September 20th, 2009


Gillian Chung & Nick Cheung win together at Shanghai award ceremony

Gillian Chung (Ah Gil) and Nick Cheung arrived in Shanghai last night for the (2009品位盛典) award ceremony. Because of the strong storms, the flight to Shanghai was delayed several hours. Once the two got off the plane, they immediately rushed to the ceremony because they didn't want to miss it.

This is the first time the two appeared on the same stage at an award ceremony, Nick won "Annual Achievement Award", while Gillian won "Best Breakthrough Artist Award". Nick and Gillian appeared together linking arms as they walked out.

When speaking of how he felt about the award he won, he said: "I love Shanghai! In the future when I retire, Shanghai is the first place I want to live in." Then the host wanted him to act out the different expressions one would give when they win the different awards, challenging his acting skills. Nick did each expression one by one, winning the audiences' applause.

Gillian thanked fans for their support, she promises: "I will use the future days to make a breakthrough for myself, I will have more accomplishments when it comes to work and I will let you all see it."


Well, at least something good has happened to her for once, lol.