November 15th, 2009


Hot favourite Tavia Yeung withdraws from Best actress nomination

Despite beating out veteran actress Sheren Tang to win Best Actress in 2004, Gigi Lai's star went downhill after that. To prevent the same thing from happening to her, hot favourite Tavia Yeung has decided to withdraw her nomination and give up her throne to Sheren.

In 2004, Sheren's portrayal of the Imperial Consort Ru in TVB drama War and Beauty was well-received by critics and was tipped to win Best Actress of that year. However, she lost to Gigi Lai and it was rumoured that the award was given to Gigi in exchange for signing a contract with TVB. After which, Gigi got slammed for it and Sheren won the hearts of the masses. Till today, Sheren refuses to use the award as an incentive for a renewal of contract with TVB and this time she's nominated for her role as the fourth wife in the drama Rosy Business. Once again, she is tipped to win the Best Actress.

According to reports, TVB wanted to award Best Actress to Tavia, who portrayed a scheming concubine in Beyond the Realm of Conscience. However, as she does not want to incur the wrath of the masses like Gigi, she declined TVB's offer and said that even if she did eventually win the award, she does not want it either.

As for the others contesting to the award, they expressed that they have no intention of fighting with Sheren Tang. It seems that the throne is truly hers this year.


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Jade Liu force kisses Yoga Lin

Could a Super Girl - One Million Star couple form before a Super Girl-Super Boy one?

Jade Liu recently performed "Ti Amo" with Yoga Lin during a performance at the Riverside Cafe. Somebody was obviously slightly drunk and kissed him on the cheeks, after which he bopped up and down excitedly and wanted to kiss back, but was too shy to do it.

Other highlights of the performance include Jade opening with "That's not my name," singing David Tao's "Simple Friend," a pretty song I've never heard of called "Lost," her own "The way I am" and ending with a mix of "My heart only has you and not him" and "Nobody." And of course, you get to hear her pretty voice, which is a joy in itself.

Edit: after a friend pointed it out, it's realized that Yoga actually kissed Jade's hair first at 6:15 of the video

Complete performance at the Riverside Music Cafe. Lin Yoga comes in at 5:36

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Lin Chiling faces resistance on her return as a TV host

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Taiwanese model-actress Lin Chiling faces public resistance on her return as a TV host, with 80% of netizens voting that they do not want to watch her!

So is the actress planning to make a comeback?

In October, Lin Chiling appeared as a guest performer and host on a Hunan variety programme Happy Camp, to introduce Korea. As the ratings were pretty good, it was rumoured that Hunan TV wanted to hire Lin as a TV host but her manager declined the offer on her behalf, stating that Lin wants to focus on movies instead.

Lin, who has previously hosted programmes such as the Golden Horse Award and the Golden Melody Awards, has received praises for her performance and was also termed as the "most beautiful host". When she was a guest host on Happy Camp, her interactions with Korean stars like Lee Min-ho and Yoon Eun-Hye were very funny and interesting, leading host Xie Na to write on her blog that she "hoped that Lin Chiling can spend more time with them". As a result, rumours flew that Lin was indeed intending to make a comeback.

Two days ago, it was reported that while Hunan TV had an intention of working with Lin, 80% of the netizens rejected her comeback, stating that Lin's doll-like voice was a turn off and even declared that if "Lin was on the show, we won't watch it".

Hunan TV's editor-director Li Hao explained that the media reports were inaccurate. "We already have five TV hosts and to be a long-term host, you have to come down for recording at least once a week. As of now, Lin Chiling is unable to commit to that but we will work out something with her if we need a guest host," he said.

Lin's manager expressed that she is currently focusing on movies and will not be hosting. Towards the netizens' criticisms, Lin's humble response was "if there are good criticisms, I will accept it".


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Sun Yanzi brands herself

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Britney Spears has "Curious" and "Fantasy", Jennifer Lopez has "Fragrances". Now, it's time for Singaporean singer Sun Yanzi (Stephanie Sun) to put out her own collection.

The clothes collection, Yanzi for the Carnaby, is marketed as "bringing out the wildness of modern ladies".

Though Sun has impressed fans with her fresh and clean voice, this time she makes a different fashion statement.

Most of her designs are in black and gray colors, including leather jackets, thin leggings, boots and small floral one-piece dresses, to show off an ambiguous gender.

Boots and stockings are highlights of Yanzi's collection. The black leather boots have a zipper running from the ankle to the sole, for a "rock 'n' roll style". A pair of silk stockings with three colorful stripes run from hip to toe, accentuating the curves.

To promote her brand, Sun has a freestyle haircut and dark eye shadow, oversized outfits, pearl necklaces and bracelets for a funky student look.

The brand gets its name from Carnaby Street in London, in Soho. There are many British pubs, restaurants and boutique shops and it is a center for youth design.

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December Jammed With Releases From The Male Side of Cpop

Kimi in the MV for Window of Dreams on his upcoming album

Releases from mainland female Chinese artists were spread out throughout this year, but a considerable portion of the male side seem to have waited until the last minute to release, causing an massive pileup of both albums from the soloists to the boybands, ranging from pop to grunge. Despite the spectrum in musical styles, this still can’t be good for the artists, nor the companies involved which I listed alongside the artists, and as you can see, there’s a lot.

Late November
Yu Haoming – eeMedia

December Releases:
Kimi Qiao Renliang – Chengtian (Orange Sky Entertainment)
Jacky Xue Zhiqian – Universal/SMG
Xie Tian Xiao – Thirteen Month Records
Top Combine – eeMedia
HIT-5 (EP only) – Tian Hao Entertainment
Anson Hu - Gold Typhoon

A-One – KS Entertainment

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What’s the album you’re most looking forward to?

Also, while you’re waiting for the guys, I’d like to note singer-songwriter Cao Fang just released her album. She’s completely independent now, so if you like it, be a patron of the arts and buy it.

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What happened to the cast of Meteor Shower?

The cast went to Japan to film several episodes of “Bravely Going Forward,” though Zhang Han was unable to go due to visa problems. One episode of Yu Haoming, Wei Chen and Wang Yuexin in the show has been aired, though not filmed in Japan.

Zhang Han is rumored to be going to new company Shengshi, and has a 75% chance of playing ErKang in the Huan Zhu Ge Ge remake.

Other than being in Zhang Jie’s MV, Zheng Shuang should also be starring in a new drama called “Jello of love/Ai Qing Guo Dong.”

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Evan Yo receives swimming briefs as birthday present

Evan Yo, who will be turning 23 in December, hosted a radio show on Hit FM for a week as a substitute DJ. Hit FM presented Evan with a pair of sexy swimming briefs as a birthday gift. Evan embarrassingly explained that whenever he sees muscle men wearing swimming briefs or girls in bikinis, he would often think that they're here to showoff.

Evan, who will be fulfilling his military duties soon, expressed that he has been asking his friends about their experiences in the army, but at the same time, he is not afraid of the tough exercises. In order to prepare himself, he has been working out every day. He revealed that he is able to do 6 chin-ups, 36 push-ups, and 50 sit-ups all in one go.

As for receiving this special birthday present prior to setting off to serve the army, Evan replied, "When I come back, I will wear this pair of swimming briefs and shout, 'I'm back! Hurry and come see my buff body!'"