October 10th, 2009

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Top Combine Article about Celebrating the 60th in Korea + Ma Xue Yang Photoshoot


Last month, eeMedia representatives announced a stop to promotions. With every member going to Korea to prepare for the next album, Top Combine is currently receiving comprehensive training in Seoul. To speed up the release of their new album, the five members have had a strict training regimen since arriving in Korea. From morning to night, going from their dorm to the recording studio and rehearsal hall - not even resting a single day of the recently passed dual holidays of the national holiday and Mid-Autumn Festival. In such a compressed course of time, the hearts of Top Combine are still tied to the homeland, using their own ways of celebrating the motherland's 60th birthday.

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Source: Translated by Nepheliad at Top Combine Paradise

FREE FOR ALL Saturday!

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We now have 597 members, 44 more than last week.  And look, we only need 3 more for 600.  Quick, tell your friends!  Actually, there was a big influx of join requests after I mentioned AYTD in ONTD, lol. 
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Happy Birthday to Wu Chun, Da S and Tang Wei!  They turned 30, 33 and 30 respectively this week.

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Fan Bingbing Photoshoot for “Fashion Weekly”

I’m unfamiliar with Fashion Weekly (风尚志) magazine, but I guess these are for Wheat promotions? Wheat’s not doing very well at the box office, trumped not only by Jian Guo Da Ye (The Founding of a Republic) and Feng Sheng (The Message), but also by My Fair Gentleman, which is getting very positive reviews for both the movie and the acting from Sun Honglei and Kelly Lin (Lei Zu He!), and a sequel is already in the works.

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Peng Tan and Chun Xiao Wed in Wuhan!

So many weddings this year! Peng Tan, formerly lead singer of Dada band and now soloist, has married his girlfriend, model Chun Xiao, after a very lovey dovey year together. They were first spotted together at his New Year’s mini concert and now, on 10/05/09 they’ve married in western style by the river, in Wuhan. I’ve really hated the mushroom hair he adopted ever since they started dating, but I’m happy for them nonetheless.

I don’t think I ever posted their duet together “Our Little World” that was recorded shortly after they went public in the beginning of this year, but I think this is a good time to.Collapse )

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China Open Comes to a Close While The Game Gets a Boost From Entertainment

Peng Shuai advanced to the Quarterfinals of the China Open. One of her old coaches was Michael Chang, whose tried to boost popularity for the game in China by guest-starring in Prince of Tennis Season 2.

Like a lot of other sports, tennis has risen in China quickly due to greater funding for it over the past years. This year, with $4.5 million in prize money, the Beijing China Open is now for the first time a mandatory, top-level WTA Tour stop. But the sport is also getting boosts from entertainment stars who are helping to push it into the mainstream consciousness. The China Open is in its final rounds, and Jane Zhang and Yang Kun recorded a song for it some time ago.

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