September 17th, 2009


Chris Lee Showed up at the “Vogue” Party

On Sept 11th, the Fashion’s Night out Party organized by “Vogue” was kicking off simultaneously at 13 countries and cities. In mainland China, the celebrities presented include most popular Chinese singer Li Yuchun, world renowned stylist Li Dongtian, famouns actress Yao Chen, Li Xiaolu, Zhang Jingchu, Olympic champion and former head coach Liu Guoliang and etc.

Li Yuchun made her appearance at the very last and aroused quit a stir. Then she was engaged in chatting with Li Dongtian and Yao Chen. According to some source, Li Yuchun told Yao a big secret by her inquiry, that her concert in Beijing is scheduled late November at Wukesong Indoor Stadium (aka Beijing Olympic Basketball Gymnasium). Not long after, Li Yuchun was introduced to some managers of edgy fashion brands and started her shopping adventure around the place.

Li Yuchun - Amor [Live]:


no tag for Chris Lee (or Li Yuchun) :O

G.E.M's 'All About You' MV release


G.E.M Tang (also known as Gloria Tang) , HK's very talented R&B/Hip-Hop singer, uploaded on her Official YouTube channel her 'All About You' MV on September 11, 2009, All About You is the title track of her latest single, just like 'Where Did U Go' it's an R&B song and it's already getting so many attention from fans. It is said that the MV was filmed in the US.

作曲 Music by: Marc Nelkin / David Gamson / Kaci Brown
作詞 Lyrics by: G.E.M. OP: Hummingbird Music Ltd.
監製及編曲 Arranged & Produced by: Lupo Groinig
導演及攝影 Director & Cinematographer by: Jimmy Ming Shum
剪接 Edited by: Terrence Ma @ popcorn imaging
電腦編曲及吉他 Programming , Guitars : Lupo Groinig
電腦編曲及電子琴 Programming, Keyboards : Sam Vahdat
和聲 Backup Vocals : G.E.M. , Gigi Worth
人聲錄製 Vocals engineered by : Peter Roberts @ Blue Danube Studio , Los Angeles
混音 Mixed by : George Dum @ Liquid Fish Studio, Los Angeles


I wanted to post this on aiya since G.E.M annouced on her Facebook account about uploading this on her channel, but I was so busy so sorry if you already knew about this! >.< , but I'm posting it for aiya readers to get to know this amazing singer :D , anyway she's really awesome I really love her voice, she's so talented, the MV was cute too hehe..

Mike He talks about friends, work

On the 15th, Mike He took up the post as spokesperson for the 6th Taipei Television Festival. Earlier, he and Ah Sa collaborated in CTS drama ‘Calling For Love’. Yesterday, he revealed that Rainie Yang & Ah Sa are his two closest female artist friends, because the 2 gave him a similar feeling both inside & outside the drama: “I have a very good impression of them both.”

Mike & TVBS’ contract has terminated, and he said that it’s because his management company was situated in Hong Kong, and the 2 sides lacked tacit understanding and sense of security. His manager would also often change so he has decided to switch companies. Outside rumours suggest that he’s going to sign with Angie Chai, but he smiled and did not deny this. Yesterday, he spoke to Director Cai and volunteered himself to star in the film version of ‘Black & White’ but Director Cai did not give him an exact reply. Mark Zhao will be the lead once again for the film version and besides being nominated for the Golden Bell Awards, he has also earned a million-dollar endorsement deal with Korea University Make-up.

Talking about his good friend Joe Cheng, Mike said that he saw the MV for his new song on TV and he laughed saying: “His arms and legs are both long, he looks very good at dancing.” Yesterday, Joe visited Jin Ou girls’ high school to teach the dance moves for his new song, and he said that although he has attended Hsing Wu College for 4 years, he has made a deal with his management company, to let him attend school at least once a week.

The Taipei Television Festival will be held this month from the 22th – 24th at the Grand Hotel. This year, in addition to many Asian countries taking part in the event, participants have also extended to the Middle East, Europe & North America, and the number of exhibitors has reached a record high. Mainland China alone has surpassed a hundred participating groups, and Li Ya Peng may come to Taiwan. Yesterday, Shen Shi Hua, Dai Jun Zhu & Li Yun Xia etc all attended the opening ceremony.


Ah, I like the red in his hair, lol.


Andy Lau to star in new movie with Zhou Xun

In early 2010, Andy Lau will be cast in another love story film titled Kiss, he would be playing an university’s professor and fall in love with a day-dreaming Zhou Xun. Accepting this love story film project could assist him of winning back some female fans whom are angry of him keeping his marriage a secret! In addition, Chow Yun Fatt also show his support towards Andy for not revealing his marriage.

After his secret marriage registration in Las Vegas with his 24-years girlfriend Carol Choo being exposed by Apple Daily News, Andy had to make a public apology to rescue the fans support for him, he had accepted to be cast in a love story film titled Kiss directed by Chan Hing Kai in order to win back some female fans.

The film will be produced by ChinaStar, preparation had stated 6 months ago, when director Chan Hing Kai presented the script to ChinaStar boss Charles Heung, it got his interest and the male and female lead had been confirmed to be Andy and Zhou Xun respectively. The film narrates an university professor meeting a day-dreaming crazy for love girl, in order to woo her, the professor tried all sort of methods to win her heart.

When reporters contacted ChinaStar, its spokeswoman Miss Lee clarify, she said: “The company is indeed interested in this film, our first choices are Andy Lau and Zhou Xun, nothing had been confirmed, the script is still been working on, shooting will start earliest next year, Mr and Mrs Heung had good relationship with Andy, the company will surely support him.”
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Lol, I like how this story was mostly an excuse to talk about his marriage again.  But hey, that Zhou Xun seems busy with HK stars all of a sudden recently.


Random Nic News: wife pregnant, loves video games

HONG KONG actor Nicholas Tse's wife, actress Cecilia Cheung Pak-Chi, is pregnant, reported Sin Chew Daily. She is due next May. The couple have a two-year-old son, Lucas.

Both Tse and Cheung returned last month to the Philippines, where they were married. They spent five days there and Cheung is now one-and-a-half months pregnant, the daily said.

Cheung rests at home most of the time. She is the daughter-in-law of veteran actor Patrick Tse and actress Deborah Lee.

Andy On: Nicholas Tse loves playing video games

Since his relationship with Jennifer Tse was exposed, Andy On has become a focal point of the media's attention. A coincidental thing is that he will be playing the role of Mao Jie in the new TV version of "Jade Goddess of Mercy", the same role Nicholas Tse played in the movie version. The reporters asked: "Did you talk to Nicholas Tse about this role?" Andy On shook his head, "Nic knew I took on this series, Jennifer also knew, but when we are together we don't talk about work, even if we touch on it, he only says "I wish the the best of luck". Every time I go to his house, the only thing we do is lock ourselves in and play video games like crazy, at the same time we prepare lots of tasty food and stuff ourselves."

"Who is better at video games?" Andy On said: "Nic is a games master, he knows more game genres than I do, every time he plays he's very cool."


Hahah, this is the same guy that named his character's pet in an MMORPG 'Nic Tse'. XD

It's nice he'll probably get some residual publicity from being involved with Nic's sister though, lol.

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A Chinese 'Hero' for NBC's Hit Drama

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Producers of the popular American TV series "Heroes" are considering casting a Chinese actor to help expand the drama's growing Chinese influence, Chinese media reported on Wednesday.

The U.S. National Broadcasting Company (NBC) is seeking an English-speaking Chinese actor for the drama's planned sixth season, Yangtse Evening Post cited unnamed sources close to NBC.

Season 4, the latest completed season, will premiere on American small screens next week on September 21.

NBC is currently approaching Hong Kong-based stars Daniel Wu, Allen Ting and Stephen Fung for the role, according to the report. Daniel Wu and Stephen Fung share an American upbringing.


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More photos of Jay Chou on the set of the Green Hornet

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Taiwan pop star-turned-actor Jay Chou works on the set of superhero movie "The Green Hornet" in Los Angeles on September 16, 2009. Chou plays martial-arts veteran Kato, the role that made Bruce Lee known to Americans in a 1960s TV version. Jay Chou joins the cast after Stephen Chow, actor and director of Hong Kong comedies, quit the role. Despite his enormous fame in Asia, Jay Chou isn't making his Hollywood debut easily - he has to take English lessons every day when he isn't filming, China Foto Press reports. "The Green Hornet" is directed by Michel Gondry and also stars Seth Rogen, Christoph Waltz and Cameron Diaz.

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A-One's "Jie Jie" Has One Million Ringtone Downloads

I had posted something about A-One a day or two ago, but it was more cathartic written than read, and so I took it down. But finally I can post something hopeful about their comeback. Their first single, Jie Jie had more than one million ringtone downloads. The veracity of this article is questionable, because no one even commented on the song at Sohu, but it’s still nice to hear. KS, for a smaller company, has done a great job with their songs, choreography, and pretty much everything except clothes, so it would be such a shame to see them not work out, especially when the guys have been working nonstop for the past year with very little gratification compared to other boybands.

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Sodagreen's Fever MV for their "Summer" Album

I had written about Sodagreen’s Vivaldi project back in this post, when they came out with their Spring album. I don’t post much outside of mainland entertainment anymore due to time constraints, which I feel guilty about, but I will post ever single time Sodagreen comes out with another “Season” because it’s interesting and I want to compare them all. This time “Summer” is set in London, where they filmed their MV and their style is supposed to be London rock. The MV is filmed by London-based Zeroes for Heroes. Lead singer Qing Feng has also experienced another hair color change accordingly.

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Wang Xiaokun's MV for Liang Wan Cheng

I wanted to post on his album Those Girls You Like, Or Don’t Like, I Like Them All when it came out this summer, but I figured waiting for this MV was an easier way to make people listen to his soothing voice, or at least take notice, because I get sometimes frustrated that if it’s not a boyband, or not flashy, then people won’t try it. I’m not sure how many people remember him from this post.

The “story” of the MV is a love between two girls that doesn’t work out.

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