September 23rd, 2009


Wu Chun displays monkey skills, Aaron Yan hates heights

Fahrenheit's fantasy concert has finally returned to Taipei's arena, the hardware specifications will increase, they will use more than 12 groups of raising and lowering mechanisms to allow the 4 members to "fly" across the whole venue. In order to train their courage, yesterday the 4 members went for a rock climbing session, Arron Yan who has severe fear of heights after climbing 3 meters his hand and feet had gone soft and declared that he had gone to his limit

Wu Chun gets called a monkey

It is known that the Taipei arena has a history of having the most concerts that use wire suspensions, Fahrenheit apart from entering the stage in a flying ship they might even appear right beside the fans close enough to touch. Wu Chun said "we will be suspended by wires flying about 2-3 story high singing right in front of the fans", so in order to train their courage they have to do rock climbing.

Wu Chun was the quickest climber, in a flash of an eye he had already reached the 8 meter peak making everyone laugh at him "you really are a monkey, you even like to eat bananas and you climb so fast." Arron Yan after all the trouble was able to overcome his psychological barrier, putting on a brave face. He also described himself as having "paranoia syndrome", always imagining that someone next to him or behind him will push him, if he had the choice of whether to be suspended high up or to be on his own he would feel more at ease on his own.

After the training from the previous 10 shows, all 4 members are fully confident, admitting that they're coordination and their performance attitude is at it's best, Arron said "During this period we have really put in all our efforts, also we have really achieved honor for Taiwan, Fahrenheit have received popular recognition abroad almost like the Korean groups that come over to Taiwan!"


Q gets serious with 'Warrior'

BEIJING -- Maggie Q is getting serious.

After taking on mostly action roles, and catching Hollywood's attention with consecutive turns starring opposite Tom Cruise in "Mission: Impossible III" and Bruce Willis in "Live Free or Die Hard," Q (nee Quigley) chose her latest role, in Chinese director Tian Zhuangzhuang's "The Warrior and the Wolf," as a step towards the more dramatic.

Q described the directorial style of Tian ("The Blue Kite") as "very male, but this is very different and very intense," she said, speaking to The Hollywood Reporter at the Beijing premiere of "Warrior." "It was good to work with someone who was as nervous as I was," Q said, with the director and her stepping outside of their comfort zones.

"Warrior" was filmed in the recently restive Xinjiang region in northwestern China, nine hours outside of the capital Urumqi, which saw ethnic riots in July that left almost 200 dead.

Q was in Beijing after doing just over a week on "Priest," a "vampire Western" directed by Scott Stewart, best known for his work at visual effects house The Orphanage. It is adapted from a TokyoPop graphic novel, and is due in 2010.

However, after her role as a priestess in the fang flick, Q is looking towards her "dream project." She said only that it was being written for her, but that it is "definitely serious. Incredibly serious."


She's really pretty when she's not being all horrifically skinny.


"The Storm Warriors" to Hit Cinemas in December

The Hong Kong martial arts film "The Storm Warriors," hailed as China's first live-action, all-digital effects movie, will hit cinemas on December 17, the reports.

The newly released posters for the film present an intriguing look at what is expected to be a film blockbuster. They feature actor Aaron Kwok as the nomadic hero Cloud standing back-to-back with Ekin Cheng's character Wind against an awesome backdrop of a hollow dark sky and a bright moon atop a mountain.

The sequel to the hit film "The Storm Riders" released a decade ago is actually a stand-alone movie with a separate storyline. Kwok and Cheng reunite to reprise the protagonists who this time find themselves up against actor Simon Yam's Lord Godless, a ruthless Japanese warlord bent on invading China.

Kwok and Cheng's fatal duel following their loose fraternal ties and estranged relationship is a highlight of the sequel.
Other heavyweights in the cast are Charlene Choi and Nicolas Tse. Newcomer Tang Yan from the Chinese mainland plays opposite veteran actor Kwok.

"The Storm Warriors," adapted from the bestselling comic book "Fung Wan" by screenwriter Ma Wing-Shing, was shot primarily in Bangkok, Thailand. It is the first Chinese film to be shot against blue screen to create the special effects and on custom-made sets which are as realistic-looking as those in the comic book.

The film's stunning visual effects cost 80 million yuan ($11.7 million) in post-production.


Looks amazing, Idc.


New Release: Eason Chan

Fifth Floor's Happiness
Singer Name(s): Eason Chan (Singer) 陳奕迅
Release Date: 2009-09-23
Language: Mandarin
Country of Origin: Hong Kong
Publisher: Cinepoly

Eason Chan's Don't Want to Let Go won Best Mandarin Album at the Golden Melody Awards last June, and he is to follow that victory up with his highly anticipated new Mandarin album in September 2009.

The album not only features Eason's own composition "For You", it also has songs tailor-made for him by other singer-songwriters, including Tanya Chua's "How Much", sodagreen vocalist Tsing Fong's "A Trouble Like This", Mavis Fan's "Why are You Crying", and Xiao An's "Heart's Distance". Another highlight would be Luantan frontman Ascent's Goa Kah Li for which Eason attempts the Taiwanese dialect for the first time!

The limited Preorder Version comes with Eason's "Fifth Floor" notebook, which contains 72 pages of Eason's own photography works, and a Bonus Demo CD with 11 tracks Eason recorded in the studio with a live band.


Definitely recommend this one.  Jazzy and soulful and Eason shows off his amazing range and ability throughout.  Go see another one of our affiliates, music_envy for a peek at this new release.


David Tao wants to form band with Jay Chou and Leehom Wang

In recent years old popular singers have formed bands, after Super Band, Phil Chang and Huang Ping Yuan formed a "3 boys" group, David Tao said frankly if he formed a band he would want to get Leehom Wang and Jay Chou the most, "I don't play the drums, they're both really good at keyboard, Leehom is not bad at playing the drums so he should be able to play them, I can play the guitar, Jay can do everything else, he can play the keyboard and piano."

Translated Source

I want!  It'd be awesome if something came of this, I like all 3 of them. 

Also, if you haven't heard SuperBand yet, they rock!  It's A-Yue, Emil Chau, Lo Ta-Yu, and Jonathan Lee.
  Their EP is available here on YesAsia.

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Xue Zhiqian Comes Back With New Hair and a New Song

His first new song after his third album release over a year ago is finally here! This comeback was a bit shocking, because I have never seen him with black hair. I think even in his baby pictures it’s a dark or light brown, certainly never this black. And the style is now different from the usually slightly spikey hair he had that I loved. Overall… kinda emo but I guess it’s time for a change after three albums. And how after so many albums is he still so underrated? Where’s the Xue Zhiqian love? He’s cute, he composes beautiful ballads, he sings well live, and he even dances! What’s not to love?

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