November 14th, 2009


Rocker Sticks with Tradition in Promising New Chinese Reggae

Established Chinese rocker Xie Tianxiao is promising a new style of music for China in his album due for release at the beginning of next month: "The Chinese style of reggae."

That will be also the title of the album, which combines traditional Chinese instruments, such as the guqin, with Jamaican reggae music.

The guqin has a history of more than 5,000 years and belongs to the family of "zither" instruments. "You need to have the feeling for playing it. Just practising is not enough," he says in an exclusive interview with Xinhua News Agency

For Xie, it is also a homage to Bob Marley, who personified the Jamaican brand of reggae before his death in 1981.

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Jerry Yan invades Japan!

There is no doubt that Jerry Yan Cheng Xu is the pride of Taiwan. He has visited Japan 2 times in one month to receive awards. On the 20th of last month, he just received The Best International Jeanist Award. Yesterday, he beat American dramas, such as CSI and HEROES, winning the "SKY PERFECT TV AWARD 2009" in the category of Overseas Tv Dramas with his drama projects, such as Hot Shot and Starlit.

He left for Japan the day before, and thousand of fans squeezed into the airport. The security had no other way but guiding him to leave with the secret pathway. This time, when receiving the award in Japan, he also walked the Blue Carpet with Watanabe Ken's daughter, Anne Watanabe. Furthermore, he will be interviewed by Yomiuri Shimbun, which publication has over 10 millions copies in Japan. The inteview will be printed in the New Year Special Issue.

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Source: Next Media, AsianFanatics

Now make Ariel x Jerry happen! D:

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Coffee time!

Lately, it seems to be a trend for Taiwanese male stars to sell coffee. Following Mark Chao's footsteps, Anthony Neely, who became well known after appearing on One Million Star as a challenger, will also be filming a commercial for a coffee brand. But speaking of coffee commercials, we shouldn't forget the pioneer, Aaron Kwok.

Thinking back to ten years ago, Aaron was still a fresh face in Taiwan. Aaron quickly rose to fame after filming a set of motorcycle commercials, and everyone started to notice this young man, who had a bright smile. Thus, this mesmerizing pretty boy became a spokesperson for many products such as chocolate and coffee drinks, which became hot discussions amongst the public.

In the chocolate drink commercial back then, Aaron held up the "M" brand affectionately while standing in the rain, and shouted to his girlfriend, "You are my chocolate!" It was absolutely romantic, which caused many fans to fall head over heels for him. Then in his coffee commercial, Aaron played a cool and handsome character. The girl's phrase, "Can't stand that cool," became one of the most popular commercial lines at the time.

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Mmm, coffeeeee.

Top 10 Mandarin Albums (November 6 - November 12)

1. Elva Hsiao (蕭亞軒) and 'Diamond Candy' (鑽石糖) with 19.42% sales
2. Yoga Lin (林宥嘉) and 'Senses Around' (感官/世界) with 13.11% sales
3. Landy Wen (溫嵐) and 'Dancing Queen' with 10.98% sales
4. Genie Chuo (卓文萱) and '【1+1】Play n Fun' with 10.1% sales (NEW!)
5. Jade Liu (劉力揚) and 'Forward' (轉寄劉力揚) with 5.09% sales (NEW!)
6. Ding Dang (丁噹) and ‘Night Cat’ (夜貓) with 3.66% sales
7. Crowd Lu (盧廣仲) and 'Seven Days' (七天) with 2.54% sales
8. 1976 and 'LIFE or LIVE' (不合時宜) with 2.23% sales (NEW!)
9. Yao Yao (瑤瑤) and ‘Free Love’ (愛的抱抱) with 1.98% sales
10. Apay Ji (季欣霈) and 'Little World' (小世界) with 1.95% sales (NEW!)

Source: G-Music
Translation: Sarah @

Elva's back on top~

Joey Yung diagnosed with degenerative knee condition

HONG KONG: Popular Canto-pop singer Joey Yung has been diagnosed with early-onset knee joint degeneration.

Her doctor said Yung's hectic schedule and chronic lack of rest had brought about this condition, and if she continues like this, she might not be able to jog in future.

"It hurts whenever I walk, especially on slopes," she said. "I always go all out in everything I do and may have neglected my health for too long."

Yung, 29, said she was shocked when she heard the news and will have to undergo physiotherapy for her condition.

For now, she is determined to keep on performing and refuses to give up her heels.

"I'll probably wear shorter heels now, but when I really need to look my best, I'll wear taller heels, the taller the better!"

The effervescent singer performed in eight-inch (20 centimetres) heels at her latest concert.