September 5th, 2009


Ariel Lin had a secret marriage at 19? Manager renounces rumors

Following the numerous reports of Hong Kong entertainer's secret weddings, the press has also found records relating to Ariel Lin on the public websites. The records report that in 2001, a male by the name of Chen Li-Han registered a marriage. Towards this report, Ariel's manager immediately denied all rumors: "Everyone saw her debut, how could she have a chance to secretly marry?"

Ariel Lin's english name is spelled out "Lin I-Chen", a rare name in Hong Kong and China. However, the name surfaced in the marriage registries. Could Ariel have become a bride at only 19 years of age?

Ariel's manager, Zhou Mei Yu, firmly expressed: "Ariel definitely did not marry anyone!"
She emphasized that in 2001, Ariel had just entered college and signed her contract. The public has seen her grow up. How could she have married? And she did not go to America in 2001 either.


Free For All SATURDAY!

★Free★For ★All!

Like an annoying friend, FFA SATURDAY is back like clockwork! 


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Talk about the week's news, music, movies/dramas you're watching, share a few pics or vids, introduce yourself, WHATEVER. You can even talk about something other than Chinese stuff, IF you want.


So my co-maintainer is not back yet and I don't really have time to pimp this comm as much as I I'm wondering, would there be a few people here who would like to be pimpers?  Even better if you're graphically inclined (fancy banners ya know) or in a lot of comms.

Well, it sort of looks like the drama/movie FFAs were one-time hits.  Nevertheless, another drama one will take place next Friday around noon.  If the participation is not there, they will probably be discontinued. =/

Any other ideas to liven this place up?  Or is it really just a waiting game and I'm being impatient, lol.


Making Out with Show Luo on the Streets, Rainie Yang Says It’s Like Incest!

Rainie Yang and Show Luo are collaborating for the first time in the idol drama Shanghai Sweetheart. On August 26th, Chinese Valentines Day, around 9:00pm, the two mocked some scenes at the train tracks to develop chemistry. The media saw them not only hugging and kissing each other by the train tracks, but Show also tippy-toed, spread out his legs, and imitated Zhu Ge Liang, sticking out his behind, causing Rainie to laugh so hard. She even adorably said, “Wouldn’t kissing like this seem like acting an incest scene?”

According to the latest edition of Next Magazine, a crew member said, “Because the two have never collaborated in acting before, so they first mocked the scenes to develop chemistry.” The magazine caught the two, for a perfect angle, Rainie wears a 15cm (6 inch) high heels and she sometimes is on her tippy-toes. Show also spreads his legs apart. When filming, Show held Rainie’s right hand, kissing her lips to lips. Afterward, Rainie shyly said, “Ah! Would it be like incest?” Even though the two are good friends, but because Show once sworn that he “will not be with friends’ girls;” therefore, he have not developed a relationship with Xiao Gui’s ex-girlfriend, Rainie Yang.