October 21st, 2009


Chow Yun-Fat Joins "Bullets" Cast

Producer Ma Ke confirmed that Chow Yun-Fat has joined the cast of director Jiang Wen's upcoming gangster film "Let Bullets Fly", the sina.com reported.

The Hong-Kong-born Hollywood star will play a cruel and ruthless gangster boss with a kind face. Although a high-handed tyrant, he will also bring some funny comedy scenes, the report said.

Director Jiang Wen was very demanding with the screenplay, Ma Ke was quoted as saying.

"It took nine writers half a year to revise the script, which was only just finally settled recently," he said. "We can say Chow's role was tailor-made for him."

"For example, there were no less than ten options for the ending of the movie. The director and Chow came up with the final version when they were drinking and chatting.

Chow will star alongside the director-actor Jiang Wen and China's leading comedian Ge You. Also in the cast are actors Hu Jun, Chen Kun, Shao Bing, Liao Fan and Zhang Mo.

The 11 major male roles will go towards assembling a Chinese "Ocean's Eleven", according to earlier reports.
Investment in the movie has hit 150 million Hong Kong dollars, or about 20 million US dollars.

"Let Bullets Fly" started filming in suburban Beijing in early October with a release date set for the fall of 2010.


This looks good too, lol.  I wonder who the other 3 of 11 are...

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Zai Zai moves forward, buries himself in work, hopes to strike gold next year

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After unexpectedly losing in the Golden Bell Awards for best actor, "Zai Zai" Vic Chou wasn’t in a good mood. But after closeting himself at home to regain his spirits, he emerged the day before and went back to work. He took big strides as if he's goose-stepping and looked like he was in a good mood. According to reports, he will accept an offer to act in Asia's counterpart to the Titanic -- “Pacific 1949” [*Pacific is the name of the ship that sank on Jan. 27, 1927. The ship was on its way from Shanghai to the Keelung port in Taiwan] and looks forward to next year’s Golden Bell Awards.

The day before, this reporter saw Zai Zai walking toward a building on Keelung Road to shoot a cover for a magazine. He came out later, dressed in casual clothes and walked toward the company car. He took big strides, like military goose-steps, and looked like he’s regained his spirit. When he got in the car and stuck his head out, from a distance, it looked like he’s acting out a "turtle’s head coming out of its shell," making people laugh.

The car proceeded to a photo studio on Guangfu South Road and Vic worked till past 5pm. Vic then went back to his agent’s office and stayed until past 8pm. It is reported that recently there are three (3) films and TV dramas being in contact with Zai Zai,** and that he will accept and start shooting early next year a government-subsidized (*not sure about this translation) TV drama “Pacific 1949,” a series based on real lives and events that have been called the Asian version of the Titanic.

Vic’s co-star in “Black and White” Janine Chang also supports Zai Zai. Janine stressed that she doesn’t favor any particular side or supports Mark Chao only. She said, everybody has seen the breakthrough in Zai Zai’s acting; he should have won an award. She feels deeply sorry for him. She said: “Time and real skills will prove everything.”

Zai Zai’s agent said: “Zai Zai is currently busy meeting a lot of movie and TV directors. As for the ‘Pacific’ drama, we’re still in contact about it.”

After staying silent for three days, Zai Zai has regained his spirits and started working, walking like he’s doing a military goose-step.

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jk, i'm sure he's not that sad. it's probably just reporters exaggerating.