November 22nd, 2009


Vic Zhou decides to go 'bum chic', wants laughs

"Zaizai" Vic Zhou Yu Min refused a New Year's Eve apparition that would have earned him about 5 Millions NTD to dedicate himself for the movie "Love you for 10.000 years", two nights ago, our newspaper spotted him with "chubby version of Bianca Bai" 加藤侑紀(Yuki Gato) filming together at the WuRi distillery, his look in this movie as a rocker also got exposed, bearded and with a hedgehog head, it is very different from his usual clean and handsome Idol look, from afar, he looked like Van Fan's "Ah Jia" from "Cape N°7".

Beard, hedgehog head, complete copy of "Ah Jia"

Zaizai in "Love You For 10.000 years" will act as a spiritless rocker, his look was quite rough. Very late two nights ago, we spotted him filming at a distillery, bearded, with a hedgehog head holding a guitar case, and wearing old torn jeans, a very "rocker" look ; as he got out of the break room, to start working, from afar, we could swear it was Van Fan's "Ah Jia" getting out from "Cape N°7 " ready to act in the sequel.

New movie will be a comedy, wants to become Taiwanese Stephen Chow

"Love" movie plot is about "a japanese girl who comes to Taiwan to work and a Taiwanese rocker..." the movie's female lead, 加藤侑紀(Yuki Gato) has also the same feeling as Chie Tanaka from "Cape N° 7" ; however "Love" movie will be a comedy, Zaizai coincidentally had the dream to become "Taiwanese Stephen Chow", he said he really wanted to act in a comedy, preferably with senseless humor like Chow's. Looks like when Zaizai said he wanted to be an "elite cowboy", the next thing was a comic.

Using the same room, not playing big shot

Zaizai first filmed in the distillery with the female lead, but because Yuki looked like a bigger Bianca Bai, many people mistook her for Bianca. Even though the two are in love in the movie, as soon as he heard "Cut" Zaizai immediatly jerked away, if not talking with the support cast, then he'd go to the break room. We also discovered that Zaizai and all the other cast members were using the same room, he did not for a seperate one, being very easygoing.

Source : Liberty Times
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Lol, oh him. :'D
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GEM Tang gets no audience response at concert; Fans scold Justin Lo for touching cheeks

Source: Mingpao
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GEM Tang gets no audience response at concert; Fans scold Justin Lo for touching cheeks

GEM Tang held her 3 show <18 LIVE 2009 CONCERT> last night, attracting a huge group of children to come support, but Fans didn't seem to have a warm response. There were many times when GEM appeared and spoke to the audience, there were no response from them, making it an embarrassing scene. Fortunately near the end of the concert, the warm responses started to pick up. On this first night, Justin Lo was her guest performer and "sexually harassed" her live at the scene by touching GEM's cheeks. Fans did not approve of this and quickly shouted: "Justin its sexual harassment!" After the concert ended, GEM defended Justin by saying that he was just playing and its harmless.

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Weird, I thought that HK fans are passionate and loud? O_O
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Jing Dong Mini-Photoshoot and Stills From His New Drama

I wasn’t planning on posting on any dramas, but a new “photoshoot” of 33-year old actor Jing Dong was released and it’s not amazing, but it’s probably the first time he’s had one since he graduated Central Academy of Drama a decade ago. So to celebrate, how about a look at an obscure actor and an obscure drama?

While Jing Dong’s acted extensively on stage, and doing bit parts in series, he’s never hit it big despite having leading man looks, and a rich deep voice. But recently he’s finally gotten lead roles, such as CCTV’s recent Te Shu Zheng Duo, but it’ll probably take a while before he actually achieves any fame.

Photoshoot pics – there’s not a lot. I was serious when I said this is probably the first photoshoot he’s done since getting his headshots out of acting school, so the fact that these picture exist is already is amazing for him.

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Disney, Hua Yi and SMG Start Production on a Chinese “High School Musical”

Zhang Junning (L) and a supporting actor who I don't think is one of the six leads. (R) on the set of Chinese High School Musical

It’s not a joke. Disney has long been desperate to tap into China’s market, even going so far as to co-produce with China films like The Magic Gourd and The Forbidden Kingdom. Furthermore, Disney’s Chinese connections seem to be based in Shanghai, where a new themepark finally got the ok after years of Disney pushing for it. So perhaps it is not surprising that HSM, already popular in China, will be remade with funding from Shanghai-based megacorporations Hua Yi and SMG. The early reports said BOBO would be in this, and somehow, strangely, it changed to Zhang Junning who’s not even a actor under Hua Yi.

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Shin: “Hong Kong music copies from everywhere”

, who has just released his new album, Shin 2009, held his press conference on November 19. At the press conference, Shin unexpectedly made the comment, “Hong Kong does not have a music industry, but only showbiz,” implying that Hong Kong music mostly copies from other people and lacks originality. Shin expressed that Hong Kong’s music industry needs to work harder. Out of the current singers of Hong Kong, Shin expressed that Eason Chan is the only one he respects. However, he also made clear that Eason is not a composing artist. Shin’s comments definitely made his record company nervous, but it was too late to stop Shin from speaking out his views.
Shin then revealed that he doesn’t like making friends within Showbiz as he believes that it would be hard to avoid taking advantage of the other person or vice versa. Shin’s strong belief in this could be because he was followed by the paparazzis before where pictures of him and ex-girlfriend, Yuni Li, were taken. Shin only admits to having Joe Cheng as his friend from Showbiz.


Shin really wants to promote himself, doesn't he?

Lollipop @ MAMA 2009-11-21

Congratulation to Lollipop for winning the “Asia most looked forward group award” at MAMA. I guess some of you would want to know what’s MAMA? MAMA stands for Mnet Asian Music Award, it is one of Korean’s most biggest award ceremony, previously this event was called MKMF (Mnet KM Music Festival). Lollipop didn’t go to Korea to perform, they performed at China since the MAMA is broadcast live at China as well and their performance was shown in Korea through the big screen.

It’s such a shame that only AoQuan, WeiLian, AWei and XiaoYu was there to perform, unable to show Korea Lollipop’s real power and strength. But it seem like Lollipop is gaining some popularity in Korea, so I hope their next country they are popular in will be Korea.

Lollipop (with 4 members) performed “I am Legend” special version, I don’t know whether it’s the music problem or because they are missing two members, they didn’t sound that great but their dancing part is always up to standard.