October 8th, 2009


Lots of kissing in Vanness Wu's new drama

TTV SETTV's idol drama Autumn's Concerto, Vanness Wu and Ady An kiss nonstop. In the ice rink, in the house, garden scenes, both of them had kissing scenes in all of these places before. Ady says " And there are still a few more scenes where there were 'almost kisses', but when the audience see those, they will definitely have alot of feelings." Although that is so, when both of them film intimate scenes, Vanness often NGs. Ady laughs " Now the production team has set in place the double Wu NG fine. As long as Vanness Wu or Wu Kang Ren NG, they will be fined.

Autumn's concerto premiered on 4th October on TTV. It can be said that this drama has caused quite a sensation before it even showed on tv.During the premiere event, the japanese media even sent teams to cover it. Vanness says: This is my first project in more than two years. I hope everyone will continue to give me their support.

Autumn's Concerto is helmed by Golden Bell Best Director Chen Hui Ling, together with the fresh pair of Ady An and Vanness Wu, it gives the audience alot of expectations and space for imagination. Earlier, while filming an intimate scene with the two leads, it led the Pisces Chen to become teary eyed. She said" Vanness' character is ill in the drama and as a result is unable to shave by himself. Ady's character then leads him to sit on the toilet bowl, and proceeds to sit on his lap and help him shave. When she acts out this scene, it is so filled with love. This scene made my eyes teary."

Vanness and Ady have been kissing non stop since the start of filming. Ady laughingly said " Our skating, being on the swings, within the house scenes all had kissing scenes. But everytime we kiss the reason is different, like the one in the rink was because of Vanness' bet with someone."

In reality, both of them have NGs easily when filming intimate scenes. Ady because she is shy and Vaness because of being "not familiar and too familiar". He laughs "At the beginning, we didn;t know each other so it was very awkward filming such scenes. After hanging out together for a while, it became such that we were too familiar, so the feeling was weirdly awkward. But after balancing out for sometime, it has gotten alot better." To reduce instances of NG, the production team started a <Double Wu NG fine.> Ady chuckles saying " As long as Vanness NGs, he gets fined NT100. WU Kang Ren gets fined NT5. Because Vanness is a rich prince both on and off camera."


Alright, what the hell is this NG business? I have nfi.


Hong Kong film dreaming of glory at Chinese 'Oscars'

TAIPEI : Hong Kong director Clara Law's "Like A Dream" leads nominations for this year's Golden Horse Film Awards, the "Oscars" of Chinese-language cinema, organisers announced Wednesday.

"Like A Dream", produced in China, will be vying for honours in nine categories, including for the coveted best director and best film awards, when the 46th annual ceremony is held on November 28.

The film stars Hong Kong heartthrob Daniel Wu and China's Yolanda Yuan, both of whom are up for the top acting awards.

Taiwanese director Leon Dai's "No Puedo Vivir Sin Ti", based on a true story of a diver fighting for custody of his daughter, follows closely with seven nods, including best film, best director and Taiwanese film of the Year award.

Newcomer Chen Wen-pin is up for best leading actor for his performance in the film, along with Wu ("Like A Dream"), Nick Cheung (for Hong Kong film "The Beast Stalker") and China's Huang Bo ("Cow").

Chinese director Guan Hu's "Cow", about a farmer entrusted by the Chinese communist army to look after a cow during the war against Japan, also receives seven nominations.

Espionage thriller "The Message" is nominated in five categories, including two best leading actress gongs for leading ladies Zhou Xun and Li Bingbing.

The pair are competing against Yuan ("Like A Dream") and Taiwanese-French actress Sandrine Pinna ("Yang Yang").

Taiwan-based Malaysian director Tsai Ming-liang's "Visage" (Face), the first of a new set of works produced by The Louvre based on the myth of Salome, bags five nominations including for best film, best director and best art direction.

Chinese star Zhang Ziyi is vying for best supporting actress for "Forever Enthralled" -- the biopic of legendary Peking opera singer Mei Lanfang, but the blockbuster surprisingly only secured nominations in four categories.

The Golden Horse Awards are styled on the US Academy Awards but are decided by a jury along the lines of the Cannes film festival.

- AFP/il


The sound of Color

SINGAPORE : The chaps who form Taiwanese rock duo Color - Cola and Xiao Gang - might be new to the scene, but they're not letting their relative greenhorn status stop them from taking over the world. Just like that, their self-titled debut album rocketed to No 2 on the Taiwan charts when it was released.

"Of course we hope to get to No 1," they said over the phone from Taiwan. "But everything's been very good and it's surpassed our expectations so far. We're very happy. Hopefully, we get a chance to go overseas and tour, whether it's Singapore or Malaysia or Hong Kong. We hope people can come and see us perform live."

Color may have to wait a bit more for that, as the pair are still doing lots of promo and press for their album, a collection of 10 songs they penned.

"One of the most challenging aspects of recording the album was the songwriting and the song selection," said Xiao Gang.

"We wrote over 100 songs and we had to cut it down to 10," said Cola. "That was a tough, deciding which songs to keep."

"Our name is Color, so we wanted to show the different 'colours' on the album," added Xiao Gang. "The main thing was to make the songs enjoyable - not just to listen to, but also to perform."

Their pop-rock numbers have drawn comparisons with acts like FIR and Mayday. According to Color, their sound is the result of their influences, some of which include Jason Mraz and Linkin Park - although they don't sound anything like Linkin Park.

"We're not that heavy!" said Cola. "I hope that one day we can be as famous as them though."

Right now, what's upfront in their minds is making it as far as they can. "No pressure," joked Xiao Gang. "Hopefully we can reach fans all over Taiwan and around the world."

Color's debut album is out in stores.


Wow. 100 songs?  They better release another album STAT. ;P


Elvia Hsiao spotted in intimate photo with Lee Wei

According to reports, the photo was allegedly taken in early August during Vanness Wu’s birthday party. In it, Taiwanese diva singer Elva Hsiao was seen in the arms of her rumoured beau, Taiwanese singer-actor Lee Wei. Apart from the pair, Vanness Wu can also be spotted in the photo above the couple as he poses through a glass barrier.

Lee Wei returned from Hangzhou, China a few days ago after filming upcoming drama series, Liao Zhai III, he calmly responded to the photograph and said, “I have seen this photograph and there are other people beside us.”

He retorted against the media’s persistent questioning, “Didn’t we say that we were just friends? Do you have to magnify this issue? Do you have nothing better to do? Please do not make such questionable guesses, how am I supposed to make friends in future!”

When Elva saw her picture with Lee Wei, the svelte singer laughed and commented, “This is a photo taken in a nightclub. If there is anything between us, do you think we’ll take a photo together outside?”

Elva emphasized that she knew Lee Wei from two years ago during a commercial. The both of them eventually lost contact and were reacquainted at Vanness’s birthday party. The singer added that all of them were having fun at the nightclub and shared that it was only normal for them to take photos together.


Lol, I like the picture.


Jay Chou coming to Malaysia on 21st of December for The Treasure Hunter

With the big movie of the year "The Treasure Hunter" showing in Malaysia RAM Entertainment and PMP Entertainment have invited male and female leads Jay Chou and Lin Chi Ling to come to Malaysia to do promotion on the 21st of December.

This is Jay Chou's first movie with Taiwanese model Lin Chi Ling, at the same time it is also Lin Chi Ling's first time promoting in Malaysia, due the schedule being tight, they will be attending a row of events, including a movie press conference, movie fans meeting and the midnight premiere, they will be starting a whirlwind day of promotion. More details about the promotion schedule and events will be announced later.

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I don't have high expectations for this movie, but I might still watch it for Jay.

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Chinese Paladin 3 cast does video game photoshoots

Once a video game character, always a video game character. After Chinese Paladin 3, Hu Ge, Yuan Hong, Liu Shishi and Tang Yan meet again for another online game, this time as the spokespeople for the latest spinoff version of one of the biggest Chinese online games – Zhu Xian/Jade Dynasty. Separated from her two true loves, Yang Mi is instead the cover girl for a new online game called Tian Xia.

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So... while I'm not a fan of Hu Ge, I have to say he is undeniably good-looking in that close-up shot of his face. Or maybe I just have a thing for blue hair. :)