August 31st, 2009


Andy Lau continues to explain; remains awesome while doing so

Andy Lau & Carol Chu’s 24-year relationship was exposed after they were seen holding hands in public. Now, there are further rumours suggesting that they had already registered for marriage last year on the 23rd of June. Yesterday, Andy posted on his ‘Andy’s World’ blog site, first posting up an entry titled ‘I’m sorry’, expressing his apologies. Later, he indirectly confirmed the marriage rumour; at 9:27pm, he posted another entry titled ‘A belated confession’, and threw another bombshell: Carol Chu is pregnant.

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Wooow.  Now, I wonder if/when he'll admit he already has a couple kids. ;P


Huabiao Awards Ceremony Held in Beijing

Actress Zhang Ziyi arrives for the 13th Huabiao Awards ceremony in Beijing, capital of China, Aug. 29, 2009. The Huabiao Awards, also the governmental film prize, is known as one of the three most important domestic awards for Chinese films. [Photo: Xinhua/Wang Fang]

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it's a friending meme!

O hai gaiz, almost forgot about this, honestly. XD 

Welcome to the 2nd

Aiyatheydidnt Friending Meme!

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Song Zuying's little Sister to appear in Ugly Wudi 3

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I feel like the new hair trend in China is braids. Song Zuying's little sister is part of the cast for Ugly Wudi Season 3, in which Lin Wudi the protagonist gets a boyfriend, and everything is a musical. Song Zuying is currently China's most famous folk singer, and she sang with Placido Domingo at the Olympic Closing Ceremony. I know only one, maybe two people in this community who know who Song Zuying is by face, so here's a video, and you can compare her and her sisters looks.


Video of Song Zuying (in black) doing a skit (that's a parody of another famous skit) with China's Future First Lady, and former top folk singer: Peng Liyuan. Don't tell me I'm the only one who likes this stuff!

China's gonna have such a kickass first lady!