November 18th, 2009

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Zhang considers war drama, romance as next project

Looking for a new project after finishing a comedy, Zhang Yimou is considering adaptations of novels set against China's Cultural Revolution and the Japanese invasion in World War II, his assistant said Wednesday.

The Chinese director is wrapping up an adaptation of Joel and Ethan Coen's 1984 movie "Blood Simple." Zhang's comedy about the owner of a Chinese noodle shop whose plan to kill his cheating wife and her lover is scheduled to be released in China on Dec. 11.

For his next movie, Zhang is considering four or five possible projects, Zhang's assistant, Pang Liwei, said in a phone interview Wednesday. Pang would only reveal two of the possible projects - two adaptations of Chinese-language novels.

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Source: Hollywood Reporter Asia

War/romance is nothing ground-breaking, but the man is a genius, so I expect nothing short of amazing. I mean, he didn't help choreography the Opening Ceremony for the Beijing Olympics for nothing. *___*


Kitty Zhang gives her two cents on mentor Stephen Chow

In an interview with the Chinese media, saccharine-sweet Chinese actress Kitty Zhang, who shot to fame after starring in Stephen Chow's science fiction-comedy film, CJ7, openly talked about her working experience with the latter.

The demure 23-year-old actress revealed her tendencies to quarrel with Stephen during filming due to their differences in personality. Despite that, she expressed her utmost respect for the latter and shared that she is filled with awe and admiration for him.

"The person he is worried about most would be me - because I am not an obedient person. When the both of us were filming, we often quarreled because he is a person who works pretty slowly - he is slow in terms of speaking and deciding a matter. I am a very impatient person. The both of us have very different characters and many things have happened from it," she laughingly said.

When reporters asked the actress if Stephen often flared up on set, Kitty said, "I have never seen his temper flare. Maybe he had a fiery temper when he was younger. With the increasing age, you can't let it out no matter how much you want to. I feel that he is already aging. Sometimes when he flares up, it's not because he wants to but because he is stressed. He needs to let it out and it is not directed to a particular matter or person.

"I do think about all these occasionally. After so long, I realized that the words he told me and his suggestions are all correct."


Sing girl! I should see this movie.

Cecilia Cheung previously suffered two miscarriages

HONG KONG : It seems that rumours of Hong Kong actress Cecilia Cheung’s miscarriage were true after all.

Well-known Hong Kong DJ Cha Xiao Xin, who is a close friend of Cheung’s husband, actor Nicholas Tse, revealed in a newspaper column that the actress had even miscarried twice. The couple have a two-year-old son, Lucas.

“Cecilia has been eager to have a second child. Unfortunately she had two miscarriages, so she is extremely careful now that she is pregnant again. She has been resting at home and I have not seen her carrying Lucas for several months,” wrote Cha.

In September last year, Cheung’s family blasted reports that the 29-year-old actress had suffered a miscarriage.

According to Hong Kong media reports, a close friend of the actress revealed that the baby's heart had stopped suddenly, forcing her to get an abortion.

Cheung reportedly had a skin allergy in her first trimester which was caused by imbalances in her hormonal and immune system.

Since the birth of Lucas, Cheung has been a devoted homemaker and Cha said there is little hope that she will make a comeback to showbiz.

Cha said that Tse once told her, “She [Cheung] is filming, I am also filming, who’s going to look after this family?” adding that his tone seemed to indicate that he doesn’t want her to return to showbiz.

And Cheung, being an obedient wife, will listen to everything Tse says.

“She loves him too much. I remember she once said to me, in tears, ‘I love him too much. I am afraid of losing him,’” said Cha.


This is kind of...ugh. D: It really sucks that I like her a lot. It'd be easier not to care if I didn't. :(

(mod post) who are these people?

Hey guys, I'm making this post partially because I hope it will make me quit forgetting as well. But I would like to entreat our frequent posters to put Wiki or Drama-Wiki or even Last FM links on the people your articles are about. It's been brought to my attention that a LOT of our members are not familiar with everyone in the Sinosphere. Which is not surprising, considering the sheer size compared to say, Japan or Korea. You have Hong Kong, Mainland China, Taiwan, Singapore, etc. etc., and often people are only familiar with one, i.e. just Hong Kong or something.

So yes, this isn't like a your-post-will-get-rejected/deleted-if you-don't rule, but just something I'd like everyone to start doing. It will also probably help foster discussion if the unfamiliar can easily follow a link to find out who the articles are about. Not to mention, the nice red linkys draw the eye's attention to the subjects of the article.

Once more, please include Wiki or Drama-Wiki or even Last FM links on the people your articles are about. xie xie. :)
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Li Guangjie Photoshoot for “GQ China”

GQ did this photoshoot with Li Guangjie who has been getting more and more attention in China after doing few well-received roles ranging from military officials to doctors, and winning many “best actor” awards. He was also recently chosen by South Korea’s tourism board to do a commercial with Gao Yuanyuan, aimed at the Chinese market. Next he’ll be seen with rising actress Wang Luodan for “idol series” Du Lala’s Promotion, which just started production.

The photoshoot is supposed to convey a carefree “on-the-road” romance. Anyone recognize who the female model is? She’s gorgeous, and must be really tall since Li Guangjie is 1.83 m.

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Sources: 1, 2
Poor guy doesn't have a Wikipedia/DramaWiki page, so I linked to an thread about him instead. :C

F.I.R.’s Faye and Real to Mutiny; Kicking Ian Out the Door

Popular Taiwanese band F.I.R. has long been rumored that they will be breaking up. With the release of a new album in December, and the recent two-timing scandal, their record company has decided to “Fire” band leader Ian Chen to protect the band’s image.

Rumors of discord have circulated over the years ever since F.I.R.’s debut. It was said that Ian’s serious attitude and high expectations have caused tension with his pupils. Adding to the fact that Faye and Real are a real-life couple, the band’s impending break up has been well known within the industry.

The fuse for this breakup is said to be Ian’s two-timing scandal. There were photos in a local magazine that showed him “going to a hotel before returning home, meeting with two women in one night.” Ian was furious as Faye and Real were suspected of tipping off the reporter. Their record company decided on the split in order to avoid conflicts on stage.

F.I.R has had a positive image up till now; executives at Warners Music were outraged at Ian Chen’s scandal. In order to protect F.I.R.’s image, along with existing conflicts between the band members, F.I.R. must cut off its ties and remove Ian Chen for the time being. The future F.I.R. will most likely appear in the “2 missing 1” format.

When Ian Chen was asked for comments, he did not deny about being expelled from the band. Ian Chen explained, “I have always been working behind the scenes, it is just a step further into the background. There is still a lot of other work to be done.” With the release of F.I.R.’s new album in December, Ian Chen revealed that he won’t participate fully. He will only be attending major events like press conference, album signing’s, and concerts.

As for his scandal, Ian Chen didn’t have much to comment, he said, “In music, I am a teacher. But in love, I am only a student, still working hard to find love."


Wutty wut wut? D: