August 21st, 2009

Du Lala's Promotion
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The Drama version of Du La La's Promotion Casted


The famous novel "Du Lala's Promotion", which made Du Lala a working woman icon in China, is set to be in production as both a movie and drama this year simultaneously. It tells of the struggles of a white-collar woman who climbs to the top in a Fortune 500 company. There's also a side romance with one of her clients, a filthy rich and hot (CEO?) named Wang Wei.

I was really disappointed when Xu Jinglei cast herself as Du Lala in the movie version, because she's really a bit older than the part should be. But I'm so excited for this drama version with Wang Luodan and Li Guangjie (who is hot) as you can tell, because I've already iconized the pics.

Source: Cfensi

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The Big Andy/Carol Conspiracy (and something about soccer)

Andy could become EPL’s Birmingham City ambassador

In 2007, Hong Kong tycoon Carson Yeung tried to takeover English Premier League club Birmingham City with £50 million, however he only managed to buy 29.9% stake in the club with £15 million.

After two years, Carson Yeung returns with fresh approach for Birmingham City of £70 million to gain full control of the club, in hope of becoming the first English Premier League club Chinese boss.

In order to increase the popularity of Birmingham City in the Chinese community thus making it into the most popular football club among Chinese, Carson had the intention of hiring Andy Lau as its image ambassador, thus making Andy to become the first Hong Kong artiste to represent an English Premier League club.

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Woooow, that whole thing is so...Idk. I did not know that about Jackie Chan though. Now that I do, I'm even more inclined to believe he's been in a relationship with this woman for so long AND probably has a kid. But aaagghhhh, quit hiding it already! D:

FFAF - The Movie Edition

Alright, the vote on this was overwhelmingly YES, even though it was only 30 some odd people voting, lol. That's about the level of participation we have. I don't know what the other 370 people want from this comm, but ok.

RULES are the same as FFAS, no spamming, advertising, fighting (though disagreements are fine, obviously), hugenormous pics, more than 5 pics or gifs in one post, and the major difference is that this needs to be on topic. That is, talk about movies. Movies from the Chinese world. Also, if the level of participation is crappy, expect these posts to go the way of the Dodo very quickly, lol.

As this is the inaugural edition, I'll put forth a couple of questions to get us started. Actually, I'll probably do something similar every time, but I'm just trying ideas. Which, feel free to suggest ideas for future editions. :)

1.What are some of your favorite Chinese movies (and why)?

2.I know it takes about two months for new releases to get to DVD and subsequently online, but which movies either upcoming or released in the last month or so are you most looking forward to seeing?

A couple of random screencaps for fun. Anyone know where these are from? ;D

Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to continue searching for duck recipes, chat amongst yourselves. :D jk, I'll be back

Inspired by Ang Lee and Jackie Chan, Wang Lee Hom plays with movie

Previously, there were many Americans internet users who think that Wang Lee Hom, who is very much more fluent in English, is a better choice to act in The Green Hornet than Jay Chou is. Regarding this, Wang Lee Hom stated that he didn’t think it was regrettable, it turns out that he had a plan of his own, he intends to learn from Matt Damon who acts and writes his movie, and has silently stepped into the industry of movie production. Filming would start in somewhere around November, and he needs probably around 20 million as an investment. Ang Lee advised him, “Don’t invest with your own money.”

Wang Lee Hom has been called the King of Composers, MV Director, but it wasn’t enough. After acting in Lust, Caution, his composing spirit had stretched to the movies. Acting in Jackie’s Chan movie Junior Soldiers has inspired him a lot, “Watching Jackie acting, directing and doing all the cutting and pasting, I realized there’s actually many things that could be done.” He started writing his script in February, and it is half completed now, he expressed that he would look for a director whom he admires a lot to work with. He had already gotten the money for investment now, and he hoped that the movie would be ready by next year.

Wang Lee Hom also mentioned that his good friend, David Tao, has wishes to film a movie as well. He has been preparing it for near 3 years, but has yet to start on it, “My actions are faster than him!” Wang Lee Hom said that while Ang Lee is the academic type; people surrounding him are all PHD holders with in depth studies of theories, the filming emphasizes on perfection in every little detail, Jackie Chan could both act and direct, and is capable of all sorts of stunts and his directing is as the circumstances calls for. The two extreme styles have allowed him to learn the brilliance of the work behind the screen.

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Did they read my mind with that first line?  And I'm not sure about "Junior Soldiers," though imdb says it's the original script title.   


Top 10 Mandarin Albums (August 14 - August 20)

1. Khalil Fong (方大同) and ‘Timeless’ (Timeless:可啦思刻) with 17.16% sales
2. New Artist Family (新藝人家族) and ‘Faith Map’ (信心地圖) with 14.53% sales
3. Jam Hsiao (蕭敬騰) and ‘Princess’ (王妃) with 7.83% sales
4. Lollipop + Choc7 (棒棒堂+超克七) and 'Deluxe Boxset' (卒業紀念限定盤) with 7.69% sales
5. Shaun Yong Bang (永邦) and ‘Devil’s Tears’ (魔鬼的眼淚) with 4.76% sales
6. Coco Lee (李玟) and 'East to West' (CoCo 的東西) with 3.95% sales (NEW!)
7. Nylon Chen (陳乃榮) and ‘Paradise’ with 3.22% sales
8. Jolin Tsai (蔡依林) and ‘Butterfly’ (花蝴蝶) with 3.03% sales
9. Zhou Bi Chang (周筆暢) and ‘Time’ (時間) with 1.76% sales
10. Tanya Chua (蔡健雅) and 'If You See Him' (若你碰到他) with 1.55% sales (NEW!)

Album chart compiled from G-Music based on retail sales


Alright, the new Tanya Chua album! (That's the image I used because I used Khalil's last time and he's still on top)