September 10th, 2009


Kingone finishes compulsory army service

Popular Taiwanese actor-singer, Kingone (also known as Wang Chuan Yi), who was recently seen in the role of a drug-trafficker in the much-adulated Taiwanese drama series, Black & White, just finished his service with the Taiwanese army.

In Black & White, Kingone took on the role of a drug-trafficker named Gao Yi. As he was still involved in filming for the drama series while he was serving the army, he had a couple of close shaves with his officers that were indirectly caused by his baddie-role in the show. Kingone chuckled as he shared an experience he had with an officer in the camp who said to him, “You are definitely taking drugs! Fall out and take a urine test!”

The actor quietly complied with the instructions of the officer but had another close brash with his army officer when he went on leave and partook in the promotional activities for the movie, Love. Kingone’s officer peeped at the schedule on his mobile phone and openly confronted him, “Do you know that army personnel are not allowed to accept interviews?”

Since the confrontation with his officer, Kingone decided to keep a low-profile and did not have any photos taken for the promotional events for Black & White. As if fate was playing tricks on him, his drug-trafficker role in Black & White also marked his most titular role to date ever since his acting debut five years ago, and left a deep impression on viewers.

Kingone made his first public appearance two days ago after he recently completed serving the nation. As the actor’s once inner eyelids are now prominent double eyelids, he was repeatedly quizzed if he had undergone a double eyelid surgery. Despite his clarifications, his replies fell on deaf ears and he finally decided to swear and convince the crowd. “If I really did cut them, they will decompose!”


New Release: Eunix Lee

Title:      After School (EP)
Singer Name(s):     Lee Chek Tang Eunix (Singer) 李卓庭
Release Date:     2009-09-10
Language:     Cantonese
Country of Origin:     Hong Kong
Publisher:     Forward Music Co. Limited

2007 Ultimate Song Chart Awards' Best Newcomer Eunix Lee keeps the pace of an EP a year, and after 09.18 and Eunix Mag from the previous two years, the rock girl returns in new styles with After School being her exciting 2009 release! In addition to her usual producer Kenneth Fong, the crew for the new EP counts popular artists Dear Jane and Chet Lam among its composers, with Jim of I Love U Boyz designing the cover and a new image for Eunix. The first plugs to come off the EP are "A Boy for Once", Chet Lam's All is Fine, and Dear Jane's "Don't Like Brand Names".


Hey guys,  go see one of our affiliates, cmuse , if you'd like a peek at this EP. I really reccomend her in general though. She has a pretty unique sound.  (And I think I'm going to start doing some posts like this every now and again.)


Nicholas Tse filming new movie 'Hot and Spicy'

Nicholas Tse just came back to Hong Kong from abroad, he has immediately jumped into the filming of "Hot and Spicy" (starring Nicholas Tse, Jacky Cheung, Zhou Xun, Angelababy and William Chan), yesterday night at 8, with a vest on Nicholas Tse filmed an outside scene at Central Hong Kong. The scene was about Nicholas Tse searching for someone on a moped, before the filming Nicholas Tse talked to the director and others about the scene and positions, Nicholas Tse seemed excited and waved his hands about. During which, the director ordered a stunt double wearing the same clothes and Nicholas Tse to get on the moped and test the angles, Nicholas Tse attentively noted the double's path, he was very professional.

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Lol at that title.  I wonder what it's about...

萨顶顶: Sky

Angela Zhang's "White"

Angela Zhang’s new album ‘5th Season’ title track ‘White’ has just released globally. After a break of one year and 8 months, she is about to release her new music, but this break wasn’t empty, and is definitely irreplaceable. Goddess Angela has resurrected in 2009, and her new album will be released on the 25th of September. Her title track ‘White’ is a joint collaboration with Chen Wei and Li Zhuo Xiong, and together they have produced a new ‘soft rock’ masterpiece. They have also specially invited Avril Lavigne’s special music crew to help with the album, and renowned Japanese jeans brand BOBSON has selected ‘White’ to be its theme song.

Since releasing ‘Ang 5.0’ in December 2006, Angela has chosen to take a rest on the music road for one year and 8 months. Now she has found herself once again, and is about to make her killer comeback to the music industry. Beginning with ‘White’, she has sung out the bright spot she has been looking for in a non-existent ‘5th Season’. Whether it is new music genres that she has never tried before, or changing her famous piercing high notes; this time’s singing gives a refreshing sound to our ears. And her ever-changing style is one of the reasons why everyone loves Angela. For her new album ‘White’, whether it’s the album cover or filming the MV, Angela has successfully challenged her own limits of style, and will lead us into the mysterious white atmosphere of a new season.


Personally, I can't wait. Such a beautiful song and she looks gorgeous on the cover :) It already sounds better than anything on Ang 5.0.