August 25th, 2009


Chen Kun Is A Handsome Bandit in "Let Bullets Fly"


Actor Chen Kun has been cast in director Jiang Wen's gangster film "Let Bullets Fly," the Xin Kuai Bao, or the New Express reports.

Ma Ke, the film's producer, told the newspaper the heartthrob who is mostly known for his tender image can fit into the western film.

"There could also be good-looking guys among the gangsters," Ma said.

Chen Kun will show a different side in the new film, Ma added, because he will play a "vicious and ruthless role."


I know this is a tiny article, lol, but casting against type always intrigues me.  It was hard for me to find pictures of this guy though, so I had to use theirs.


Andy Lau and Carol Zhu appeared holding hands together

After paying respect on the 7th day to his father-in-law, Andy Lau finally broke the 24 years taboo, appearing in the public with "the woman behind her" Carol Zhu and they were holding hands tightly.

Andy, who knew that there would be reporters in the airport waiting for him today, still hold Carol's hands tightly while going to the guests departure waiting room. According to Sinchew Daily, both were seen together at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport at about 5pm, flying with the Malaysia Airlines to go back to Hong Kong. Once he arrived at the airport, he walked briskly to the waiting room. The journey he made wasn't more than 3 minutes long, and his so-called child was not seen with him. There was this reporter who called Hua Zai, and Andy gazed at him angrily.


Well then....
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Wang Luodan in Instyle

You know, I don't see many photoshoots from Instyle China so this was a bit of a surprise but all in all, it's a very run of the mill Instyle-type photoshoot. This is probably Wang Luodan's biggest photooshoot so far though, usually she gets one or two pics.

Wang Luodan will next be seen in the drama version of Du Lala's promotion, and the movie, Rules Before Dating with Chen Bo-lin. She's had a lot of recent success in modern Chinese dramas (I don't think she's ever done ancient or period). One I didn't watch, one I where I loved her acting, and one in which I was disappointed by it, so I am very curious to see where she heads in her career.


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Jet Li returns to Chinese film

HONG KONG -- Jet Li returns to Chinese filmmaking to star in his first Chinese-language film since the 2007 Peter Chan-directed epic "The Warlords."

Li will star with Taiwanese actress Kwai Lun-mei, last seen in Tsui Hark's "All About Women," in the directorial debut of Chinese screenwriter Xue Xiao-lu, titled "Ocean Paradise" in Chinese. Xue has written for director Chen Kaige, working the script for Chen's 2002 drama "Together With You."

Hong Kong-based Edko Films, the studio/distribution powerhouse owned by producer Bill Kong ("Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon," "Lust, Caution") is one of the investors behind "Ocean Paradise." The film will be distributed by Edko in China and Hong Kong.

After a duo of Hollywood-Chinese co-productions -- "The Forbidden Kingdom" and "The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor" -- Li, a devout Buddhist, announced in May 2008 he would take a break from films to dedicate his time to charity work.

Since then he has played a supporting role in the Sylvester Stallone actioner "The Expendables" and made an appearance with the major stars of the Chinese film industry in "The Great Cause of China's Foundation," the $6 million epic produced to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the founding of People's Republic of China, scheduled for a September release.

"Ocean Paradise" will commence filming in China after an official announcement in Beijing on Wednesday.


Hey hey hey~!


Moses Chan likes coffee (and Nick Cheung)

Yesterday Moses Chan was shooting an advertisement for a coffee brand and took on the roles of a coffee teacher, taster and model. He is very satisfied with the salary for doing this advertisement. Moses had always love coffee, he also knows that his job requires him to consume large amounts of coffee. When he wakes up each morning, he would brew his own cup of coffee at home.

But Moses also knows that it is unhealthy to drink too much coffee, after all, nothing should be consumed too much. Drinking too much coffee could lead to bad breath and stomach pains, therefore its necessary to drink more water to balance it. But a reasonable amount of coffee could benefit the health. To Moses' concern, he is a person who drinks a tad more coffee than others. When Moses was living in Macau, he had a friend who loved coffee, but when he was teaching him Cantonese, he changed the words "How are you" to "My mouth smells bad". Moses and his friend has been trying to fool each other for several years.

Also, Moses will soon be starting on TVB new series "Heaven and Earth". Originally he was suppose to collaborate with Charmaine Sheh and Nick Cheung, but to his disappointment he was not able to collaborate with him afterall. Nick is one of the artistes who Moses really wants to work with, he felt that is unfortunate that they were not able to be in a series together. Currently the script is undergoing changes and it is not known who will replace Nick's role yet.


Lol, all the coffee talk. Too bad Nick's not in that drama tho.