August 23rd, 2009

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Zhang Ziyi on the cover of Korean Vogue

Why do Asian versions of Vogue fail so hard? The last time Zhang Ziyi was on Korean vogue, her makeup was awful too. She needs to learn to stay away...

HOTSPOT does way more gorgeous photoshoots and they are a WEEKLY publication. Try harder in Asia, Vogue, try harder. Hell, even the Chinese Elle with a crazy editor in chief does better than this.


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The Big Andy/Carol Conspiracy pt 2

Carol Zhu Liqian father’s funeral was held yesterday, it was alleged that “son-in-law” Andy Lau will be attending the funeral, but he did not make an official appearance. However, it was reported in Sinchew Daily, when the coffin was moving out of the Zhu residence, friends and relatives were all carrying huge umbrellas. Under the sea of umbrellas, a male resembling Andy was spotted.

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Just one comment...that little boy really does look like him.

Fans sad to see Joanna Wang suspending her singing career

Singer Joanna Wang will be suspending her singing career to go to America to further her studies. Two nights ago, she held a farewell concert. Fans were saddened and wished that she could come back soon.

Within a week of announcing the concert, all 500 tickets were sold out. The concert was also a gift from Joanna to her fans before she leave. The concert focused on the most simplistic form of music, where she performed a total of 24 songs, singing out her stories of growing up.

Joanna remarked, "Today's performance was very special and I'm very happy. I will have to start on my new journey next week. Of course, if there are other events and concerts planned, I'll see everyone again very soon." Joanna invited Evan Yo as her special guest, who has just graduated from the department of music at National Taiwan Normal University. Joanna has decided to start taking mathematics courses first, and then switch to a dedicated music college after two years, hoping that she can continue to expand her skills in composing for her music career.


I'll miss her D:

Jam Hsiao, David Tao Develop Symptoms determined not to be H1N1

Recently, news of David Tao and Jam Hsiao getting sick has emerged. Both attended the Typhoon Relief event in Hong Kong. This led to rumors that they had contracted H1N1. After visiting doctors, both were told they had only contracted the regular cold.

Hong Kong star, Stephy Tang was confirmed to have H1N1. This provided danger to anyone in the Hong Kong entertainment circle. During last week's charity event, artists from Taiwan also attended including David Tao, Jam Hsiao and Mayday. But once the artists went backstage, they began to show symptoms.

NOWnews reports that there were suspicions that the symptoms David Tao and Jam Hsiao exhibited were somehow related to Stephy Tang.

On the 20th of August, Jam Hsiao developed a high fever to the point of shivering and a sore throat that prevented him from speaking. His manager suggested for him to get a massage when his body started hurting all over. Because Jam Hsiao does not like to see doctors, he took medicine to reduce his fever and then went to sleep for 16 hours. In the end, his manager had to carry him to the doctor.

Jam Hsiao's manager confirmed that the doctor said Jam had only gotten the regular flu. The doctor also subscribed five days' worth of medicine. If Jam still showed trouble breathing or his lip turned purple, he was to immediately go to the hospital.

David Tao has been sick since last Friday. Up until the 20th, his throat was dry. After seeing the doctor, he was confirmed to only have the cold. The doctor told him to keep off exercise and sing less for now.

Besides expressing that David Tao and Jam Hsiao all had interacted with Stephy Tang during the charity event, both of their record companies denied any rumors of the spread of H1N1 to their artists.