November 11th, 2009


Lin Chi Ling Sings for "The Treasure Hunter"

Lin Chi Ling is singing the theme song "Take Me Flying" for the movie "The Treasure Hunter", she has written the lyrics with Jay Chou writing the melody. She is casting away her cute voice to become a singer for the first time, yet she is singing "sadness", because they won't be releasing an original soundtrack, fans who want to collect her first time singing will have to make do with listening to it at the cinema.

"The Treasure Hunter" is coming out at the end of the year, director Zhu Yan Ping praised Lin Chi Ling for being both beautiful and talented, when filming she took the initiative and suggested lines, she even wrote the lyrics to the theme song, it is a slow love song, "She wrote the Buddhism saying 'no hindrances no obstructions' into the lyrics, don't know if she was writing her own love story." He said that because both Lin Chi Ling and Jay Chou are very busy, they have already hired Jay Chou's main director Jennifer to edit some of clips from the movie into an MV.

At present Jay Chou is filming "The Green Hornet" in America, it is estimated he will return to Taiwan in the middle of December to promote "The Treasure Hunter" with Lin Chi Ling.


They're having her sing instead of Jay sing?  And it's cute?  *Dies*

ELVA celebrates 10 yr anniversary with a New Year countdown concert

Who here still remembers ELVA's debut album, Cappuccino? 2009 marks ELVA's 10 year anniversary in showbiz, and there's no better way to celebrate it than to hold a New Year count down concert.

At a short interview with UDN news, ELVA admits that she has had some ups and downs in her career. For one, she has never had any luck with the Golden Melody Awards. However, she continues to think optimistically, "What's important is to continue doing your best, and showcasing your best performances to the audience."

It's definitely exciting to see what ELVA has prepared for us in her upcoming concert on December 31st. At the moment, it's confirmed that her best friend, Cheryl Yang, will be her special guest at the concert. I wouldn't set my expectations on Cheryl's singing and dancing skills too high, but Cheryl's popularity has definitely risen to the top after starring in the drama, My Queen.

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I think it should be called, 'love or gtfo', lol

Jam Hsiao Channels Jolin Tsai in Latest MV

It’s been two years since Taiwanese singer Jam Hsiao began his fateful journey on the American Idol-inspired Taiwanese singing competition show “One Million Stars.” Since that time, Jam would use his explosive vocals and go on to release six albums and receive accolades from established Taiwanese singers such as A-Mei.

After his two year journey, it looks like Jam Hsiao is reverting back to his roots of singing cover songs from his “One Million Stars” days with the release of his new MV. This time, Jam presents a song that channels Jolin Tsai with his rendition of the pop diva’s famous slow tune “Rewind.”

The original song, which multi-talented singer/songwriter Jay Chou wrote specifically for Jolin and which Jay also sung live in concert, takes on a second life with a much harsher rock feel that surprisingly survived the transition from melancholy pop melody to angst rock ballad.

Check out Jam’s latest MV (courtesy of TaiwanMV) and “rewind” back to the performances of both Jay and Jolin, and determine which of the three J's pulled off this classic song the best.

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And here I thought it meant he would be wearing a dress and doing a sexy dance.


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