November 24th, 2009


Andy Lau Turns into a Peking Opera Performer

Andy Lau appears in the music video of "Song of Macau" as a Peking opera performer.

Hong Kong singer Andy Lau recorded "Song of Macau," a song celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Macau Special Administrative Region, on Saturday upon invitation of the local government, reports.

The pop star spent several hours getting made up and dressed in the 20-pound costume of an ancient general from a Peking opera for the song's music video.
"Song of Macau" and the music video will debut in China this week and will be broadcast across the globe in December. It will also be used in the Macau government's other celebration activities.

Formerly a Portuguese colony, Macau was returned to China on December 20, 1999, and become one of the two special administrative regions of the country, the other being Hong Kong.

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Source: CRI

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'Triple Tap' finishes filming

HONG KONG – Director Derek Yee plays with guns in “Triple Tap," a cops-and-robbers thriller with a twist co-invested by Hong Kong’s Emperor Motion Pictures and China’s PolyBona International, and co-produced by Hong Kong Sil-Metropol Organization.

The film stars Yee staple actors Daniel Wu and Louis Koo, who last headlined the Yee-produced summer hit “Overheard."

Set in the world of the International Practical Shooting Confederation, an obstacle-course firing competition that rewards speed, power and accuracy, “Triple Tap” is “a psychological mystery about two champions that blurs the line between heroes and villains,” said Yee, who is also one of the producers of the film.

Featuring action scenes of competitive shooting as well as robbery crossfire, filming took place amidst hills and plains near Hong Kong's northern border with the rest of China. Location scouting and preparation for the film proved challenging, as the producers found many of the rural parts of Hong Kong filled with swamps, said Henry Fong, “Triple Tap” producer and Yee’s longtime producing partner. “The gunfire would trigger explosions near swamps, so we had to spend more time to find locations. We also had to modify the guns to make them safe for filming,” said Fong.

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Yuen Wo-Ping is gearing up to make an updated version of Tsui Hark’s Swordsman

Renowned director and action choreographer Yuen Woo-ping is busy trying hard to raise S$40million to shoot the wuxia remake of The Smiling, Proud Wanderer, plus cast his dream team of actors in including actor Takeshi Kaneshiro as Linghu Chong, actress Zhou Xun as Ren Yingying, and singer Jay Chou as Dongfang Bubai.

The new remake of the classic novel by Louis Cha is slated to begin filming at the start of 2010 after the Lunar New Year festivities. In the meantime, Yuen does not plan to accept any other directing jobs in order to concentrate wholly in producing the series.

Yuen has expressed that 36-year-old Kaneshiro best fits the role of the lead character, Linghu Chong. Both parties are currently engaged in talks and if the actor agrees, Yuen plans to send him to Beijing for martial arts training sessions. As the show concentrates heavily on martial arts, Yuen hopes that the main actors will receive martial arts training before filming begins to present a more lifelike portrayal of the story.

He also has plans to invite Chinese actress, Zhou Xun, to take up the female lead role as Ren Yingying. He was so impressed by her acting chops and gracefulness in his previous collaboration with her, True Legend, and decided to work with her again.

As both Kaneshiro and Zhou previously collaborated as lovers in the movie, Perhaps Love, he feels that they have enough tacit understanding of each other to bring out the best of their lovebirds characters onscreen.

Apart from these, Yuen hopes that Jay Chou will take on the last remaining lead role as Dongfang Bubai in the show. The chance of Yuen gaining a nod of agreement from Jay lies relatively high as the latter is in awe and respect of the director. The Taiwanese performer also previously agreed to guest star in Yuen’s movie, True Legend.


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Super Girls releasing new songs

Super Girls 2009 iBubble commercial

Going backwards from 2009, the the first 2009 Super Girl to release a MV was top 60 Luo Zhenhuan for her new EP. Zeng Yike will be the first to release her new album. See her album cover (with a sheep!) here. Meanwhile, Jiang Yingrong sings the new theme for Maybelline. You can hear the recorded version here, or you can watch the much superior live version:

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WUT @ Jade Liu's name change