November 12th, 2009


Tanya Chua wins rights to own songs

SINGAPORE : Singapore singer Tanya Chua has finally won the rights to her songs after a year-long battle with former management and record company Music & Movement.

Chua, 34, first took Music & Movement to court in July 2008 for discrepancies in the accounting of the royalties owed to her, and wanted to claim back the rights to all the songs she composed while she was with the company.

However, her claims were rejected by the High Court and she appealed the decision.

On Tuesday, the Court of Appeal ruled that Music & Movement had not shown enough information on how royalty payments were calculated and was ordered to release the rights to Chua's songs.

The award-winning singer is relieved and happy that the case is finally over and that she is getting what she rightfully deserves.

Chua, who is now based in Taiwan, first started out singing in English in 1997 but found greater success in the Mandarin pop market.

She bagged two awards for Best Female Singer and Best Album Producer at the Golden Melody Awards in Taiwan in July and another three awards for Best Local Lyrics, Outstanding Local Music Achievement and Asia Media (Female Artiste) at last week's Singapore Hit Awards.

- CNA/il


Seems like a lot of this is going around, but glad she won.

Vic Chou, Mark Chao's friendship sours

TAIPEI: Things are looking greyer as the ongoing rift between "Black and White" leading men Vic Chou and Mark Chao worsens.

Their friendship took a dive after Chao pipped hot-favourite Chou to win the Best Actor trophy at last month's Golden Bell Awards.

And if that's not enough, the latest rumour about Chou accepting a movie role that Chao had earlier rejected, looks set to complicate matters even further.

Chou, who is expected to commence filming for the movie "The Killer Never Kills" next week, was apparently not production company Film Mall Production's first choice of leading man.

According to reports, a Film Mall's spokesman said that the company had initially approached Chou first because Chao had not made his mark in the entertainment world.

But after the success of "Black and White", Chao was recommended by renowned Taiwanese producer Chai Zhiping and the company was keen to sign him on as the male lead. However, no confirmations were made.

Their spat has spilled over to their personal lives, with both stars reportedly spotted behaving intimately with model, Bei Bei.

Chou's agent was furious when he heard the reports, saying that they will never work with companies who deliberately manipulate the media and to publish ill-founded speculations, indirectly referring to Chao's agency Pranja Works.

"Black and White" director Cai Yue Qin was very upset when he heard about the fallout between the two Taiwanese actors.

"All these conflicts started because of the media and the matter is getting out of hand," he said.

Cai also admitted that his plans to direct the movie version of the award-winning drama series have been affected by the ongoing reports.

"Fulong (Chou's agency) thought that we were behind all these. But we will try out best to calm down the situation. We are more than willing to wait for Zai Zai (Chou's nickname) and work around his schedule," said the director. - CNAf/fa


Oh special. -__-

Nick Cheung injures himself filming bed scene

Nick Cheung's new film "Mong Kok Prison" (旺角監獄) had one heated bed scene with co-star Monica Mok which was the most challenging for him. Because the two were too into the scene, making their actions too heated, even when rolling off the bed, Nick injured his shoulder and was sent to the hospital for treatment

In the film, Nick plays a triad assassin who has been in prison for 30 years. After he was released from prison, he suffers from mental disorders. Nick once said frankly that he's always worried of going over the line in getting too into character, thus leading to depression. He also revealed that when he's not in a good mood, he would become rude and can even hurt someone.

For the bed scene with co-star Monica Mok, Nick got too into character and worried about his partner, causing injuries and having to visit the hospital. Also this bed scene is Nick's most challenging one, the story talked about how Monica had to repay Nick for saving her with her body. Suffering from mental illness, Nick quickly took action on her, taking off her clothes and force kissing her. But during filming, the two got too into the scene, making their actions too heated. When the two rolled off the bed, Nick was worried that Monica may bump her head, so he had himself roll off first, so he can touch the ground first. Because of this, he injured his shoulders, the behind the scenes workers saw the accident and sent him to the hospital for treatment.

Afterwards Nick said: "Actually before shooting the scene, we already discussed that we will accommodate each other. When it was time to officially shoot because we were too into the scene, that's why there are injuries. Monica is very professional, she performed well." Monica expressed that she does not mind shooting intimate scenes, and praised that Nick is a gentleman. Before filming, Nick had already told her what parts of her body he will be end up touching.


Lol forever, I'm sorry. XD

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Stars Pay Tribute at Chen Lin’s Memorial Service

Yang Kun again dueting "Two People's World" with Chen Lin at the memorial

Chen Lin was clearly loved and well known by those in the Chinese music industry and the memorial for her was extremely touching. Those who attended included Yang Kun, Han Hong, Na Ying, Sha Baoliang, Li Quan, Zhang Yadong, two fellow Sichuan singers – Jane Zhang and Tan Weiwei, and many many others. Everyone sang for her.

Jane Zhang singing at the memorial, Chen Lin’s song – Hold Me Tight, Don’t Leave

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New entertainment company in charge of Huan Zhu Ge Ge remake

News spread fast this week that Long Danni, CEO of eeMedia would be leaving the company for Shanda entertainment. This gave us all a series of heartattacks, because eeMedia was chaotic until she was hired last year and took over, and in the past year she’s accomplished so much by overseeing eeMedia’s first drama production, Meteor Shower, making Supergirls a nationwide hit, organizing the music department, etc. We couldn’t believe that a woman with such a strong vision would just leave the foundation she had strived to create. And she didn’t.

Well, she not technically. Instead the real story behind the news points to an alliance that will only stretch the boundaries of eeMedia and Hunan TV further, not topple it.

Shanda Interactive (Shanda) and Hunan Broadcasting Systems (Hunan) held a press conference today announcing the formation of a new entertainment company. The new company, Shengshi (Glorious Times) Film and TV, with an initial investment of 600million yuan, will be a Shanda-Hunan joint venture focused on film and drama productions as well as artist management.

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Memoirs of a travel host

Image and video hosting by TinyPicImage and video hosting by TinyPic

SINGAPORE : What is life like in Zhang Ziyi's world? That's a question that truly continues to mystify.

At times dripping with sweetness, at times a foot-stamping diva, but usually quite vague and guarded, you can never really tell what this international movie star - who has been thrice named one of People magazine's most beautiful people - is thinking.

Perhaps, though, you can learn more about her through the "Zhang Ziyi Travel Series", in which the Beijing-born actress plays host on a journey of discovery to exotic locations. In it, she watches endangered turtles hatch on a beach, dances with Bedouin warrior-musicians in Oman, and stars in a high-fashion photo shoot on the steppes of Inner Mongolia.

The National Geographic programme is produced with the support of Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts, for which Zhang is a Global Ambassador.

"Through this project, I am now able to fully appreciate everything that nature provides to us in our daily lives. This trip has helped me realise the importance of protecting the environment," said the 30-year-old in Mandarin over the phone from Borocay.

Very politically correct for someone who needed Internet connection in her grassland tent. But hey, it isn't easy looking this good. One always needs a place to plug in one's hairdryer.

What did you find difficult or challenging about the project?

We spent some nights sleeping outdoors in the desert. In Mongolia, I had a Mongolian tent with Internet connection and a TV, so it didn't feel like a camp. I assumed the conditions would be the same in the Middle East, but I was wrong. The tent was made out of four poles with cloth draped over them. One evening, there was a big sandstorm and the local people said to put our shoes upside down in case scorpions crawled inside! It was very cold. And we had our meals and brushed our teeth in the desert storm without electricity.

Tell us about the fashion shoot you did in inner Mongolia with photographer Yu Tsai, featuring brands like Gucci, Hermes, Armani and Prada.

It was very fashionable. We had a different theme for each place, such as the ocean in Inner Mongolia. We have shared our photos with fashion magazines, and I think the combination of fashion, nature and animals is splendid.

How did you feel about modelling haute couture in such poor places?

You imagine the people there to be poor and unfortunate but, honestly, I think they are doing well. We didn't stay there for long, so we didn't see the contrast between the rich and the poor. We saw how passionate and happy the Oman people are. We saw groups of men wearing traditional costumes having friendly chats every day.

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Will Pan pranks his fans by posing as Leehom

"Handsome Pan" Will Pan took on the role as a telemarketer to promote the selling of his tickets for his upcoming concert on December 6. Fans got to talk to Will Pan through the phone, but many didn't dare to believe that it was really him. Will Pan, who has always been mischievous, tried fooling his fan by saying that he was Wang Leehom. However, the fan didn't get tricked so easily and even asked Will Pan to sing "龍的傳人" (Descendant of the Dragon) to prove that he is really Leehom.

Will Pan revealed that he personally don't like to talk long on the phone. Thus, he was nervous when calling the fans. Will kept drinking Chinese herbal tea to help sooth his throat, while also taking a deep breath to calm his nervousness down before calling the next fan. Although there have been recent rumors of Will Pan and Genie Cho being together, Will expressed sadly, "I don't have a female friend that I can talk about my feelings to on the phone. I usually talk to my friends on MSN most of the time." In order to be able to go on the internet at anytime and anywhere, Will even got himself a data phone, where the staff made fun at his addiction to technology.

In order to have a fitter body, and also to avoid being unable to do the "360無重力凌空反轉" (zero gravity 360 degree turn in mid-air), Will Pan has put himself on a strict diet. He even made a NT$10 thousand bet with his stylist, hoping that he can go from 74 Kg to 68 Kg before the concert. Although Will is constantly reminding himself to eat less and exercise more, the staff loves to eat delicious food in front of him. Will jokes, "You should just poke me blind!"

Source: Cpop Access

Will Pan, add me on MSN please. :D
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Chinese heartthrob Huang Xiaoming turns 32

Actor Huang Xiaoming celebrated his 32nd birthday with fans in Beijing on Thursday.

More than 100 admirers from across the country got together in the Chinese capital and organized a party, presenting performances to entertain their idol.

Six-year-old, Jin Rongcan, was one of those in attendance. The child was there to express his gratitude for Huang Xiaoming's assistance. Formerly deaf and dumb, he recently underwent surgery funded by a donation from Huang and is now able to speak.

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He's still as smexy as ever. *___*