September 18th, 2009


This is a Vanness Wu post

Vanness Wu's 2nd Japanese single hits Oricon Top 10

The ranking was obviously earlier this month, but VW just posted about it today, lol.

Oricon Singles Daily Ranking (9.01.2009), Wednesday September 2, 2009 Japan

1. V6 - Guilty = 31654
2. Yuzu - Niji = 11991
3. the pillows - Ameagari ni Mita Maboroshi = 4218
4. Guardians 4 - School Days
5. Shunsuke Kiyokiba - JET
6. the pillows, Ben Kweller - Lightning Runaway ~NO MUSIC, NO LIFE~
7. SMAP - Sotto Kyutto / Superstar
8. B'z - Ichibu to Zenbu / DIVE
9. VANNESS - I Don't Wanna Lose You
10. Chihiro Onitsuka - Kagero

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In all honesty, it's pretty good. Better than his first one. Even if it's just because his Japanese sounds better, lol.

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Hot Summer Day, Burning Hot, Hot and Spicy

Just to keep track, those are the three names this film is currently going by, lol.

Yesterday Nicholas Tse was in Central Hong Kong filmed "Hot Summer Day", on the set were Jacky Cheung, Daniel Wu and Yang Qi. During the hot day, Nicholas Tse kept eating noodles non-stop, Jacky Cheung had to carry a air conditioner, but the two didn't complain at all, they were very professional. Nicholas Tse had a good mood all the way, when they didn't have to film he chatted to Jacky Cheung, he was probably talking about kids. Recently there have been rumours that Nicholas Tse and Cecilia Cheung have gone back on holiday to the place they got married in the Philippines and successfully got pregnant, they even state that Cecilia Cheung has been pregnant for over a month. When asked if he was becoming a father again? He said: "Today we are filming, I'm not talking about other things."

Also, a few days ago when Nicholas Tse accepted interviews from Mainland China media, he frankly said he had decided he was not releasing any more albums, because the music industry of today is completely unsuitable for him. He expressed that artists in the past had to sell a few hundred thousand copies to have the right to hold a concert at the Hong Kong Coliseum, but nowadays artists can announce they are holding a concert at the Hong Kong Coliseum by having one hit song on an album.

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The fact that he didn't outright deny the baby making, like he did last time, leads me to believe that it's true. X)


Ah Sa and Mike invade Taiwan

More screen shots HERE

Charlene Choi (Ah Sa) sololy enter the Taiwan market with idol drama , it's been schedule to air in October. Recently, CTS release the trailers of the drama, the clips contained multiple kissing scenes of the leading couple, Charlene and Mike. The trailer cause an uproar addiction from the fans, it has only been up for a few days but it already have thousands of hits.

In the drama, Ah Sa and Mike He kissed many times, and since she has started acting, this should be the project that has the most kissing scenes. On the contrary, Mike He, having acted in many Taiwanese dramas, in each drama he will always kiss the female lead. With Hong Kong and Taiwan's two biggest idols together, it is no wonder that the Taiwanese fans are very responsive to the trailer/advertising trailer.


Looks hot, hahah.


Top 10 Mandarin Albums (September 11 - September 17)

1. Sodagreen (蘇打綠) and 'Fever' (夏‧狂熱) with 19.42% sales (NEW!)
2. COLOR and ‘COLOR Debut Album’ (COLOR首張全創作專輯) with 12.55% sales
3. New Artist Family (新藝人家族) and ‘Faith Map’ (信心地圖) with 8.6% sales
4. Cosmos People (宇宙人) and 'Self-titled Album' (同名專輯) with 5.51% sales
5. Jam Hsiao (蕭敬騰) and ‘Princess’ (王妃) with 5.34% sales
6. Shaun Yong Bang (永邦) and ‘Devil’s Tears’ (魔鬼的眼淚) with 3.43% sales
7. Khalil Fong (方大同) and ‘Timeless’ (Timeless:可啦思刻) with 2.21% sales
8. David Tao (陶吉吉) and ‘Opus 69’ (六九樂章) with 1.7% sales
9. Tanya Chua (蔡健雅) and 'If You See Him' (若你碰到他) with 1.62% sales
10. Mavis Fan & 100% (范曉萱 & 100%樂團) and 'Innocent' (赤子) with 1.33% sales

Album chart compiled from G-Music based on retail sales


Lol, COLOR is still 2nd. D:

Keanu Reeves

'Treasure Hunter' gears up for release

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The official poster and the first trailer for adventure film "The Treasure Hunter", starring Jay Chou and Lin Chi-Ling, were released Thursday as producers gear up for its December 31 release.

Highlighting the film's treasure-hunting theme, the poster features a background that brings to mind "Lara Croft: Tomb Raider" starring Angelina Jolie.

"The Treasure Hunter", formerly known by its Chinese name "Ci Ling", is the first collaboration between Jay Chou and Lin Chi-Ling, two of Taiwan's hottest stars.

Created with 400 million New Taiwan dollars (US$12 million), the action-packed film tells the adventure of Qiao Fei (Jay Chou), who strives to protect a hidden treasure with the help of Lan Ting (Lin Chi-Ling).

Former supermodel Lin makes her second big-screen appearance after she won rave reviews for her role in John Woo's "Red Cliff" last year. Pop star-turned-actor Jay Chou, also a fresh face on the silver screen, cooperates again with director Chu Yin-Ping after "Kung Fu Dunk".

"The Treasure Hunter" also co-stars Hong Kong actor Eric Tsang, as well as actor Chen Daoming and actress Miao Pu from the mainland.

Collapse ) anyone interested in seeing this film? 'Cause I'm not lol. I wonder if Lin Zhiling is going to baby talk her way through the movie.

Keanu Reeves

Wang Leehom in Luoyang

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Yesterday, Wang Lee Hom came to Luoyang to promote his upcoming concert that is to be held here. His fans came from all over the place, hoping to see their idol in person. Regretfully, although Wang Lee Hom carried himself perfectly as usual and even thrice initiated to give out a concert ticket with a special meaning to the fans present, he was ‘mercilessly’ rejected. Other than that, the security guards present wouldn’t stop pushing and shoving the fans to clear the place. Incidents like these continuously happened, and subconsciously made Wang Lee Hom seemed less perfect that he is always portrayed.

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