September 8th, 2009

Du Lala's Promotion
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Zhang Junning and Zhang Yuqi for Men's Uno


Men's Uno's second couple photoshoot. These two, both in their early twenties, could be considered two of the hottest rising actors in China, and with two of the most perfect set of looks. Kitty Zhang Yuqi was discovered by Stephen Chow for CJ7 while Zhang Junning was discovered by drama scriptwiter/director Hai Yan. Both men have midas touches when it comes to make an actress and actor, respectively, famous. Together the two are paired in the desert heat to interpret a passionate love, and continue that interpretation in the Versace hotel in Australia.
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Mark Zhao admits he inhaled, loses his cell phone

Up-and-coming Taiwanese newcomer, Mark Chao once took marijuana in Canada. His shocking revelation nearly gave his manager a heart attack. "They are not too strict there, the police won't bother too. About 80% of Canadians have tried it," he said. But the actor, who will be seen in upcoming movie Monga opposite Ethan Ruan, was quick to clarify and reassured that he will not touch any illegal substances, since he is aware that it is prohibited in Taiwan.

At a press event held a few days ago Mark also shared that he recently lost his mobile phone at the filming site. The overanxious actor made a police report, but denied speculation that there are intimate and explicit photos in his phone. He added that he could not bear to part with the phone he has been using from Canada.

In light of the recent case of exposed photos taken from Lin Chi-ling's lost mobile phone, Mark's assistant furthered clarified that the actor rarely takes photos with his mobile phone, saying that "His handphone contains the contact number of some celebrities and directors. He is afraid that they will be harassed and lodged a police report."

In his upcoming movie, Monga, Mark will take on the role of a hooligan alongside of Ethan Ruan. In an interview, Mark was asked if he ever participated in any gangs and the actor laughingly replied, "How is that possible?! All the Caucasians are taller and bigger than me."


Lol. Somehow I could see him as being overanxious, kinda like his character in Black and White. XD


Carina Lau is thankful that husband Tony Leung is not an idol

In stark contrast to the great lengths that Heavenly King Andy Lau up until recently has gone to conceal his marriage, fellow Hong Kong celebrity couple Carina Lau and Tony Leung have walked a completely different path. Consistently open about their relationship, the pair, who dated each other for 20 years, publicly announced their marriage plans. Their Bhutan wedding last year was a field day for the press..

Still, Carina expressed sympathy with the media storm brewing over Andy's clandestine Las Vegas marriage. "There is a lot of confusion in this world, the internet makes it very advanced. It is very hard to tell between what is true and what is false. I hope everyone can look upon this matter calmly. He is burdened with a lot of pressure and unspoken worries, beautiful lies can be accepted."

Smilingly, she praised Carol Chu (Andy's Malaysian wife) on her willingness to hide her existence for Andy's sake, and shared that she is unable to match-up to Carol in that aspect. "I am very calm, maybe it is my own character, I am very grateful that Tony does not belong to the pack of idol celebrities," she said.

When asked about her plans to have a family, an unperturbed Carina replied, "The both of us are still queuing up. We will let nature take its own course. The heavens will have something installed for us."

Famous Cantopop singer and actor, Alan Tam, had wise words for his younger junior, Andy. "This matter is a very personal thing. I don't understand why he has to suffer so much. If you do not wish to say, then don't. You don't have to care what a fraction of people are saying. On family matters, just reply and tell them thank you for your concern. You don't have to carry a face, although he has never shown a black face too."


Eason Chan invests greatly for new album

Eason Chan will be releasing his new Mandarin album "Living on the Fifth Floor" (上五樓的怏活) at the end of September. He called his album the "5th Floor" because both his recording studios in Hong Kong and Taiwan is on the 5th floor.

Eason's new album is a collaborative work with Taiwan's famous Li Wei-Zhe producer. Turns out that Eason already wanted to collaborate with him 10 years ago. Eason smiled: "It feels like I just found my long last brother!" For the new album, Eason invested in an expensive single lens camera, it will be his first time as a photographer snapping pictures of the recording equipment, building elevators, the scenary outside the window and the staff working whenever there is extra time. Eason took over 1000 pictures, the designer selected some of Eason's photos and assembled a 72 page photo album as a pre-order gift for Fans. Eason also created 11 demo songs allowing Fans to get the feel of how it feels to first sing a song. He made great investments for this album, no wonder Eason describes it as "lose one copy, gain one copy"!


Oh c'mon, there HAS to be a few Eason Chan fans here. I know he's not very attractive, but gdammit, he has an awesome voice, and that's really all that matters. :|

*I* can't wait for this anyway.