September 1st, 2009


Tanya Chua is a traditional girl at heart

Homegrown singer Tanya Chua's recently released music album, If You See Him, centres around an open-minded theme on love and is filled with soothing and warmhearted ballads.

In an interview, the singer, who is currently single, denies that she is yearning for love and expressed that she is more aware and clear of her own needs and wants. Despite her modern and outgoing image, she confessed to being a traditional girl at heart and emphasized that she prefers her men to take the first step. She also finds it difficult to accept a younger man as she prefers to be taken care by her other half.

With the many love ballads in her latest album, it is not hard to guess if Tanya's in love. On that, the singer clarified that love is an important part of our lives, and is an unavoidable topic for most singers. On the lyrics in her songs, she shared, "I don't think that it is necessary for a person to be in love to be able to write on love. You can take that one step forward, think about your past. When you are not in love, you have more time to understand and get to know yourself. You will discover what you are trying to pursue and waiting for when you are in love."

A trip to Paris was all that was needed to change Tanya's perspective on love. While she was on the streets in what is deemed as the 'most romantic city' on earth, she witnessed a couple run towards each other, spinning and embracing each other around - a scene typically only seen in movies.

"I never had this kind of feeling before. I used to deny that I had a yearning for love, but that one moment made me open my eyes. It has allowed to say that yes, I am a woman - I also want to be hugged this way! I used to be a bit indifferent and really hard to win over. However, I am really clear of what I want now."

While she prefers men to take the initiative in the romance department, a proactive Tanya did not hesitate to take the first approach to contact and meet up with music producers to work on her latest album. The bilingual singer shared that her initial idea of producing an album mixed with Chinese and English songs for If You See Him was too ambitious and hopes to produce an English album next.


I really liked her new album.  And well, her in general, lol.


Taiwan band Mayday delivers a tireless 31/2-hour concert

DURING their major gig here last April, the guys of Taiwanese pop-rock band Mayday exclaimed that they were 'going to play till the roof of Singapore Indoor Stadium flies off'.

Last Friday, back in town for their two-night Mayday DNA Singapore Concert, the five lads rocked out loud and hard.

The stadium's roof remained intact, but it was clear that the band had set a new benchmark for Asian live performances.

Playing to a near full-house capacity of 6,500 fans - the second night had already sold out all 8,000 tickets during pre-sales - who waved their light sticks and cheered boisterously throughout, lead vocalist Ashin, guitarists Monster and Stone, bassist Masa and drummer Guan You put in an astounding showcase of stamina and musical finesse as they stretched the concert to 31/2 hours.

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So THIS is what someone in the FFA was talking about, lol.

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Meteor Shower breaks records in hits

The highly controversial "Meteor Shower" won this week's TV without a doubt. Not only that, "Meteor Shower" also won with the highest votes of them all, with over 1.3 million hits. That's about twice as much as all other ones in the top ten added together.

Other stats:

- Last episode broke 3%, ratings reached a new high
- In the 18 days that it aired, it held the #1 spot in ratings every time, successfully setting a new record for HunanTv's self-productions
- Meteor Shower holds the highest ratings record out of all the dramas that have aired (on all channels in China) so far this year, it is the most searched & discussed on websites.
- Tian Tian Xiang Shang (a program the cast made an appearance on) broke 3.49% in ratings, setting the highest rating they have had so far this year

Source: Asianfanatics

Also the last photoshoot from Sohu, which was actually not bad considering Sohu's only a website that normally doesn't do photoshoots perse.

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