September 12th, 2009


Free For All SATURDAY!

★Free★For ★All!

What's this??? 

It's FFA SATURDAY like craps in a back alley!  Only not really.


NO spam
NO porn
NO more than 5 pics/3 gifs per comment (we want pages to load)
NO huge pics (that will make everyone scroll sideways)
NO advertising
NO fighting
NO lurking (c'mon post!)

Talk about the week's news, music, movies/dramas you're watching, share a few pics or vids, introduce yourself, WHATEVER. You can even talk about something other than Chinese stuff, IF you want.


We are 3 2 0 members from 500, so I can only imagine some of you did promote to your friends. Xie xie. :D  New peeps, the FFA is a great place to meet everyone.  Seeing as they're so laid back compared to other comms' FFAs. XD

Another poll on the themed FFAs will probably be held next week.  I urge as many of you as possible to participate, even if it's just to vote 'NO'.  It's hard to gauge interest when only 30ish of 500 vote.

Also, it has been suggested that we should try to get spotlighted.  If you all agree this is a jolly good idea, go HERE and fill that out. :D

Happy early Birthday to Philip Ng!  It's September 16th, but I have no idea how old he is because he keeps it sekrit. XD  And this is ttly not a reminder to go to his blog and tell him so on the day of. >.>


Vic Zhou comes to Jerry Yan's defense and says "I don't like congratulations"

Yesterday afternoon, Vic Zhou (Zai Zai) attended a ‘Spread Love To Si Chuan’ charity event in Hong Kong. Someone mentioned that out of F4, only he can be nominated for the Golden Bell Awards, but he stuck up for Jerry Yan. When asked whether ex-girlfriend Barbie Hsu (Da S) has congratulated him yet, Zai Zai said it’s fine to keep these things in one’s heart.

Zai Zai has been nominated for ‘Best Actor’ for Taiwanese drama ‘Black & White’ in the Golden Bell Awards, but he is optimistic for his senior Zhang Shi instead. He feels that he has already achieved his goal by being nominated: “To me, this is already a very good confirmation, I hope my work in the future will be successful.” When asked whether his ex-girlfriend Da S has congratulated him yet, Zai Zai replied: “I don’t like congratulations and praises, it’s fine to keep these things in one’s heart, saying it out feels very fake.”

Although Jerry Yan is also filming dramas, but someone at the event said that amongst the Taiwanese F4 members, only Zai Zai can be nominated. But he said: “I want to speak in Jerry’s defense, I’ve participated in the most dramas. I really treasure the time us 4 spend together, without them, there wouldn't be me today.”


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Top Combine performing Jay Chou's Dao Xiang on TTXS

Their last appearance before they go off to record their next album. It has a lot of symbolic meaning for them, because they debuted on TTXS, a year ago and everyone's quite emotional.

Download audio rip:

Tian Tian Xiang Shang is more like a variety show rather than a music stage. I know people would like it if Chinese entertainment had a show like Korea or Japan does that showcases music acts, but China's more like the US in size, and I don't see the feasibility of that.

China's just so big, and there's at least three big centers of entertainment: Beijing, Shanghai, and Changsha. Most of the companies are located in those three locations, and perhaps in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, or Chengdu too.

Hopefully however they can get something similar one day.
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Modern Sky Festival Coming Soon

It's that time of year again! China's largest indie label is holding their Modern Sky Music Festival soon, with both foreign and non-foreign acts.

Also I want to pimp out the fact that three of their bands 刺猬 Hedgehog, 赌鬼 Casino Demon, & 后海大鲨鱼 Queen Sea Big Shark are in America for the Sing For China Tour, to benefit children orphaned by AIDS.
Click here for the tour dates and see if they are going to a city near you. There are also links to download their music on the site.

Poster for the festival:

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