You), before the Best Feature Film award was announced, she choked up several times out of excitement, and the camera also caught Dai in the audience, holding back tears with his eyes red-rimmed.

Leon Dai was the biggest winner at this year's Golden Horse Awards, sweeping up four trophies, including the best director, best feature film, best original screenplay, and outstanding Taiwanese film of the year, as well as an additional award voted upon by audiences for the most outstanding film of the year.

Leon Dai, 43, and Kwai Lun-mei, 25, met five years ago while collaborating on the 2004 film "The Passage". They have kept their relationship hidden because Kwai's parents were against it, according to the TVBS.

In an interview with the Shanghai-based Daily News, Dai said he regarded Vic Chou and Kwai Lun-mei as the most promising of Taiwan's new generation of performers.

"Kwai Lun-mei has a unique grace and personality," he said.

He didn't thank his girlfriend after receiving the awards because he said he wanted to distinguish business from private life. "I hope you will focus on my movie," Dai said.

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S'pore singer-songwriter: I was badly affected by Edison scandal

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IT IS not always a lucky thing to be able to rub shoulders with the rich and famous.

That's what Singaporean singer-songwriter Hanjin Tan, 33, found out last year.

The Hong Kong-based crooner released his debut English-language album, Raw Jazz, only in March, but he has been a writer-producer for some top names since 1998.

He has worked with stars such as Korean idol Rain, US singer Christina Aguilera and Mando-pop sensations Jacky Cheung, Coco Lee, S.H.E and Leon Lai.

Collaborating with one celebrity led to unforeseen complications though. That is Hong Kong actor-singer Edison Chen, who was involved in the sex photo scandal last year.

Since 2000, Hanjin had written and produced more than 20 songs for Edison, including rap numbers Hong Kong Place and Impossible.

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