October 9th, 2009


Mark Zhao will be fined $5million if he dates; Ivy Chen willing to pay half

Mark Zhao & Ivy Chen previously sparked rumours, and afterwards they each sparked more rumours with Janine Chang & Li Yun Qing respectively. Yesterday, Mark revealed that his management company has a ‘forbidden-love order’ so he refused to admit anything, otherwise he would have to pay a fine of $5million for breach of contract. Ivy purposely tried to relax the atmosphere and joked: “We can each pay $2.5million!” Hearing this, her manager’s face turned green, and immediately scolded her: “It should be a total of $10million okay?”

Earlier, there were rumours that Ivy was reduced to tears after her manager was supposedly too strict on her. Yesterday, Ivy was surprised at the mention of the topic, and tried to avoid it. Mark immediately came to her rescue and joked: “Actually, she eats sashimi la!” indicating that it was the wasabi that made her cry. Yesterday, the 2 tried on Chen Li Min’s designer garments to wear to the Golden Bell Awards. The 2 had their arms linked together and it had a ‘bride & groom’ feeling. Unexpectedly, the photographer requested: “Tomboy Ivy, do you want to take a picture of hugging Mark?” Ivy immediately stamped her foot and protested: “I’m wearing a dress today!”

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The New “Dream of the Red Chamber” Cast Dances on Water in Shanghai

As if they haven’t thrown enough money into this project (50,000 yuan per episode, for 50 episodes) the production behind Li Shaohong’s upcoming Dream of the Red Chamber prepared a water and lights ballet version of the drama that was performed October 3-5 to coincide with the mid-autumn moon festival, in Silver Pickax Lake in Changfeng Park, Shanghai. It featured bursts of lights, water and fire surrounding the actors as they danced above the lake. The show will be performed again for the Shanghai World Expo 2010.

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Yoga Lin attempts retro dancing

Yoga Lin, the winner of the first season of Taiwanese variety programme, One Million Star, plans to present a new Para Para-esque dance style for his upcoming second album. The Taiwanese singer hopes that his new dance moves will be as popular and trendy as 'Sorry Sorry', the hit song by Korean boy band Super Junior.

After a successful first album release, Yoga's upcoming album, Senses Around, is highly anticipated amongst listeners and is due for a release on October 30. The title track for his second album, 'Kan Jian Shen Me Chi Shen Me' will feature a Boogie-Woogie dance track and Yoga himself will be engaged in a lively retro dance.

To produce his title track's music video, Yoga's recording company spent a total of S$100,000. They portrayed Yoga as a psychedelic person who becomes a man-eating monster. Yoga will also don roller skates and dance in his cold eccentric kitchen or dining room.

Inspired by Super Junior's Sorry Sorry, the 22-year-old singer laughed and shared his hopes for this Para Para dance to become the next-big-thing

According to reports, Yoga's second album release was delayed for three months due to the singer's overwhelming amount of ideas. He had more than 300 versions of lyrics for the album's 10 songs and changed various compositions five times. Yoga's title track was also remixed three times in total.

Not offended by Yoga's nitpicky ways, the music producer said, "Although I find him naggy, it is undeniable that he is a talented musician."


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