November 10th, 2009


Wu Chun and Kate Tsui talk about 14 Blades

Wu Zun attended a film press conference (14 blades) today. During the press conference, he denied again that he is leaving Fahrenheit (FRH) as well as denying that he has the intention of starting his own company.

Kate Tsui wore a bareback dress during the press conference. When taking photographs, Wu Zun saw Kate posing like a "big actress". He also followed her way of posing and add a "smile" on top of that. The way Wu Zun posed like Kate looks funny. Wu Zun played a magistrate judge in this film. He said, "I finally get to play a manly role."

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Source : Ming Pao
Translated by Stephy Wephy @

I did not realize that Wu Chun was in 14 Blades, lol. Now I want to see it. >>

Calvin Chen celebrates 29th amid rumors of disbandment

Yesterday was Calvin Chen's 29th birthday, but because of rumours of Fahrenheit disbanding which is still a sensitive issue, the other 3 members did not attend the party. Calvin could only self-enact pretending that Jiro Wang and Mark Chao were his two special guests who had come to celebrate his birthday. Yesterday all his fans marched onto his management company's website to criticize how they were treating Calvin unfairly.

Fans heartbroken, on internet criticize the unfairness

Last night coming from Hong Kong, Korea, Japan, Taiwan and other different countries, where close to a hundred fans came together to celebrate his birthday, fans were giving out presents non-stop. During the event schedules, the birthday boy Calvin got over excited, one moment he was copying Mark Chao's running in the coffee advert and in another moment he was copying Jiro's signature kneeling pose in concerts, making his fans continuously scream.

When it came to cutting the cake, he tried to cut it with the knife but it would not cut, he had been tricked into cutting a plastic cake. He also self-confessed that he wants a girlfriend, while in Canada he had dated his ex-girlfriend for 5-6 years but last year she got married, his friends close by all have girlfriends making him reminisce about love. As there is no one at present that seems to be compatible, he hopes his destined girl will show up next year.

Previous to Calvin's birthday, Jiro and Wu Chun celebrated their birthday in August and October respectively, in which each had their own separate birthday parties. At Jiro's party not only was Wu Chun and Calvin present on stage but "Dong Cheng Wei" also danced to the song "Sorry Sorry". While at Wu Chun's party he had gifts sent by the members from "Wu Hu Jiang" and also a recorded video message from S.H.E to wish him a happy birthday.

In comparison to the other two members, Calvin had to self re-enact other people, fans felt heartbroken that he was fighting a lone battle. Yesterday in the internet people severely criticized Calvin's birthday party in Yang Chun, at the event there were no special guests and the staff members arrived late, showing the biased treatment.

Source Liberty Times
Translated by Elvenstar @

Wut. I have not heard these rumors. D:

Doojoon: your crinkly eye-smiles
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Sheren Tang has confidence, agrees its "dead-end" for whoever else wins TV Queen


Sheren Tang has confidence, agrees its "dead-end" for whoever else wins TV Queen

This year Sheren Tang depended on her single role as "4th Mistress" in <Rosy Business> to gain popular support for the TV Queen title, it is much anticipated that she and her co-star "Chai Gau" Wayne Lai both get crowned TV King and Queen. Although Sheren is threatened by opponents Charmaine Sheh and Tavia Yeung, but she still got heavy support from Netizens. Good friends also lend a helping word by approaching Mona Fong to praise Sheren, leading to a greater chance in her winning. Yesterday she was asked if other actresses get the award, will it be a "dead end" for them? Her tongue slipped as she quickly said: "Yeah!" When she realized that she slipped that out too fast, she quickly explained herself.

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Source discussions about the upcoming award ceremonies? Am I the only TVB fan in this comm?

She deserved the award for YuFei (WAB) and Hilda (LFD). I think TVB will get bombed if she doesn't get it this year.

A TVB tag please?

Guinea pig1

Hu Ge visits rural Yunnan school

Drama idol Hu Ge helped finance the building of a new primary school in a rural region of Yunnan province. The school is named after a colleague of his who died from a car accident in which Hu Ge himself was also injured. The accident occurred while the actor was filming a drama in 2006.

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I thought this was really nice :D But I have to apologize because I can't read Chinese so the blurb written here was based on what little I gleaned from the Google-translated articles. Also, is this guy popular enough to get his own tag?