August 20th, 2009


Singaporean singer Huang Yi Da faces money woes

SINGAPORE : Singaporean singer-songwriter Huang Yi Da is reportedly in financial woes after being owed one million Taiwan dollars in royalties by his management company, Eastern World Music, local media reported.

According to Taiwan’s Next Magazine, there have been contract disputes between Huang and the company, and his singing career has been stalled as a result of the money owed to him.

However, Eastern World Music has downplayed the allegations, saying the matter arose because of a misunderstanding, and things are not that serious.

While a company spokesperson, known only as Alan, has admitted to owing Huang a sum of money, he said both parties are still negotiating the exact amount.

Alan revealed that the company is under going a major reorganisation with the departure of the Taiwan manager, and that they are in the process of calculating the details. He added more time is required to work out the sum as song royalties and compositions are involved.

Dubbed the 'male version of Stephanie Sun' by the Taiwanese media because of his thin frame and the resemblance to the Singaporean songbird, Huang's current contract stipulates that he has two more albums to release.

According to Alan, prior to Huang's singing debut five years ago, the 30-year-old had sought Eastern World Music for help with his career. Apparently Huang had no means of attending music classes and was allowed to attend for free.

After graduating from the Lee Wei Song School of Music, Huang signed a contract with Eastern World Music that would last ten years. Presently, the company is only responsible for Huang’s work in Malaysia while his involvement locally and overseas is handled by Sony Music.

After his fourth and latest album, "Dedicated to Myself", was released at the end of last year, things have gone quiet and the singer is reported to be presently in China.


Oh whaaaat?  That makes me pretty upset, ngl.  :(


Andy Lau attended funeral for Carol's father in Malaysia

News in Malaysia reported that Andy Lau's girlfriend Carol's (朱麗倩) father has passed away. He was taken to hospital after a coughing fits and fainted after he had taken some medication. He was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit, but died following an operation to remove a clot from his brain. He was 73 years old. It was reported that Andy went to Malaysia for the funeral in secret, and his is openly regarded as the son-in-law.

Another report said that Andy was in Hong Kong for the "Artist 88 fund raising event" on the 17th and went to Malaysia by private jet with Carol on 18th. They were able to see Carol's father before he died. The reporter had called Andy's assistant to clarify that, but was unable to make contact.

Carol's family are living in the residential area of Bukit Jalil. After the news about the death of her father, a lot of reporters were waiting outside the house. They saw a gazebo has been erected and the coffin was inside the garage. Carol's two brothers and her sister were burning the paper money. There was no sign of Andy and Carol. The funeral will take place on 22nd and Carol's father will be buried in Fujian Hill next to his wife.

Andy met Carol in 1986, there was rumor that they were secretly married in 1996 and had a daughter. Although Andy had denied that, their relationship remains an open secret. Last February, the two were spotted having a "Century picture" taken in Malaysia and were planning to get married on her 43rd birthday, but that did not happen.


Ah, sad.  That whole thing is so mysterious though, wth.


Forty Films Will Commemorate China's 60th Anniversary

Andy Lau in The Great Cause of China's Foundation [photo credit: Andy Town]

Forty tribute films will be shown collectively in cinemas between August 20 and October 20 to commemorate 60th Anniversary of PRC's founding.

A grand event that gathered officials from the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television, film producers and about 300 actors was held Wednesday in Beijing to promote the second group of excellent tribute films for the upcoming 60th Anniversary of the People's Republic of China.

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Nope, couldn't resist adding Andy Lau to this post.  That's just how I do. ;D

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Wilber Pan joins "Pandamen" and becomes a "J-Girl"


(comments: This was so cute!)

Wilber Pan recently hurt his right hand when he was practising dancing for his new album when he was filming Jay Chou's "Pandamen", Jay Chou often caringly touched his hand asking: "Is it better yet?" After a few times, Wilber Pan couldn't take it and said, "I've found out you really like touching my hand." The intelligent Jay Chou was for once stuck for words when he heard this, Devon said to Wilber Pan: "You're actually another "J Girl" Jay is bringing up!" The whole place exploded with laughter.

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