September 9th, 2009


Ken Zhu: what happens in Vegas....

Following the recent media circus of Asian stars secretly tying the knot in Las Vegas, prolific Taiwanese actor-singer Ken Zhu also came under the microscope as one of the possible celebrities who are guilty for saying 'I do' in Sin City. Ken, who is currently filming an upcoming Taiwanese drama, Momo Love, laughed when he was informed of the media's speculations and told them to stop their search and save their energy.

The actor explained that he never once considered Vegas as a wedding location because there are too many last-minute and shotgun marriages recorded there. "According to my own personality and opinion, I feel that if I were to tell a girl that I would like to get married in Las Vegas, it does not feel sincere enough. It is as if I would unexpectedly regret and back out on my words."

On the outbreak of accusations burdened on Andy Lau, who singlehandedly started the furore of exposing secret Vegas nuptials, Ken commented that the Heavenly King is a role model for all entertainment companies and newbie artistes. He cited an example from his early days in boyband F4 and shared that his manager would often spur him on by saying, "Look at Andy Lau. Look at how humble and hardworking he is."

At Andy's current predicament and desperate attempts to protect his own privacy and safeguard his career, Ken feels nothing but pity for him. As a fellow celebrity, Ken strongly understands the difficulties Andy faces. "When the media question about my relationships, I have nothing to hide. I am a public figure and I am most willing to entertain everyone. But this does not mean that I must be totally honest and public about my private life as this will also involve the female party. If I do not make any comments, it is done to protect my other half."


Lol, but oh, I think Momo Love was the one Vanness Wu was also talking about that he was working on.


Taiwan makes Oscar picks

HONG KONG -- A melodrama set in 1950s Taiwan with a predominantly Taiwanese cast has been chosen to represent Hong Kong as the candidate for the best foreign-language film at the Academy Awards.

The Federation of Motion Film Producers of Hong Kong named Yonfan's "Prince of Tears" as the candidate film Tuesday.

Directed and written by Yonfan ("Peony Pavilion"), produced by Fruit Chan ("Hollywood-Hong Kong") and starring Wing Fan ("Miao Miao"), Joseph Chang ("Eternal Summer"), and Zhu Xuan, "Prince of Tears" tells a personal story of betrayal set against the political background of anti-communist witch hunt known as "white terror." The film has just held its world premiere at the 66th Venice Film Festival and is scheduled for release in Hong Kong on Oct. 22.

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Nice!  Maybe I'll remember to watch the upcoming Oscars this time.  Normally Idgaf. XD


Chow Yun Fat says Confucius is boring

Forget the grave, poker-faced swordsman in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (Wohu Canglong), Chow Yun-fat turns the tables in his latest role as the sober philosopher Confucius. But the way he tells the story is hilarious.

"My bodyguards and driver told me that I often repeated in Confucius sayings while in the bathroom and cars," the jovial 54-year-old told the press this week.  "I asked them how I sounded, and they said: Your Mandarin sucks!"

And there was more laughter in store for the amused press gallery.

"To tell you the truth, I have been bored to death over the past three months. It is a mistake to cast me as Confucius! It is all my wife's idea to make me take the role, she controls my money!"

Maybe that is his way to deal with the pressure of playing the most influential thinker, philosopher and educator in China who lived 2,500 years ago.  It is not an easy job for any star, when tens of millions followers of your character are ready to pick a flaw.  Director Hu Mei is very supportive, though.

"Confucius is lucky to have Chow play him," she says.

The veteran director, known for depicting powerful historical figures, has just wrapped up the shooting and is now busy on post-production.  Other actors laud Chow's performance. He is a modern Confucius, they say. Zhou Xun who acts opposite Chow says she was learning all the time.

Chow continues to play the funny man. "I know nothing about Confucius. I act as directed," he says.

But apparently he is quite serious about the role.  Two years ago, when Hu offered him the first draft of the film's screenplay, Chow refused, because the character of Confucius was too young.  He only said yes when the script was revised and Confucius was made older. "That was close to my own age and I can handle it," he says.

Chow and Hu quickly reached an agreement on how to portray the master.

"I do not play a character with a halo. I know only how to play a real person," he says.  "And Hu too told me she wants to depict a person, not a god."

Like in all his movies, Chow worked hard. The make-up took two and a half hours each time and the Cantonese speaker had to perfect his Mandarin.  Chow also had to learn ancient rituals and lose 4 kg. This role was not all about jokes.

The film will premiere in spring.


Lol, I guess they forgot that he does have the ability to be funny.  God of Gamblers anyone?

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G.E.M says if Jason Chan wanted to pursue her he wouldn't need money

G.E.M took initiative telling Jason Chan to pursue her (This was the AF article title...doesn't really reflect the content)

Last night Jason Chan and G.E.M Tang held a cooperative concert together. GEM played her keyboard and sang at the same time. Jason praised that she performed well, but did not dare to ask her to teach him how to play the keyboard because her tutoring fee would definitely be expensive. Jason was afraid he wouldn't be able to pay up. GEM just turned 18 not long ago, now he's able to pursue her? GEM smiled at Jason and said that if he wanted to pursue her, then he wouldn't need to use money. Jason expressed that he will need to consider it first because he can't just pursue her just because he wants to learn keyboard.


These two would make such nice sounding babies. I don't have a picture because the one at AF makes Jason look bad and he's adorable. XD


Gong Li in the October issue of Chinese Elle

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Actress Gong Li graces the October 2009 cover of Chinese Elle magazine.

The movie "Shanghai", her second collaboration with actor Chow Yun-fat after 2006's "Curse of the Golden Flower", is expected to be released in 2010.

In the story set in legendary 1940s Shanghai, Gong Li plays a socialite and an underground revolutionary, and Chow is again her husband.

"He is a Shanghai tycoon. We are a couple who conceals many secrets from each other, and both of us know that," Gong Li said during the interview.

"I fell in love with this woman called Anna as soon as I saw her," she said, talking about her role. "She's strong. She's gentle. She's smart and intellectual. She's like a mystery, making people wonder what kind of person she is. I admire this kind of woman."

Gong Li also told Elle she enjoyed the days she spent filming "Memoirs of a Geisha".

Sometimes, a crowd of women (actresses) gathered and jabbered away. That was fun," she said.

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HIT-5 split with old company; Now in Hou Xian's Company

They split with their old company "Fresh Music" officially about a week ago after citing differences, and have made a smooth transition to a new company Tian Hao without much fuss. Tian Hao also manages Hou Xian, whom I adore, but doesn't do many tv appearances for his albums, and frankly doesn't need them to sell. HIT-5 is different, and it remains to be seen how their new company manages them. And how Hou Xian will be affected by them and vice versa.

They were recently the only special guest performers at the most anticipated concert of the year in China: The Chris Lee - Bibi Zhou - Jane Zhang reunion concert. If there's one concert I'd like to open for as an up-and-coming singer, that would be it. Obsessive fans wouldn't even begin to describe that audience, although I'd say the fanbase of three strong goal-oriented women and a boyband may not be the same.

HIT-5's music


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