October 7th, 2009


Ang Lee Refused to Use Drug for Inspiration

Director Ang Lee was advised to smoke marijuana in order to grasp the feeling of the drug-users featured in his latest film "Taking Woodstock", but he resisted.

Before shooting began Lee was concerned about this aspect of the project, and some co-workers gave him the suggestion, said Lee during promotion for the film in Taipei on Monday.

Even his wife and son suggested he try, but he says he "refused, in order to maintain [his] role as a stern father."

However, he admitted he used to try when he was at college in the United States.

Lee says he hopes to examine the value of innocence and happiness through comedy, and doesn't care about box office incomes.

With his past films focusing on various subjects, the Oscar-winning director explained that he needs excitements in his life, and so does the audience.

According to earlier reports, Ang Lee's next project will be an adaptation of "Life of Pi", a fantasy adventure novel by Canadian writer Yann Martel.



Rainie Yang to break into Japan music industry

Rainie Yang will be releasing her new album in December this year, and after that, her contract with SONY is up. There are rumours that SONY has offered her 3 albums and $60million for her to renew her contract. Yesterday, Rainie’s manager expressed that both sides have already come to an agreement, “currently, just need signatures.” If including her earnings from advertisements, films, and television dramas, Rainie has attracted a massive $110million NT (approximately $23million RMB) this year.

Rainie’s contract with Sony was up at the end of last year, at the time there were rumours that Sony offered her 3 albums and $50million for her to renew her contract, but Rainie only signed for 1 album and $15million. Because Rainie has invitations coming from all directions, not only music but advertisements, idol dramas & films, she is a definite gold-keeper for them, hence before her contract expires, they are actively trying to get her to stay.

According to sources, this time, Sony has offered $60million, and has also promised for her to break into Japan’s music industry. Sony’s general manager yesterday admitted that they are actively trying to get her to renew her contract, and expressed that at the slowest, they will let Rainie release a single in Japan early next year. But he refused to comment about the money matters, only saying: “Regarding money, it’s really not convenient for me to reveal.” Rainie’s manager also expressed that their collaboration with Sony has been extremely happy, and there is a big possibility of renewing the contract.

Currently, Rainie is regarded as Sony’s No. 1 big sister. During the middle of this month, she will be heading to Japan to prepare a new style for her upcoming album in December. If she renews her contract, then including the 10 advertisements she filmed in China, which earned her $40million NT, film ‘Children’s Eye’ which earned her $1.5million HK ($6.23million NT), and idol drama ‘Shanghai Sweetheart’ which earned her $2.6million, her annual income totals a massive $110million NT (approximately $23million RMB)


OH.  Can she even speak Japanese?  Not that that seems to matter...


Wu Chun nettled by bandmates

Busy with ongoing concert promotions, Wu Chun celebrated his birthday on a Taiwanese variety programme together with his fellow band members and junior, Peter Pan. Known to have a sweet tooth, Wu Chun appeared all smiles during the cake-cutting session.

However, his good mood did not last long after his fellow band members decided to play a prank on him during the game segment and forced him to gobble up his most hated food, fatty pork meat. That was not the end of things as his three pals, Aaron Yan, Calvin Chen, and Jiro Wang went on to smear Wu Chun’s good name on the show.

“Wu Chun doesn’t like to bathe! Look at his arms!” Calvin exclaimed.

Infuriated by his comment, Wu Chun retorted, “That is my tattoo!”

Calvin persisted and continued to expose little nuggets of information on Wu Chun’s “bad” habits such as, hiding his favourite sushi under other food and disallowing the rest of the band members to eat his favourite egg tarts. Wu Chun protests fell on deaf ears as Calvin’s revelations tickled the audience.


Nicholas Tse plans move to Mainland China

Besides being busy with the National celebration, Nicholas Tse has been filming the movie "Hot Summer Days" directed by Wing Shya. Nicholas Tse has always wanted to give Lucas a little brother or sister but he simply doesn't have time, instead he has a new idea - he plans to move his family to Mainland China and let his son get into more contact with Chinese culture, this will make up for the biggest regret of his life.

When reporters went to Sai Kung to visit the set, Nicholas Tse talked about his son Lucas again. He said proudly: "I really don't know how a two year old child can know how to use all the remote controls in the house and when he gets in the swimming pool he puts on a life jacket. Every morning he gets up, the first thing he does is come into my room and give me a kiss, he says good morning and then he goes off to play, he really is mature! He also knows how to get soda from the icebox for me to drink." In the words of Nicholas Tse, Lucas is very obedient but he also has his stubborn side: "Sometimes he will be naughty, he likes arguing with his mother, but when he sees me he is very honest. I don't want to bring him up with a bad habit so I don't spoil him, I bring out the prestige of a father and I will shout at him."

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Ngl, I'm sorta sad about Cece not coming back. :(