September 29th, 2009


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Just a few quick announcements that can't wait for Saturday, lol. And since there's no news yet this morning.

- We now have a Twitter account:

- We also have a Last FM group: I hate them, but yes, there I am, in one, after four years of avoiding them. Only for this comm, I tell you.

- If any of you are feeling bored right now, take a look at the interests on the profile and name some Chinese entertainment related things or people I should add. I want to get it as full as possible.

- Lastly, I'm throwing around the idea of discussion posts for specific movies or dramas that say, a lot of people have seen. For example, I'll be watching Overheard very shortly (finally found some subs, hahah), and if a lot of people have seen this movie (have you?), we could ~discuss~.

Two articles on the movie with a million names

Fox Int'l teams for Chinese-lingo laffer
Star, Huayi Bros collab on 'Summer Days'

Fox Intl. Prods. is set to produce and distribute its first Chinese-language pic, romantic comedy "Hot Summer Days," in collaboration with Star Television Asia and China's Huayi Bros. Media.

"Days" will be co-directed by first-timers Wing Shya and screenwriter Tony Chan. Director Fruit Chan and veteran filmmaker Paul Cheng are co-producers of the movie, budgeted at $4 million.

Starry cast from China, Hong Kong and Taiwan includes Jacky Cheung ("Perhaps Love"), Nicholas Tse ("Bodyguards and Assassins"), Daniel Wu ("Protege"), Barbie Hsu ("On His Majesty's Secret Service") and Gordon Liu ("Kill Bill"). Surprise cameos are also planned.

"China is undoubtedly one of the most exciting markets in the world today," said Fox Intl. Prods. prexy Sanford Panitch. "We hope this is just the beginning for Fox to make movies in the region."

Set during a summer of record-breaking temperatures, "Days" tells six intertwined stories of love.

The film began principal photography on Aug. 12 and is shooting in Beijing, Shenzhen and Hong Kong. It will wrap production in October and is scheduled for an early 2010 release in China by Huayi, in time for Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day, and by 20th Century Fox elsewhere.

Star holds pay TV rights to the film in Asia excluding China.

FIP and Star are both units of News Corp., and Huayi is the largest privately owned media and entertainment group in China.

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So basically this is the same movie as 'Love in the Whole City' and whatever else it's been called.  The idea reminds me of an English movie awhile back...what was that called?


Charlene Choi fainted at home

Jennifer Tse, Charlene Choi (Ah Sa) Jade Kwan, Sherman Chung, Michelle Wai, Jacquline Chong and Elanne Kwong attended the "Moiselle 2009 Autumn Winter collection " fashion show the other night. Harris Chan, son of Moiselle boss specially designed hand made evening dress called "Sabrina dress" worth 69,999HKD for Sabrina Ho. Harris said Sabrina is a good girl, she is very worried about the health of her father. It was her birthday on the 24th, in her birthday wish, she wished her father good health.

Ah Sa caught a cold recently and she fainted in the toilet the other day when she was at home. He mother had a fright, think she was going to die. When Ah Sa regained consciousness, she found out her chest was red due to her mother trying to wake her up. As Sa revealed that she had body check a while ago as she was experiencing fainting episodes. (Did Ronald Cheng send you best wishes?) OK lah! Everyone was worried. At that moment, I had considered to request a year sick leave from the company, so that I can have a good rest." Ah Sa disclosed that she was very scared that she might die, also her work schedule was full. The reporter pointed out to her that she may as well get married. Ah Sa said she just wants to rest, not to get married. The reporter smiled and went on to suggest Ronald can keep her. Ah Sa said woman shouldn't rely on other people to support, they should have their own means to support themselves.

Jade Kwan is getting married on 30th October in Bali. However, there was an earthquake earlier on, therefore she is going there on 18th to make the necessary arrangement. Jade is worried that she may get too much tan, becoming a "black bride". She was caught in camera earlier on when she was having dinner with her fiance. She pointed out that was a bit sudden, and they didn't know how to react. Jade went on to say that her family are shy, she hopes people can give them some privacy.


Hahah, fainted in the toilet. I know what they mean, but it still sounds funny. XD

Bonus pic: I finally found one of Jennifer with Andy On.  :D

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All-Star Auction Raises $4.5 Million for Children

Chinese entertainers gathered in Beijing on Monday for the annual Bazaar Charity Gala, which raised a record 31 million yuan (US$4.5 million) for needy children.

The 7th Bazaar Charity Gala, consisting of a red carpet show and an auction, attracted such stars as Jackie Chan, Carina Lau, Zhou Xun and Vivian Hsu, as well as a number of socialites and influential entrepreneurs.

Among the 17 items auctioned was an oil painting created by contemporary artist Liu Ye that went to entrepreneur Shi Yuzhu for 7.8 million yuan ($1.1 million), the highest bid price of the night. A set of Beijing Olympic souvenirs autographed by opening ceremony director Zhang Yimou was successfully bid for by Jackie Chan for one million yuan ($146,488).

Jackie Chan himself donated a jade-carving work from his personal collection, which raised 3.99 million yuan ($584,487). He also made unexpected on-site donations by taking off his white jacket and a shirt and putting them up for auction. The clothes together raised 5.87 million yuan ($859,884).

All the funds raised will go to Jackie Chan's charity foundation and China Children and Teenagers' Fund.

The Bazaar Charity Gala, initiated in 2003 by the fashion magazine Bazaar, has become one of China's major fundraisers.

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