October 14th, 2009


Black & White movie shooting delayed

Zai Zai (Vic Zhou) and Mark Zhao's relationship as friendly rivals seemed to have deepened; for Vic's first nomination into the Golden Bell Awards, he not only rejected walking with [Black & White] Mark Zhao on the red carpet, his female escort will be Li Shou Quan's daughter Li Lu, who almost signed up with Dir. Tsai Yue Hsun. Furthermore, for the shooting of the movie version of [Black & White] which was delayed till February next year, the issue of whether [Pi Zi] Zai Zai and [Hero] Mark Zhao will reunite on screen might have some changes due to Zai Zai's tight schedule.

Long before Mark Zhao and Ivy Chen tried on their outfits for the Golden Bell, Zai Zai had already secretly visited LV to try on the latest Spring/Summer outfits from Italy, making it obvious that they would each go their own ways. [B&W] will be re-aired on CTS again; this year proudly gathering 11 nominations for Golden Bell, including two for Best Male Lead, Best Drama, and Best Screenplay, director Tsai Yue Hsun and producer Yu Xiao Hui will lead the pack this Friday, walking on the red carpet grandly with more than 10 people, excluding Zai Zai.

And originally the movie version of [Black & White] which would bring them together, had been delayed from shooting from the end of this year to February next year. In the meantime, Mark Zhao has been busy filming [Monga] and accepting advertisements and events, while Zai Zai's manager Zhi Xiang Li said yesterday that "Whether Zai Zai could collaborate again, that would have to be further discussed". Yet [Prajna]'s boss Yu Xiao Hui said optimistically, "Of course Zai Zai would film this!"

Zai Zai's overseas fans who heard about his nomination into the Golden Bell, more than 1 thousand of them registered on the official website, saying that they would fly to Taiwan and support him on the red carpet that day. Because of the overwhelming response, the organizers came to an agreement that they could only "force" in 200 people, and entering the venue was out of the question.

Zai Zai could not bear for the fans who flew all the way to be disappointed; he decided to hold a fan gathering at Sunworld Dynasty Hotel (subject to confirmation due to translation) the following day. Regardless of whether he would win, he wanted to go through it with everyone.


Because there hasn't been enough Zai Zai on AYTD lately, amirite?


Cute Cyndi Wang acts as a man in “Momo Love”

Priestess of sweetness Cyndi Wang makes sacrifice for CTV & GTV’s “Momo Love”! For the first time, she dresses up as a guy, impersonating her five older brothers Ken Chu, Gabe Lan, Sphinx Ding, Godfrey Gao and Huang JingLun. It took three days to film these scenes; in particular, Cyndi’s impersonation of eldest brother Ken Chu received the best feedback. As soon as she put on the wig, she imitated the way Ken calls for his assistant, making all the workers laugh loudly.

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Deng Chao Sings the 18th Golden Rooster Awards Theme Song

This year the Golden Rooster awards, China’s main film awards, is being hosted in Nanchang, the capital of Jiangxi province. The host city is always unfixed, which is actually very clever, because it helps boosts tourism around China, while inducing the cities themselves to help fund it.

Nanchang is also the home of best supporting actor nominee Deng Chao, one of my favorite actors, and he was appointed “ambassador” to the awards, which apparently involves singing the award’s theme song. The MV features the old way of watching movies, decades ago, along with scenes in modern Nanchang.

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