October 6th, 2009


Mi Lu Bing's Nic finds reel-life kissing "difficult"

A few days ago, members of Singaporean rock band Mi Lu Bing were busy filming a music video for their title track in their upcoming music album. The music video tells the story between Nic and Elynn, a sweet loving couple. Due to various reasons, Nic had to leave and decided to place Elynn in the care of his good friend, Sam. Weiqi will take on the role as a storyteller.

The highlight of this music video is a kissing scene between Nic and his leading lady. In an interview, drummer Sam shared, "Nic has the best acting skills amongst the three of us. We are like blocks of wood, he is more expressive Lucky it [the male lead] is not me!"

Nic protested at his good friend's words and exclaimed that he was framed. The lead guitarist and singer revealed that he was both worried and stressed out during the night before filming took place.

True to his words, the singer was a bundle of nerves and acted a little too stiff during the rehearsal session. During his first take, he appeared quite natural and was applauded by his fellow band members for his efforts. However, Nic had to do a retake at the perfectionist director's request.

On his second take, Nic let out a little laugh and had to reshoot the same scene again. He accidentally hit the lighting on this third try and finally succeeded in a good and smooth take on his fourth attempt.

Afraid of troubling the entire crew, Nic kept reminding himself not to commit any NGs. during his passionate kiss with the leading lady. Unlike reel-life, both Nic and Elynn are attached with their respective other halves. The pair revealed that their other halves did not mind their participation in the music video.

Nic compared reel-life kissing to that of real-life, "It is more difficult because so many people are looking!"

Mi Lu Bing's latest album will be available from early November onwards.


Any other Mi Lu Bing fans here? :)


Gillian Chung's comeback

Gillian Chung and Charlene Choi finally "got back together" as TWINS appeared on stage together secretly and surprised attacked Joey Yung at her concert. This attracted screams from the crowd in shock. Turns out that Ah Gil is not temporarily not working on something related to Twins, but on a new flim produced by Chapman To. She will soon be the female lead for the new film, heading for a strong future battle back into the Film Industry.

Been on hiatus for a year, Gillian finally came out of the shadows successfully. March of this year she officially announced her comeback and earlier she asked Master of Musicals Phoebe Chan to mentor her on acting, and was offered a role in a musical. Quite satisfying. Yesterday she again accepted to participate in Chapman To's produced film "Former" (前度) as the female lead, which will start shooting in December. This will be her 5th comeback work, in order for Ah Gil to do her best, she had meetings with Chapman to discuss about the best candidates for the male lead, she also contributed her opinions.

This time for Ah Gil's comeback, EEG has invested a 7 figure sum for its production and also invited Chapman to create a customized role for her. According to sources, the candidates for the male lead will include Ken Hung and William Chan.

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Andy and Coco Lee to duet Smile Shanghai

With just 200 days away for World Expo Shanghai China, Stars sing Expo – 200-days countdown to World Expo World Expo excellent song concert will be held at the Shanghai Grand Stage on 13 October 2009. In the concert, Yao Ming who was in America will present his message for the World Expo through the giant LCD screen.

One worth to mention is that the World Expo Shanghai China 200 days countdown commemorate song – Smile Shanghai which will be sang by Andy Lau, Coco Lee, JJ Lin, Yu Quan, Jane Zhang, Jam Hsiao, Cheer Chan and other singers will be heard for the first time. The singers that got the chance to sing this song expressed that they are honored and hope it would catch more people attention to visit the World Expo Shanghai.

Stars sing Expo – 200-day countdown to World Expo World Expo excellent song concert which will be held on 13 October at the Shanghai Grand Stage would feature Andy Lau, Coco Lee, Peter Ho, Tsai Chin, Freddy Adu, Vivian Hsu, Chris Yu, Li Bingbing, Huang Xiaoming, Yu Quan, Jane Zhang, Shang Wenjie and other singers, close to 40 singers from Hong Kong, Taiwan and Mainland China would perform at the concert.

The concert will be the main activity for 200-days countdown to World Expo World Expo, the singers will sing the outstanding Expo songs, using the singers drawing power and influence to launch the song Smile Shanghai and kick start the promotional plans for 200-days countdown to World Expo World Expo, in hope to catch the media attention and knowledge to Expo songs, using music to express the ideas of Expo.


That's, ah, an interesting pairing...