October 24th, 2009


FREE FOR ALL Saturday!

★Free★For ★All!

So quit standing around looking bored!


NO spam
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Talk about the week's news, music, movies/dramas you're watching, share a few pics or vids, introduce yourself, WHATEVER. You can even talk about something other than Chinese stuff, IF you want.


We now have 639 members, 33 more than last week, as we had another small influx.  C'mon in and introduce yourself, peeps!

Also, it has been suggested that we should try to get spotlighted.  If you all agree this is a jolly good idea, go HERE and fill that out. :D

We now have both a Twitter and a Last FM group.  Go follow or join.  Especially the Last FM group, lol.  Even though, yes, I know, no one knows the actual point of said groups.

I know no one wants to hear about the lurktasticness of this community, but I hope I'm not the only one noticing the activity going down.  And as I sort of guessed early on, the motivation to post seems to have gone down too.  I can't blame membership because 600+ members is still a lot, it shouldn't take 1000+ for there to be activity.  It's just too bad only a very small fraction of those people are interested in keeping this comm afloat.   But more about that next week.  I need to try to contact a couple of MIA mods first.

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Laure Shang releases new album

In her most impressive album so far, Laure Shang Wenjie brings out the richness of her voice in TimeLady. Thanks to Jane leaving, Laure took over basically half of all Huayi’s theme songs. Of the ten songs in her new album, five are movie/TV series theme songs, and one is the theme for a commercial. While it’s sad that Jane couldn’t have sung some of them, they make Laures’s album quite exceptional.

You can and definitely should listen to her whole album by copy and pasting the following onto your browser: http://xinge.baidu.com/r/song?sid=8c55c2a6993d36e141041687aecfa3de

Make sure you continue and listen to all the songs. Her voice is beautiful.

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Chinese Actors Enjoy Tokyo While at TIFF

The two Chinese Films are in competition at the TIFF are getting extremely favorable feedback, which means heavy coverage from the Sina website. Their cameras followed two young stars, actor Huang Ming and actress Tong Yao to their trips around Tokyo.

I’ve said before that Huang Ming is one of those actors who I really hoped would get a break because he’s awesome in acting and personality, but I didn’t think it’d be when he was only 23, because right now, for various reasons, most mainland Chinese actors only hit it big when they’re close to age 30. And it is so gratifying to see someone I’ve been rooting to get famous all of a sudden get so many pictures, coverage, interviews…it’s just rare, and for some other actors I like it will probably never happen. Must savor the moment.

As for Tong Yao, all I know is she looks incredibly similar to Zhang Ziyi, except it’s rumored her acting is better (They’re both from Central Academy of Drama, but I think Zhang Ziyi entered when she was too young.)

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