October 1st, 2009


Show Luo’s mushroom hairstyle is on fire, Rainie begs for 10 seconds to laugh

Actually, the reason for Show’s character name in the drama being Lin Da Lang is because a few years ago, there was once when Show was chatting to Angie, and the 2 were humming Pink Panther’s song ‘Da Lang Da Lang Da Lang~’. Both of them thought that it would be very interesting if there was a guy called Da Lang, and so this idea has always remained at the back of Angie’s mind. And now, in ‘Shanghai Sweetheart’, Angie really did make the male lead’s character name Da Lang, and his character is also someone who likes Pink Panther and loves the colour pink.
Show’s performance was very hard-working, but Rainie is also hard-working. When she saw Show’s bangs, she couldn’t control her laughter and kept having NGs. Even looking at his back would make her laugh, in the end she begged the director: “I’m sorry, give me 10 seconds to let all my laughter out, I really can’t control it!”

Show Luo & Rainie Yang’s new idol drama ‘Shanghai Sweetheart’ will enter the Sunday night idol drama battle on the 1st of November, replacing CTS drama ‘Roseate Love’ and battling against SETTV’s ‘Autumn’s Concerto/Next Station, Happiness’. The other idol drama ‘Calling For Love’ which was originally slated to release in October, has not yet obtained the broadcasting permit, and so has confirmed to delay broadcast. In ‘Shanghai Sweetheart’, Show’s new style has a breakthrough, never been seen before; his mushroom hairstyle is bound to make viewers burst into laughter, and even Rainie was unable to control her laughter and kept having NGs!

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Yes! this guy in this pic is Show Luo ! :O


Shu Qi labeled a freckle-face

33-year-old Taiwanese actress Shu Qi is known to be deeply favoured by cosmetic companies for her good looks and snow-skin complexion. The actress was recently a target for unscrupulous businesses that took a liking to her good complexion and claimed that her flawless skin was achieved with the help of their facial products.

Said company went as far as to label Shu Qi a 'freckle-face'. In an article they wrote about her, the company pointed out how the actress suffered from skin problems during her acting debut days with freckles scattered around her cheeks.

Shu Qi recently appeared at the annual Taiwan Golden Bell awards with a flawless and smooth mien. The company claimed that the freckles found on Shu Qi's face disappeared after she started using their facial products. The article also cited a dubious quote made by Shu Qi which said, "I will use it because it is a product that helps me naturally get rid of my freckles. This product has also stood the test of time and I am unable to resist it!"

Fans of the actress were outraged at the dubious article published by the cosmetic company and left angry comments as, "Unscrupulous liars! They are too much!" and "Freckles? Thinking about it makes me angry!"


Wong Kar Wai's version of Ip Man slated to go in Nov.

‘Informed sources’ report that Zhang Ziyi has indeed been retained to play Tony Leung’s wife in Wong Kar-Wai’s First Generation Master. Zhang Ziyi, through her manager, denied the rumor yesterday. Elsewhere, it’s been reported that Wong Kar-Wai is under a lot of pressure as Ip Man was a big box office success and will now compete against Ip Man 2. The casting of Zhang Ziyi is viewed as a counterstrike. Ip Man’s son was asked about the pair, he said, ‘Both Lynn Xiong and Zhang Ziyi are very thin. My mother was similiar in build (?). I have not seen Zhang Ziyi’s acting but Lynn Xiong in Ip Man was pretty good.’

Brigitte Lin reportedly turned down a role because it was not tailor-made for her. Chang Chen is said to play Bruce Lee. Filming is now slated to commence in November.


Ok, did not realize this movie was directed by Wong Kar-Wai too.  Tony looks hot there, lol.


Vic Zhou refuses to be a slave to money

F4 shot to fame with 'Meteor Garden' and Vic Zhou ('Zai Zai'), who acted as Hanazawa Rui, said that to be that popular meant that he didn't have to accept jobs for the sake of money. Instead, he could choose the direction he wanted to go and work hard for his dreams.

Although the members of F4 have already split and gone their own ways, and did not share particularly good relationships with each other, Zai Zai was still thankful to the other three members for teaching him many things and making him who he is today. In his heart, he has not forgotten these battlemates and hopes that everyone could become a megastar with their abilities.

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Awww, I like him more and more. :')

Guinea pig1

Zhang Ziyi gets snubbed in Singapore

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SINGAPORE : Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi was reportedly turned away by a high-end boutique along Orchard Road when she went on a shopping spree with good friend and celebrity hairstylist David Gan.

In an entry dated September 23 on Gan’s blog, he mentioned that both of them had gone shopping at the various stores at Hilton Hotel when they were denied access into one of the boutiques at around 6pm.

The store’s staff had told them it was closing time and hence they were unable to gain entry.

This prompted Gan to comment on Singapore’s service industry on his blog saying, "They rejected an international celebrity because of a technicality?”

Without naming the boutique, Gan went on to explain that the store did not have to let them in because Zhang was a celebrity but by being inflexible, the store had given the brand and Singapore’s service industry a bad reputation.

Adding that Zhang was full of praise for the service staff in Singapore, Gan said that the incident did not deter her from returning and they went back to same store the next day where Zhang eventually bought something.

The 30-year-old actress was in Singapore for three days after a photo shoot in Borneo and spent her time mostly shopping and sampling the local hawker food.


Ummm, her friend sounds like a petty, self-important douchebag.