November 26th, 2009

Laure Shang Wenjie

Jane Zhang becomes new symbol of movie music

At the Chengdu promotions of comedy film "Panda Superhero," theme song singer Jane Zhang was definitely excited. Not only did she spoke Sichuanese with everyone, she also wore a Panda scarf and was especially cute.

From the tragic sadness of "Only for Love" to the bravery and strength of "Heroes" to the epicness of "Painted Heart," Jane Zhang has became a new symbol for movie music. This year, she sung songs for both "Hua Mulan" and "Panda Heroes." As for the theme "朝思暮想/Missing You Day and Night," it was produced by top musicians Lin Hai, Chen Shaoqi and Wu Mengqi and was directed by Wang Yuelong. Amongst those, producer Chen Shaoqi wrote "Painted Heart," and Wu Mengqi has produced many songs for Jane. Such a strong team made the song a hit.
source: sohu

Shin and Sonia - End of Love, End of Contact

Shin invited Sonia Sui Tang to take part in his new song "Burning Loneliness (火燒的寂寞)" MV and the two tall people had a flirtatious bed scene together. Sonia took this opportunity to complain about how Shin "lost contact for 5 years after love ended." while Shin promised that the next time they meet, he'll be "Justin Timberlake Shin"

Shin recently released his new 3rd solo album called "Shin 2009" and he invited Sonia who collaborated with him 5 years ago in "Love Overcomes Everything (死了都要愛)" to star in his new song "Burning Loneliness" MV. 5 years ago, the two of them spent 2 months together due to the drama and built up a close friendship but Shin disappeared immediately after the drama ended filming. This time, while filming the MV, Sonia complaint about how "Shin's a very heartless friend. Once the filming ended, he couldn't be contacted for years." Shin immediately tried to redeem himself and explained "I lost my phone! So there wasn't a way of contact!"

In the MV, not only does Shin and Sonia have a romantic date, dance and bed scene, there's also arguments, thrown dishes and plates. When filming the passionate bed scene, the two of them kept breaking into laughters and it turned out to be because such a bed scene was already filmed 5 years ago in the drama. Shin revealed that "The bed scenes then had a very kocha feeling. 2 people sitting at the side of the bed and then you'll see a candle. Suddenly, there's darkness and once the lights come back on, the baby has been born." The moment the two of them thought of that scene they did the last time, they'll burst into laughters and thus NG.

For the romantic dance scene, Sonia kept laughing at Shin for having limbs that are too long and how he didn't look like he was dancing at all. In a moment of anger, Shin promised that "After the promotion period, I'll go learn dancing! And one day, I'll become the "Justin Timberlake Shin"!"


SJ-M’s schedule in Taiwan has been confirmed: 6 days and 5 nights of non-stop promotion

The Hallyu wave is hitting Taiwan hard, and Super Junior-M has been confirmed for a 6-day 5-night visit to the island country. They are expected to arrive in Taiwan on the 4th of December via flight KE691 at 11 AM, Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport.

Apart from two fanmeets in two days, SJ-M will also be guests on over 13 television programmes, this will be a tough challenge to both the group members and the staff indeed.

SJ-M will be staying at the Grand Formosa Regent Taipei, and their Taiwanese label Avex has confirmed that the group will be singing over 10 songs at their [First Taipei FAN PARTY]. Also, there will be many opportunities for fan interaction, and limited fan goods will also be sold at the fan meet.

This trip is mainly for the promotion of their first mini album, which will only be released in Taiwan in December. SJ-M has expressed, via their label: “We hope everyone will be healthy and well, see you guys at the FAN PARTY!”

SJ-M is estimated to leave Taiwan on the 9th, in the morning via flight KE5692.

Source: Yahoo! Taiwan
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Cindy Yen Releases 2nd Solo MV “Sky After the Rain”

After her debut duet with Jay Chou in “Sand Painting” and her breakout debut solo “Very Traveling Love”, Cindy Yen released her sophomore MV titled “Sky After the Rain” several days ago. This time, the MV consists solely of Cindy demonstrating her impressive skills on a guitar, as she quite literally waits for the sky after the rain. The bright and colorful video highly complements the cheery-sounding tone of the song, as her singing continues to provide more maturity than Cyndi Wang, more liveliness than Angela Chang, and more depth than Jolin Tsai.

Check out the video below and see whether you agree (courtesy of UrAsianSourceCpop, as usual).

Cindy Yen's "Sky After the Rain" MV:

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Jay Chou’s “Panda Man” airs on January 22 of next year on CTS

CTS is determined to make the Friday 10pm timeslot popular. After “Black & White’s” achievement, which starred Vic Chou, Jay Chou’s “Panda Man” will take over the slot. He is producing, directing, as well as acting in the drama. Besides Jerry Yan, Shawn Yue, and Will Liu making a special appearance, Jay’s rumored girlfriend, Jessie Chiang will also be starring in it, proving that Jay not only helps his buddies, but also takes care of his girlfriend.
In the Friday 10pm timeslot, other than CTV’ One Million Star, FTV, TTV, and CTS are all airing series. CTS currently has the popular Golden Bell series, “Black & White,” in its timeslot, which its ratings is doing not bad. After CTS bought the broadcasting rights to Jay’s “Panda Man,” rumors say that it is impossible for CTS to air it on Friday, which is a weak timeslot. However, the network has made the decision to put it on Fridays and the broadcasting will start on January 22.
Jay once said, “Panda Man” is a drama that is filmed like a movie, which the production is already costing a hundred-million. In the drama, Jay plays an intelligent cop who is also skilled in martial arts, but his screen time is less than that of Yu Hao and Dan Tou of Nan Quan Mama. However, Jay would say, “If I get more screen time, what would they do?”
Jessie Chiang plays a teacher of “杰威爾音樂學院” (JVR Music School), but she and Jay have very few scenes together. Furthermore, even though she plays a couple with Yu Hao, they also rarely have any intimate scenes, perhaps due to Jay’s relation with Jessie.
Since “Panda Man” has a fair amount of scenes at the zoo, CTS plans to organize a charity event with the city zoo.

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