October 13th, 2009


Coco Lee on Twitter

It has been six years since Hong Kong superstar Coco Lee last visited Singapore. She was recently in town for the President's Star Charity show and the promotions for her latest music album, East to West.

With a three-year gap from her last music album, Coco revealed that she was initially worried about "disappearing" and losing fans. However, ever since she got on Twitter, the immensely popular and fast-growing social networking platform, the singer realized that she had a very loyal following of fans who have been supporting her since her debut. She felt very satisfied with the crowd turnout when she had an autograph signing session a few days ago.

The starlet could not stop babbling about Twitter and its wide-reaching influence. The singer laughingly said that she had to take a couple of self-shots to convince fans that she was the real Coco Lee. The singer often interacts with fans via her Twitter account and will take time off to reply them one by one. In fact, she would rather sacrifice her beauty sleep than disappoint fans without a reply.

"The stories of these fans are very inspiring. In such bad times, they will spur you on to work even harder and to continue making good music for the people you love.

"I feel that everyone is growing together. We are like one family. I feel very lucky to be a part of their family."

Coco accidentally leaked photos for one of her music album's upcoming music video. She wanted to send the pictures taken to her own email inbox but accidentally posted them on Twitter instead, exposing her own outfit and makeover to fans.

"I remembered that fans asked me 'Oh my goodness, a pink nurse, that's really hot! Is that a makeover for a party?' I immediately replied 'Yes!'."


I thought Coco was from Taiwan....  Anyway, we have 600 members now, woo!


Sammi Cheng's new album

Sammi Cheng to release "Believe Faith" gospel album next month

"MOOV LIVE 2009" started off with Eason Chan and Joey Yung, now it's Sammi Cheng's turn to make her performance on October 15th. Next month, Sammi will be releasing her first gospel album "BELIEVE FAITH" (信FAITH) and has invited many different music professionals to help her with this album's production, such as Ivana Wong. Sammi hopes that this album could help audience explore multiple perspectives of religion and beliefs.

Sammi hopes that "Sammi Cheng" could spread religious messages through her music. She feels thankful that her friends and her boss are so supportive of this new gospel album. She expressed that the album does not have any special theme, but it represents what she has learned throughout the years of her life that has influenced her.


Gospel eh?  That's interesting.


China is behind only the US in superrich

BEIJING (Reuters) – China's super-rich have bounced back from the financial crisis with a vengeance, and China now has more known dollar billionaires than any other country bar the United States, according to a new report released on Tuesday.

The annual Hurun Report said China has 130 known dollar billionaires, up from 101 last year. The number in the United States is 359 while Russia has 32 and India 24, according to Forbes magazine.

China's rich are getting richer, with the average wealth on the list $571 million, up almost one-third from last year, said compiler Rupert Hoogewerf.

"With the greatest wealth destruction in the west of the last 70 years, we've seen China buck the trend and the wealth seems to be still growing," Hoogewerf told Reuters on the sidelines of an event to unveil the 2009 rich list.

"They've put the credit crunch behind them," he said. "The key driver has been urbanization. You've got all these cities being built, and that requires property developers, iron and steel manufacturers. The latest thing is cars."

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Thought this was interesting, so I'm breaking up the glitz and glamour for a bit of hard news. :)


Two Hollywood projects lined up for John Woo

LOS ANGELES : It has been six years since John Woo’s last English film “Paycheck” but the Chinese director is returning with a bang.

After having made the Chinese epic “Red Cliff” movies in 2008, Woo told Movieline.com in an interview that he hasn't given up on Hollywood and is currently considering two English-language projects.

One of them is a remake of the French classic “Le Samourai.” The 1967 crime drama by Jean-Pierre Melville has previously influenced Woo as seen in his earlier made film, “The Killer.”

The 1989 Hong Kong action movie starring Chow Yuen Fat may be considered a near remake but Woo justified his plans.

“I want to make it into a modern film,” said Woo.

The other project that Woo is mulling over is a historical period film about Venetian explorer and merchant, Marco Polo.

He has been long interested in the tales of Polo and his relationship with Mongolian conqueror Kublai Khan.

Woo previously saw box-office success with his Hollywood action movies namely 1997’s “Face/Off” starring Nicolas Cage and John Travolta, and 2000’s “Mission Impossible” featuring Tom Cruise.

Subsequently, his “Windtalkers” in 2002 and “Paycheck” did not perform as well commercially, compared to his earlier fare and were panned by critics.

His return to China saw him making a strong comeback with the series of “Red Cliff” movies. Split into two parts, Part One grossed US$124 million (S$173.8 million) in Asia alone and broke the box-office record previously held by “Titanic” in China.

Last Friday saw Woo attending the 45th Chicago International Film Festival for the debut of the US version of “Red Cliff” which will open nation wide in the States on November 20.

Laure Shang Wenjie

Super Girls photobooks, batch II

The rest of the Super Girl photobooks (Huang Ying, Jiang Yingrong, Tan Lina and Pan Chen) have been released. Overall, I was a bit unsatisfied with the photoshoots. Though all very pretty, they didn’t really show the personality appeals of the girls – Huang Ying’s simple, childlike cuteness and Jiang Yingrong’s infectious happiness sprinkled with sexiness.

Also, I think the Vanessa Hudgens -ness is a sign that Hunan TV should do more musicals. Musical Huan Zhu Ge Ge, jiayou!
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Laure Shang Wenjie

Jane Zhang celebrates her birthday, too busy to marry

"I like the simple life, I'll only be dedicated to people and things I like, to stick it out until the end is my personality."
On the 11th, Jane Zhang used this song to express her feelings during her 25th birthday.

She said at her birthday party, "I've never really changes. Now and later, I'll still be simple and dedicated. No matter what type of challenges and experiences come my way, please believe me I'll always be the girl who only loved to sing."

The birthday party was so grand that it was almost like a wedding ceremony. When asked when she plans to get married, she smiles, "I'm too busy, I don't have time to get married.

sources: QQ,Beijing Youth

It's okay, Jane, Leehom always has time for you in his dreams.

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MALAYSIAN songstress Fish Leong, who has announced her wedding plans for March next year, was spotted at Taipei’s Sindian City Household Registration Office with her husband-to-be and future in-laws, Chinese papers reported.

China Press reported that Leong, wearing sunglasses, was spotted walking with her fiance, Tony Zhao (who is of Chinese and Canadian descent) and an elderly couple believed to be Tony’s parents at the registration office.

The hugely popular singer fell in love with Tony three months after they met about two years ago. Tony proposed to Leong on her birthday in June, presenting her with an RM80,000 diamond engagement ring.

When reporters asked the couple if they had registered their marriage, Leong replied: “Not yet.”

She only said that she had gone to the registration office with Tony to get more information about the registration process.

Both Tony and Leong denied speculation that their marriage would be brought forward because they were expecting a baby.

Despite their vehement denials, the paper noted that many still believed that the couple had gone to the registration office to officially tie the knot, given that both need not be present at the office if they had only wanted to seek information


I didn't even know she HAD a boyfriend. I hope she'll still be able to release an album in the near future, because I love her stuff. But if she doesn't, that's pretty understandable. Fish Leong tag please?