August 16th, 2009


A-mei grieves for relatives

TAIWANESE singer A-mei lost her uncle and brother-in-law in the aftermath of Typhoon Morakot early this week.

She was on a promotional tour in China and Hong Kong when her family broke the news to her on Wednesday, reported Apple Daily Taiwan.

The distraught singer caught a 2am flight on Thursday to Taipei followed by another early morning flight to Taidong to pay her last respects to her relatives.

Her uncle had died suddenly of a heart attack on Monday.

But her family kept the news from her so as not to distract her from her work.

Two days later, A-mei's brother-in-law, who is in his 40s, also died from a heart attack. He had been worried about his family who were affected by the typhoon.

The singer also asked to be driven to the neighbouring typhoon-hit areas to see if she could help in any way.

After spending half a day at home, she departed for Taipei in order to catch a flight to Chengdu for her next appearance.

Last night, A-mei appeared on TV to raise funds for the typhoon victims.

She will return to Taiwan on Sunday for a fund-raising event organised by the Red Cross.

Taiwan President Ma Ying-jeou said yesterday that the death toll from Typhoon Morakot could reach 500 as more than 300 missing people in a southern mountain village were feared dead, said AFP.

Speaking at a national security meeting, he noted: 'With 117 confirmed deaths from the typhoon and some 380 people feared buried by mudslides in Hsiaolin village, Taiwan's death toll could rise to more than 500.'

There has been anger over the delay in rescue efforts by the authorities.

Taipei Times reported yesterday that The National Communications Commission is investigating allegations that satellite cable news station, ERA News, did not relay victims' requests for help to the authorities after broadcasting them.

ERA News has issued a statement on its website denying the allegation.

The station said: 'Our news team crossed many collapsed roads and rapid torrents to reach victims.

'We also made lists of callers' requests and sent them to the Central Emergency Operation Centre and our offices in central and southern Taiwan.'

Meanwhile, rescue workers from Jiaxian township in Kaohsiung county spent Thursday searching for victim's bodies in the Qishan River.

But they returned empty-handed after a day's work, reported Apple Daily Taiwan.


That's saaad, amg. ;_;


Vic Zhou holds Ariel Lin's hand, admits to being an Otaku

On July 26, Taiwan idols Zai Zai and Ariel Lin were in arms for the Moli Tea "Meeting Sweetly With You" press conference. The two, who collaborated again after a period of 7 years, had a lot of chemistry. Zai Zai praised Ariel for becoming more mature, a young lady he admires for her calmness. He himself during the meeting, kept on biting his fingers. This let his manager and the host both sweat a bit for his "immature" appearance.

During the interview, Zai Zai said: "Ever since F4 debuted nine years ago, I'm almost 30 now. So I can't keep my shy, cute and immature image anymore in front of the media. I really want to change and become more manly and mature." The funny thing was right after he said this, the host cautioned him: "Zai Zai please don't bite your nails anymore!"

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Lol, why does that not surprise me about the otaku thing? XD  Be more manly, Vic, lol.

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Rumours/updates on SM China's Upcoming Comebacks!

  • MV filming finished on Saturday, August 15th
  • Donghae (of SJM) is still confirmed to guest star
  • Liyin is the starring female

  • Album is 80% completed
  • Cover shoot is already complete
  • Taiwan is expected to start selling in September

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Source: Soompi, Chocolyn

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